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Snowflake Dissonance

Honestly, probably only here to read, and write, fanfiction about Sunset Shimmer and the Dazzlings. Also, canon is my clay and I shall shape it as I wish.



Just thinking about it made Morning Star and Shadow Wings' stomachs turn. In four days, a single account had turned Canterlot High on its head once again. Students were fighting in the hallways and cafeteria, breaking off friendships and mocking one another. No one knows who started it, but all fingers are pointing at the most likely suspect: Sunset Shimmer.

The problem is, those fingers are all wrong. Sunset Shimmer is not the culprit behind Anon-a-Miss and it's up to Shadow and Star to find out who is before Winter Break arrives. Working against the clock, the duo have to investigate the goings-on leading up to Anon-a-Miss as well as interrogate the first targets of the cursed account.

"I've said it once, and I'll say it again. High school is literal torture..."

Sex tag for innuendos and violence tag for some punches being thrown.

Written for Diamond Sword. Happy Holiday Season!

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:pinkiegasp: HOLY CRAP, YES!! Thank you for writing this! This story is going to be so awesome!!:raritystarry:

Now this seems interesting, especially if the intent is to deal with the problem as a whole instead of only how it affects Sunset Shimmer. The way some people write these stories you'd think Sunset was the only actual victim while everyone else is some mustache twirling villain that deserves to be punished for harming "our precious Sunset".

*salutes* I'll do my best to deliver!

Yeah, I usually write it as Sunset being the only victim, but in some of the newer ones I'm brainstorming, I realized that everyone was being affected. The students are having their trust broken, too. So I wanted to come at it from a different approach. Sunset Shimmer was the main victim of Anon-a-Miss, but she wasn't the only victim.

Hopefully, I can make it good!

love the story cant wait to see where this goes
also when i first read it and it said shadow i honestly pictured shadow the hedgehog shooting people with his guns and powers

I like this story. Also i like your profile pic.

:rainbowlaugh: I don't know enough about Sonic to do that. Maybe in the future, after I've watched a few Sonic series, I'll do an Anon-a-Miss where Shadow makes the school regret it, but not right now.

:twilightsmile: Oh, thank you! Raika is one of my favorite artists for their portrayal of Sunset and the Sirens.

This explains so much. Yeah, at the rate this goes, Principal Celestia will hafta add a species tab. It was a weirdness magnet thanks to Pinkie Pie, but with Sunset and everyone else, even moreso.

Oh, yes! A new chapter! I wonder which siren Morning Star will be shipped with? :trixieshiftright:

And not gonna lie, this line was my favorite.:rainbowlaugh:

“But… you’re siblings?” Celestia wanted a drink. Desperately.

Thank you! *salutes* I shall try to continue delivering quality content.

Sorry about all the explaining. I needed to get Shadow caught up. Yeah, but Pinkie was just energetic human. Now, we've got... demons and unicorns and sirens, oh my!

You'll have to wait and see~. :raritywink:

a truly great story!

Ok i got to ask. Since it mention more then Sunset was a victim here, while she was the main victim others suffered.

does thsi mean the CMC will get more then detention? I like to see them get suspended for a good while.

Dang, I'd love to stay at the Dazzlings' place!

I can't wait for the next chapter!

this story is so good so far can't wait for the next chapter

I bet Trixie is next. She had grudges to the Humane 5 and Sunset and fits the bill.

Extra points if Shadow does a magic trick and trump Trixie

Finally found time to read this, and I like it :rainbowkiss:

Is the cover art related to Morning Star and Shadow Wings?

So in an alternate universe, Adagio's the many-times great grandmother of the Rainbooms. In another she's pretty much a professional sex worker, a waitress in a different one, Button Mash's older sister and now she's the probably founder of the stock market!? That's more probable than Sonata pretending to be dumb when she's just as smart and ruthless as 'Dagi.

shadow: Im a demon!
Adagio: Ah. well might as well might as well activate the anti-demon measures
'presses a button and the sprinklers turn on spraying holy water

Not much feedback for me to give at the moment looking forward to more :yay:

Doubly so since you left us with that nasty ol' cliffhanger :raritywink:

No, even better! Sonata pew-pewing with a little holy water water gun, while the other two are just baffled that one of her stupid ideas worked out :rainbowlaugh:

Question: Update?

Is Sunny going to get her magic back? The cover art says so.


All of the above at once is more probable than Sonata being a secret mastermind.

Wait what fics were being referenced here?

I recognized Jay David's Bound By Blood, and I think the waitress bit is referencing Tethered-Angel's Neighbors fic, but I don't recognize the professional sex worker one and I have no clue who Button Mash is.

8833053 Button Mash is the gamer colt with the beanie. The rest of the works I referenced are from Justice3442.

really nice update, I like it :twilightsmile:


Also nice update. :twilightsmile:

so glad to see you back! :D

In the summary, where did that quote come from?

Three kids gon die tonight!

Nah man. They should be expelled from all schools for life.

Or better yet, Aria using a lightsaber.

Don't worry, man, I got it.*puts on Infinity Gauntlet and snaps the motherfuckers out of existence*

Are you gonna make more chapter for this cause it really good so far ??

Nah give them a even worse fate.

Exile to the Isle of the Lost, then?

Don't know what that is but I was thinking more along the lines of a living hell with a mix of waking nightmare with a touch of somewhat never ending torture with death not being an option until LONG after there's nothing left.

Nope more like looking at madness inducing entities and without going mad as well as having to witness what the terrible things they've done continuously without being able to look away mixed with something that would scare them even worse than their worse fears and never being able to get away from them.

So force them to listen to Deadpool for a few months?

No that not good the kind of thing I'm talking about is near looking at an Eldritch Horror WITHOUT level of torment without the insanity that comes with it.

Staying with Deadpool long enough is torture enough to drive people to insanity.

Although sticking someone in a inescapable building full of a certain talking orange would be torture as well.

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