• Published 14th Dec 2017
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Divine Intervention - Snowflake Dissonance

An Angel and a Demon are tasked with finding the culprit behind Anon-a-Miss. Can they find out who's causing the trouble, clear Sunset's name, and bring a semblance of peace back to CHS before Christmas? If Star has her way, they will!

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The Sirens

Shadow stared up at the building in shock. This was not the kind of place she had been expecting when her sister had told her about the people they were going to meet. She had expected a manor of some kind, because how can you be on this world for a thousand years and not be loaded? Otherwise, she expected a much lower housing deal, just in case they weren’t loaded. She hadn’t been expecting, well, this.

Star watched her sister’s reaction calmly, waiting for the younger woman to gather herself. She did have to admit that the hotel was gorgeous, especially from the outside. She had no clue what the inside looked like because there was no point in her knowing, but she couldn’t help but be curious now. If the Sirens lived in a place like this, who knew what they were up to now?

“You done gawking yet?” Star inquired.

Shadow picked up her jaw with a slight struggle and gasped, “It’s so pretty, though! Look at it, Ten!”

“I can see it, Shadow,” the angel responded, her lips tugging up into a slight smile. “Come on, before they get on us for drooling on their threshold. We need to take a look around the lobby. I want to know how fancy it is before we try anything unorthodox.”

Stepping through the front doors, the undercover sisters peered around. Bellhops pushed luggage toward the elevators, wealthy tourists mulled about, receiving their room keys, talking to management, or waiting on some other service. Star cursed under her breath when she found butlers waiting at every elevator.

“Looks like we might have to do this the unorthodox way,” she sighed.

“Unorthodox?” Shadow inquired distantly, examining the gold detailing on one of the room's support beams.

Star rolled her eyes with a slight smile and grabbed her sister’s collar. “You can loot the place some other time, Shadow. We have a job to do first.”

“But this place is ripe with gluttony and pride!” the demon whined as she was dragged back into the street.

“Not right now.” Star rounded the corner of the building, heading for the parking area. It was an enclosed, roofed-in area with an entrance fee. Star passed the ticket booth and made her way toward the other side of the parking enclosure. Once out of sight of the ticket booth, she lifted Shadow properly into her arms.

“You need to hold on tight, Shadow,” she said calmly.

“Don’t gotta tell me twice!” Shadow responded, burying her face in her sister’s shoulder as Star unfurled her large, blue wings. With a few powerful flaps, the two of them lifted into the air, Star searching for a place to land that wouldn’t make people immediately call the authorities. Spotting a small balcony at the very top of the hotel, Star smirked and slowly landed atop it.

Shadow took a few deep breaths before gingerly stepping from the angel’s arms. “You good?” Star inquired.

“Y-yeah,” Shadow whispered.

“Let’s go, then,” Star chuckled, patting her shoulder as she walked toward the door to the penthouse. “Once we’re finished speaking with these three, we can find somewhere to get you fed.”

Shadow instantly perked up at that and eagerly followed her sister. The pair of them melded through the balcony’s doorway, stepping into a spacious penthouse with more gold detailings. Most of the furniture was made of velvet, hued a deep violet or dark pink. They had stepped into the largest area, a television hanging on the wall to their right and a hallway, no doubt leading to the bedrooms, stretched on their left.

Shadow whistled as she trailed her fingers over a nearby side table. “Well, this place is quite a sweet pad. Wonder how they accomplished this.”

“They’ve been here for a thousand years,” Star responded calmly. “They’ve had time to amass their fortune. Their leader is cunning, very intelligent. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the one to even start the concept of the stock market.”

“I’m flattered,” a husky voice said from the direction of the hallway. “Care to tell me why you’re here?”

Both turned to find a sunny-skinned woman with a mass of ginger curls and sharp amethyst eyes glaring at them from the hallway. Beside her stood a magenta woman with two silky violet and aquamarine twintails, holding a crossbow aimed right at Shadow Wings. Slightly behind them, a woman with cyan skin and bright pink eyes held a baseball bat defensively. All three glared at the intruders expectantly.

Morning Star turned to the Sirens as Shadow huffed. “You were not joking,” the demon murmured lowly, eyes tracing the contours all the trio's bodies.

“I didn’t even tell you anything,” Star grumbled. She looked to the Sirens with a nod. “You can put the weapons away. We’re only here to talk to you. We’ve got a few questions.”

“Not a good enough reason for me not to shoot you here and now,” the magenta woman snarled lowly.

“You can, but it won’t do you much good,” Shadow snorted. “We only want to ask you about something that’s going on. We don’t want to stay any longer than necessary if we’re bothering you.”

The woman bared her teeth angrily, but the sunny one, obviously the leader, held up a hand. “Don’t shoot, Aria,” she stated calmly.

“But Adagio-!”

“No.” The magenta one, Aria, immediately quieted at the single word. “There’s something… off about these two. Keep the bow on hand, but lower it for now. We don’t want to call security for something that might be a waste of their time.”

With a grumble, Aria lowered her crossbow. “Sonata, I guess you can lean the bat against the wall. Looks like we won’t be needing it.”

“Aw,” the cyan woman, Sonata, whined. “But I never get to defend against burglars!”

“If we’d wanted to steal something, it would already be gone,” Shadow snickered.

“Not now, Shadow,” Star told her as Adagio walked forward.

“What is it you want to know?” the leader asked, settling on one of the violet couches. Her comrades moved to flank her.

Star and Shadow remained by the balcony door. “There’s something going on at Canterlot High right now and we wanted to rule you three out as possible suspects,” Star explained. Beating around the bush would only further aggravate Aria. Best not to do that.

“Like we’d bother with that rundown dump again,” Aria snorted, checking her crossbow over for any nicks.

“Aria is correct,” Adagio said, her eyes trained only on their visitors. “We haven’t been near Canterlot High since the beginning of October. Once the Battle of the Bands ended in the favor of the Rainbooms-” the band’s name was practically spat out “-we had no reason to return.”

“Makes sense,” Shadow murmured. “They did beat you pretty badly from what Ten told me.” Adagio’s eye twitched and Sonata and Aria both touched a hand to their throats.

“Did you come here just to mock us?” Aria demanded. Her eyes narrowed on Shadow, who smiled calmly.

“No, no. Not at all. Just me wondering how three Sirens managed to lose to five teenagers and a unicorn, that’s all.”

Star’s eyes flashed at her sister. “Shadow, not now.”

“Hang on, Ten, I want to know the answer. Even more than that, I want to know why these three haven’t sought revenge for the loss of their power. You were on top of the city, you know? You had everything and you just… let them take it away?”

Aria gripped her crossbow tightly and knocked an arrow, whirling it to face Shadow. “One. More. Word.”

Shadow raised her hands calmly. “Wow, must not be that sore over your power, huh? Can’t even think of a simple revenge scheme? Nothing at all?”

Star noticed the way Adagio looked away at the word ‘scheme’. Her eyes narrowed on the siren leader as Aria finally snapped. “Shut up!” she shouted. “You don’t know anything about us!”

“I was told that you were smart, though,” Shadow stated, facing down the arrow. “You really couldn’t think of anything? Not even a petty prank to have a small sense of satisfaction?”

Aria released the trigger on the bow. The bolt shot through the air faster than the human eye could see. Shadow followed it with her gaze and let it pierce her chest. Star pressed a hand to her face in irritation.

All three Sirens watched in shock as Shadow pulled the bolt out with a grunt. “That kinda hurt,” she muttered.

“What part of ‘undercover’ just… eludes you?” Star demanded in frustration.

“I wanted to make sure they really knew nothing about it,” her sister responded, rolling up her shirt to make sure she wasn’t hurt. For all she knew, that woman could dip her bolts in holy water. “Seems they’re telling the truth, though, so it’s no big deal.”

“No big- for the love of Mom, are you kidding me?” Star rubbed her hand down her face. “Forget it. If you’re positive they’re telling the truth, then I guess we’ve no point staying any longer.”

“Hold up,” a stunned voice called from the other side of the room.

The sisters looked back to find all three of the other women standing and staring at Shadow curiously. “How did you survive that?” Aria asked in a quieter voice than before.

“Easy!” Shadow replied. “I’m a demon. Human weapons are kinda useless against me.” Star threw her hands in the air and walked over to slam her head into the wall.

“A demon?” Adagio raised an eyebrow skeptically. “Like what Sunset Shimmer turned into during that pathetic Fall Formal event?”

Shadow’s eyes narrowed. “Ten told me about that. A minor shudder in the energy flow back in your August month? Please, that was hardly a demon. It was more on the level of one of our minions. To be so thoroughly defeated by… what was it again?”

“The Magic of Friendship,” Morning Star and Adagio said together.

“Something as stupid as that. Honestly-.” Star pressed a hand over her sister’s mouth at the glare Adagio was sending in their direction.

“That said,” Morning Star coughed. “We should probably be going-.”


At Adagio’s command, Morning Star felt a cold shiver down her spine. Oh, great, she thought irritably. I better not regret this.

Author's Note:

As much as I love the Sirens, unfortunately, they will be minor characters in this piece. Expect to see more of them, though! :raritywink:

Tomorrow and Monday, I will be packing to go home. I'm not sure when I'll have the chance to write again, after that, but I'll try to get another chapter up before Christmas!