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Death just fell in the well of souls to bring back his brother and spare his brother from oblivian. He is shocked to find himself in Equestia populated by beings the Kingdom of Man called ponies. While exploring this new land he discovers that humanity will not be revived until he finds all four rulers of this land and kill them to take thier crowns because together they make an incredible light that beams through all the realms cleansing them. If it does that, humanity will be reborn and the Horseman known as WAR will be spared.

As a warning there will be spoilers from the game so I highly suggest if you haven't beat or played Darksiders 1 or 2 you might want to do that to understand the story.

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read your description: He is shocked to find himself in Equestia populated by beings the Kingdom of Man called onies.

you forgot the P in ponies

Kinda fucked up how Cadence was killed off... It's pretty cool, though.

Darksiders 2 story...AWESOME! liked and faved.:twilightsmile:

I only have one word to say...yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

Death just fell in the well of souls to bring back his brother and spare his brother from oblivian

A typo in the first line of the description, literally the very first thing people see about your story, doesn't fill me with much hope. The apparent allergy to commas makes it worse.

Very good so far. Just a little grammar. I'm a editor. So if you would like my help them give me a PM and I will help you.

Thank you, so much..
I just... (sniff)

Um.... I actually liked cadence...
He had her crown!
He could've teleported away or something.

It as been 15 days seance your newest update. When will there be a new chapter?

Hey sorry about the next chapter because of school but I will have it u.p over the weekend

Okay, I think you need to reread this and fix some things here and there, But apart from that. It okay.

There are LOTS of spelling and grammar errors in this chapter. I could help you with this one chapter.

Good stuff, loads of typos, I think the story is moving a bit too fast.... But it might be just me. Needs a editor. :derpytongue2: But shows great promise.

I hope they arrive in time to kill Tirek and I also hopw someone feeds on his soul just for the sake of Irony.:twilightsmile:

Need an editor dud, but still like the story.

(Comment before reading the story) Ooh, "Darksiders 2" crossover! This better be as good as "Specter of the Netherrealm".

4277937 just to point out, I think he had to kill them. could be wrong

tirek, the unimportant villain. boring. great story here

Description is full of typos, complete turnoff.

I think everyone else said this already but still, this really need an Editor. If the typos and pacing will be fixed in the future, this might turn out great.:twilightsmile:

Interrogation is spelled wrong. (Ch. 3 title) Unless that is some kind of pun I'm missing, I haven't read the story yet.

Hey guys if you favorited one of my stories don't forget to like it as well:pinkiehappy: If you don't I am going to have to send in Pinkie to hunt you down.:pinkiecrazy:

4695728 or how Michael (DeSanta) Townley would quote "Fuckin' A!"

finally a darksiders 2 crossover thats more than 1-2 chapters long ive been waiting for something like this forever

tirek HA that weakling is the antagonist that's hilarious

If anyone can do cover art for me that would be great.

Great the devil has arrived....KAAA BOOOMMMMMMM!!!!

why are you throwing Samaul into this? He was betrayed by satan and locked up, and war freed him in darksiders 1 after death released him. He was locked up about two weeks after the apacolypse began, and it took death two months to get to the end of darksiders 2. So why is he here? Why is xrowfather evil? Why is.lilith even here? She didn't do shit besides give death the improved vpidwalker and ask him to resurrect the nephilim. And sammy can't make watchers, and they're not even they strong! What is going on here?

Also, cadence forgave the guy who killed her (and her husband, I think) WAY too easily.

Just replace samual with a demon oc, or a demon from one one of the dlc s.

4760644 This is an alternate universe if you paid attention so you should expect things to be a bit different.:ajbemused:

4760735 I just thought the alternate universe was you inserting death into the story, not changing deaths story as well.
You know, the ripple effect.

Death has literally gone through heaven and hell already. I feel that he's being down played. Even if he's trying not to kill them.

You could really use an editor and a thesaurus. That is all. Good job.

(Reads description) not even reading this now just as the beam will kill all the ponies. Buck you man, just buck you

4877683 Ponies are weak in the toughness, specialization and military experience department. One human in medieval gear can kill 15 of them before being killed himself.

5018493 Thank you! A human with mediaeval armor and weaponry can kill 15 ponies! Yet the Death is having trouble with demons that can barely kill one? This is a horseman of the apocalypse he is by cosmic law supposed to be portrayed as an OP badass that kill entire civilisations for sport. How are ponies any trouble for him?

The other horsemen are important in the next two chapters:pinkiehappy:

4189005 Also, Oblivion not Oblivian

And then there were FOUR

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