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An Asian brony who is a fan of Spike, Discord, and Jackie Chan.


This story is a sequel to Exit Anon-a-miss. Enter the dragon

After helping Sunset Shimmer making amends with her friends, Spike and Wallflower Blush got together and started talking about the feeling of being forgotten, left out, jealousy, and the unforgettable consequences of past mistakes that lingers.

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That was sweet and beautiful

"So then, what did he do? Did he find a magic stone that erases everybody's awkward memories about him?"
"No, he's not that kind of pony."

He will, however, convert into a drag queen to enter a race with his little sister.

...and I say drag queen even though this is a society of ponies that hardly ever dress up to begin with.

A little early for Christmas, but as a therapy session I think in a way this is what both these characters needed. They both have had their acts of jealousy in the past and they've both had many regrets in life. They just needed someone to listen to their concerns so that they both can understand where they are coming from. It's difficult to say how much Wallflower has changed since that incident, though we see she's dressed in a more outgoing fashion like at that outdoor rock festival. Sure, some people are not going to forget all the bad things that have happened whether if it's something they did themselves or what others did, but that doesn't mean they should only think about the negative stuff... All the time.

Instead of dwelling on all the things they could've done years ago, Wallflower and Spike merely need to be thankful for all the good they have done or at least 'will' do if we're talking about one of those 'Where do we see ourselves in 20 years', so to speak.

A little hard to see the words but I can definitely see what you mean.

First Panel:
Spike – "You get your face PLASTERED in the whole opening, and then you hardly appear in any of their shorts!"
Second Panel:

Spike – "The worst part is....you weren't even in any of their specials'. First, Mirror Magic, and now THIS?! That cameo doesn't even count! It was a prop! I WAS A PROP!"

Fifth Panel:
Spike – "It's because we're green, isn't it?"
Wallflower – "Uh huh."


Yeah poor Spike... True Wallflower did make a brief cameo appearance, but once again you could easily fill her in a tiny crack in the background and she'd be one of those blink-and-miss moments. As for Spike, I get why it's tough to include him on all the adventures that 'Equestria Girls' has done. Most ships generally don't allow pets on board, although this one time we went to Alaska and some townspeople brought in these cute little husky puppies for the kids to pet for a brief period (Poor little dears were so tuckered out). And I get that it might be tough to bring Spike to big events like the rock concert, not just because there are some people who still find it odd that he's a talking dog but it's such a big place that little creatures like him could get lost.

If you think that's bad my friend, there's this kid on 'Zoey101' who usually appears in the opening intros for most episodes but most of the time you never see him do his own shenanigans. I mean he did have a few brief roles in earlier seasons, but he was kind've overshadowed by the more older cast (Even a young Victoria Justice).

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