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It had been many moons since the Anon-a-miss incident that had scarred Sunset's life and puts her friendship in jeopardy.

Now that Christmas is around the corner, some old wounds begin to reopen for Sunset Shimmer, who decided to isolate herself from the rest of her friends, for the holiday.

However, when Spike the dragon-turned-dog came from Equestria to deliver a heartwarming gift for the girl, both he and her had a little heart-to-heart talk that reignites the Fire of Friendship from Equestria.

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Kinda like where this is going

Can't wait for more updates

"How can you girls call yourselves my family, after you were so quick to accuse me as Anon-a-miss, huh? How can you girls call yourselves as my family, after Wallflower Blush erased your memory, and all it took to convince you that something's wrong was a confession from her? And how can you girls even refer yourselves as family, when all those time you've overlooked Wallflower and left her in the dark, countless of times? Where were you when she needed you? I'm sure that would've saved us all the trouble if YOU hadn't ignored her, like you did with me!"

This line just gave me an idea.

they can say whatever they want but Sunset doesn't have to listen

also Wallflower, kinda pointless to erase that memory unless you reached the three day limit

I still hate Apple Jack most of all, she called Sunset family and when Anon A Miss happen she was dumped. Then later when Bloom fessed up and asked if she hated her. She said with a toothy smile. "Of course not Bloom, I never hate ya you're family.

Wish i had brass knuckles and knock her teeth out for that! I bet if Granny heard all this she drag them both to the shed and kicking them a whipping witha thin applre branch acrsso their asses!

Comment posted by diablo4000 deleted Sep 29th, 2018

Yeah. I would probably feel the same way as Sunset if I was in her shoes. Still that is a good start, keep up the good work. Hope you update soon.

I just hope things will go well for them in the end

And hopefully this won’t happen to Sunset again whatever they’re planning to do with EqG after the next special and The Other Side next year, I’m getting sick of this happening to Sunset. Especially after the fourth special

This setup seems inconsistent with what is described to have happened. The special "Forgotten Friendship" has Sunset actually going out of her way to help her friends. If the events of that special occurred, it seems strange that Sunset here would carry such a grudge, still. And hold it against Twilight Sparkle, who wasn't even part of the Anon-A-Miss plot-line from the comics.

And I might be remembering it wrong, but Wallflower used the memory stone to remove impressions of her from others in the first place. That would explain why they didn't recall her prior to the events of the special, no?

But now that Spike has wings......

Professor Snape - Shane Blair

Oh dear god it’s Severus Snape!!!!


I don't need to finish that sentence.

But I hate the fact that the writers can conveniently throw away their traits when the plot demands it

I like where this is going.
Can't wait to see how it works out

When's the next chapter coming out?

Any idea when the next chapter is coming out?

When's the premier of the next MLP FIM Holiday Special?

The one thing most stories never discussed was how Sunset felt after the whole ordeal. Either it was not forgiven or an instant I’m sorry. This seems a little more real with issues not clearly forgotten.

Keep writing.

When is the next chapter? I’m curious to see where this story goes

Comment posted by OliverSparkle deleted Oct 27th, 2018

...Applejack being a human lie detector is a fanon thing. And strong emotions often cause people to not think or react rationally.

Man i hope Sunset rips into Twilight for Leaving Spike alone like she des. Because one day Spike going to have enough and not even the loyal to family going to keep him around.

I’m am working on a Christmas story. As soon as I can get another keyboard and thanksgiving arrives I will try to post it. It is called Equestria Girls Christmas Disaster. I’ll try to post a new chapter every day until the day after Christmas. And it basically one year since anon-a-miss struck.

It seems a little unfair to blame the Main 6 for Forgotten Frienship. They were under Wallflower's control, after all.

Yeah, but the whole brainwash by evil villain trope is too cliche. That and it was technically their fault for being ignorant to Wallflower Blush's existence to begin with. That could've saved them all the grievances in Forgotten Friendship.

True, but Wallflower didn't exactly make much effort to make herself heard, either.

I can’t wait for the next chapter. I’m very curious on how you plan to resolve this story

Well nice cliff hanger there, and also hope Twilight gets chewed out by Sunset for forgetting Spike like and the other girls have.
Should warn her one day Spike will have enough and that be the last they ever see of him.

Well, after reading this, I have one question in my mind right now

....I know "Chasing the Dragon" as a tag team finisher where one member of the team lifts the victim up via Vertical Suplex as their partner drives home a Roundhouse Kick to the head that's then planted via Brainbuster. :pinkiehappy: :scootangel:

Well it's not like everyone notices everyone around them

No worries, my own chapter is taking an age to do and we can't stop life from happening around us

Is no one else worried about the magic geode and what it's doing was it turns Spike into his true Dragonic forum though admittedly I think Rainbow Dash would be talking about how awesome he looks.

I’m concerned at what also they geode will do as well. If I remember correctly sunsets geode allows her to feel and read a person thoughts and emotions if in contact with her. And the magic transferring over to spike could cause a number of things to happen to him, my current theory is that the geode will cause sunsets current emotions to be transferred to spike (good or bad not sure) and with spikes current negative emotions right now could cause many a things to him. including spike being transformed into a combination of his dragon greed (like his greed growth change) and sunset negative emotions (from when she was corrupted by the element of magic into a dragon part controller of magic

If Spike does the grow as a result of the negativity so many people are screwed. Because even when Spike was super sized as a result of his original greed growth he was still as cunning as he was when he was normal sized just more vicious.

Also just thought of this it could be the old sunset shimmer because a few chapters ago sunset saw her old self which could have occurred from her geode

Please don’t abandon this fic, it’s awesome!!!!

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