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Read my fics. Comment on them, tell me if you like them or if I can improve something. If someone could make pages for them on tvtropes that would be great. Enjoy.


Takes place after the 'Holiday Special' comic of 'Equestria Girls' and the 'No Such Luck' episode of 'The Loud House'.
Sunset Shimmer, still greatly hurt by what she went through during the Anon-a-Miss fiasco, decides to leave Canterlot High and break up with her friends. Along the way, she meets an 11 year old boy with white hair named Lincoln Loud, who ran away from home after getting tired of being perceived as bad luck by his insanely superstitious family and forced to wear a squirrel costume for good luck. The two exchange their histories and quickly become good friends. Meanwhile, Sunset's friends, the Humane 5, and their younger sisters, the Crusaders, miss Sunset and decide to go look for her in hopes of completely making amends and rekindling their friendship. They eventually meet the Loud family, Lincoln's parents and 10 sisters, who are out looking for their son/brother. The two groups decide to join forces and help each other find the people they’re searching for and make amends for their mistreatment.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 238 )

Hmmm I am quite intrigued

“What?” Rainbow asked greatly confused. “But what did we do?”

Did you forget already? :facehoof:

She has to ask, then she proves Sunset right.

So I see you saw the abundance of No Such Luck stories on FanFiction.net and the amount of Anon-a-Miss stories here, and then noticed the similarities so you decided to make a crossover fic. Interesting.
Let's see how this turns out.

I love it so far! I'm always a sucker for Anon-A-Miss stories. :twilightsmile:

Oh hell yeah! Can't read this right now but I am pumped for it!

Just read it and I love it!!

Lincoln hands down cause they were his family.

Anyway I love this and look forward to the encounter. Also I hope you are considering involving the sirens at some point.

Author's Note:

Well, who do you all think has it worse, Sunset or Lincoln?

Definitely Lincoln.

YYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS I love it! Oh man the way he thrashed them and made hsi father or poor excuse fo a so called parent pay for his cowardness...Wonderful!

I do feel bad for the youngest, she be so heart broken and too young to understand. :pinkiesad2:

Friends stab people in the back all the rtime. Family stabbing you in the back.. yeah he has it worst


Friends betraying you is one thing......

Comment posted by EquineAvenger deleted Aug 12th, 2017

And the award goes to . . . . LINCOLN LOUD!!

Are there any parts of this chapter you found a little laughable?

8361140 Where he finally has had enough and explodes on his pathetic excuse for a family.


Well, this is the first time you are doing a story that has comedy in it. But I'm gonna say all of it.

What usually drives a point home is that the offending party forgets what they did that offended.

Reminds me of a certain other event that still infuriates me to this day.

Comment posted by MetaLord395 deleted Aug 14th, 2017

Think you made a mistake
Sunset s said she is going but shouldn't it say she's not going

The Canterlot Wedding. I picked up a few parallels between the two events, such as the fact that both Twilight and Sunset tried to argue their side of the story, to no success whatsoever. :twilightangry2: :flutterrage: :facehoof:

In the first chapter about the party, sunsets said she is going when it should have said she is nto going

wait even Lily?, she's only a baby, that's harsh for her

domestic abuse

real fuckin' nice

Wasn't expecting the 101 Dalmatians reference. I usually make one with the whole "either" pronunciation.

Next chapter is the start of a beautiful friendship woth two misfits..

This is delicious.

“Ronnie Anne wait!” they heard Lynn desperately cry. “Just let me explain-”
BAM! They heard the sound of a fist landing followed by a loud painful groan.






“AAH! Wait, what are you doing with my baseball bats? NO WAIT, THAT’S A METAL ONE!”










“Now come on! Everyone’s waiting for us.”


A moment later, Ronnie Anne came down with Lynn, who was limping, had a black eye, and was covered in bruises.

I normally don't use obligatory movie quotes but,...Chris Tucker, take it away.

Everything about the No Such Luck episode pisses me off, especially how there were no consequences to the family and that the law completely failed. The entire family was willing to throw away years of happy memories (where Lincoln never showed any signs of being bad luck) and years of Lincoln doing the job that his older sisters should have done - take care of the younger ones and set an example. I'm sorry for ranting but this issue does bug me.
Now about the story: you do have very good syntax structure and grammar, so this story is automatically much better to read than 25% of the site; you don't make the character out to be completely stupid, they actually realize that they have done wrong even if it took a figurative slap in the face; and the blame is placed on the right people for the right reasons.
I hope to read more, good job

"Kicking out a minor is considered child abuse, and is illegal in many states."

"But Lincoln has never worked in underground tunnels," a confused Leni said.

"Minor not miner, Leni" Lisa corrected her older dimmer sister

Thanks. Don't forget, it also took a literal slap (or should I say 'punch') in the face and a couple blows to the groin. :rainbowlaugh:

Love it but a part of me does feel that I would have left just as much of an impact if you had Lincoln run away without him confronting his family and saving that for later.

Btw: have you thought of doing a story based on Brawl in the Family? Or even one of Requiem for a Loud?

Well, I do have a couple ideas for 'Brawl In The Family' and a few more 'No Such Luck' ideas. But they have no relation to mlp or eqg.

I wonder how they'll prove to Lincoln that they want him back not because they could go to jail, but they genuinely love him and regret everything they did.

come with him than he thought.

In common, other then that good work

Comment posted by EquineAvenger deleted Aug 23rd, 2017

Silly Sunset, Equestria is just as bad. Twilight and her friends are the exception, definitely not the rule, and they're special chosen ones. Seriously, Equestria is not some kind of virtuous magical friendship land. Cases like Bridle Gossip, Putting Your Hoof Down, and many more show the general public to be rather dickish, shallow, and very easily swayed.

Can't wait for next chapter, hoping the two will meet.

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