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I may have a guilty spot for angst.


After the Battle of the Bands, Sunset Shimmer and the Rainbooms prepare for the upcoming Friendship games! ...Or so, she thinks. In reality, the heartbreak along with an assault has somehow broken Sunset's mind. Now, it's up to Flash Sentry, Twilight Sparkle, and others to help bring her back.

That is, if the imaginary Rainbooms want her to go back.

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Oh jeeze! Sunset is so broken!

I can't wait for Twilight, Celestia and luna to tear into them so hard they left broken!!

I like it, the mental health aspect is certainly interesting.

I love this idea so far! Also your writing is very much detailed and well written! I look forward to seeing hopefully more updates soon. There aren't much stories with Flash helping Sunset so you have certainly my interest. :)

Ri2 #4 · Aug 23rd, 2018 · · · Dolls ·

...Oh Jesus. This is not an angle I've seen before.

It's horrifying. And well done.

I'm not really a big Flash Sentry fan, but I do like Twilight and I also like this premise. I suppose that's enough for me to check this out. :pinkiesmile:

This is a different take on this, and one I'm looking forward to seeing more of. So have a 🌮, 👍 and :heart:

Wow never seen any thing like this before i can't wait to see what happens next.

Interesting, so everything that happens after the initial abandonment and assault is her minds coping mechanism trying to protect her from the reality of the truth. I like that, it's a spin with a lot of potential. Including the scene that starts off FG then moving into reality was an excellent touch. It really helps to accentuate the plot.
Excellent work

Didn't I suggest an idea like this a while back?

This is a more depressing version of Pinkie's insanity party.

That's a serious understatement. Her mind is using doll replicas of the Rainbooms to fabricate memories of her life in order to protect her from reality. That's institution level mental breakdown.

I think it would be pretty cool if the dolls could move and think on their own, a good explanation for that tho would be harder. It likely would be something like Sunset pouring magic into them with the intent of making will versions of her friends.

Oh, and is the Anon-a-mis fiasco over with or is it still ongoing?

any idea on when the next chapter will be out?

Damn...just damn. Poor Sunset! :pinkiesad2::fluttershysad::rainbowderp::raritycry:I dont think I’ve seen a fic with Sunset so mentally broken. Like seriously, this is making Pinkie’s and Twilight’s breakdowns look like child’s play. Im favoriting this and following you! Can’t wait to see what is in store for future chapters!:twilightsmile:

That is, if the imaginary Rainbooms want her to go back.

I don't know why I'm just now noticing this statement in the synopsis. Are you saying there's a chance her mind might not let her return to reality?

I'mma vote B. Save Rainbow for last.

I would say A or B. Let's watch Kindness shatter and Laughter die.

It’s ether E or A for I’m not to sure.

1. Fluttershy
2. Pinkie Pie
3. Rarity
4. Applejack
5. Rainbow Dash

Is someone gonna tear the rainbooms a new one and more importantly are we gonna see the students get a “you suck speech”?

I say double down and go for F. Chew them all out at once and watch them quiver in fear under the rage of Twilight Sparkle.:flutterrage:

Hunting them down 1 at a time means Twilight might have to repeat herself, which is more trouble than they're worth at this point. Plus they tend to hang out together anyway so...

I think that's pretty much a given at this point in time. I'd be surprised if it didn't happen.

Not sure I'm going to say,....A,B,C, Apple jack and Dash are bigger morons, and should be last, maybe after the real Anon A Miss exposed or start to actually think.

A: Fluttershy. Because of her kindness nature, she'll be the first to feel extremely guilty for hurting her friend and wanted to see Sunset right away.

great chapter
the crossing out parts do feel a bit...distracting but that's just me
id just put those in italics
as for the poll, id use a website to get the results. much easier though I think the biggest question would be how she would meet the rainboom. like will flash tell them and they want to go see her?
will sunset suddenly just be wondering the streets and run into one of them?
if its the latter one id pick fluttershy because i can totally see her being first aid certified and she would recognize someone who is in great distress

A. Fluttershy
That was so sad but also so good

Other than RD, Applejack may be the one who was most hurt by Sunset's so-called betrayal. Being that AJ's perception of 'Family' is so ingrained to her core, feels that the betrayal went against so many of her values. That being coupled with how she just mentally included Sunset in hers feels that it was like a kick in the teeth.
Then, with her more or less being the group's voice of reason, may feel that she should be the guardian sentinel against Anon-a-Miss aka Sunset (in her eyes).
Of course, when she don't see Sunset over last few days, she get's suspicious on what Sunset is planing now....
Thus setting the precedent to why she seeks out Sunset now.

And why I feel AJ should be the first, is that she may have witnessed a similar situation before.....
How did the 'Lesson Zero' go in EQG?
How did Big mac get the Smarty Pants doll in EQG?
Did Big Mac suffer a mental breakdown with or because of the Smarty Pants doll?

If AJ is angry at the person who did that to her brother, how would she feel if she knows that she is partly to blame of Sunsets current situation.
And if this is the case..... would she then know just how precarious Sunset's path to healing will be?
Thus know how to breach the subject slowly to the others.....

The order of revealing....

  1. Applejack - While being rash at times and make mistakes, do know how to take a step back, asses the situation properly and act calmly.
  2. Rarity - While being a drama queen, know when to be calm and take a look at the whole picture.
  3. Pinkie Pie - Yes, she is very energetic, she knows to calm down when needed (babysitter). The Pie-family seems to all have a special mental deposition.... Maud (Antisocial?), Pinkie(ADHD), Marble(extreme introvert) and Limestone(ODD?)...
  4. Fluttershy - While being kind, she does tend to smother those she cares for (the guilt would just turn that up to 11). She is also a vet (in training?), probably no experience with mental problems.
  5. Rainbow Dash - Tends to jump the gun way to much, and not thinking things through... While she is loyal to a fault, when that loyalty is broken..... yeah.

I'd say B, Pinkie Pie, if for no other reason than everyone seems to do 'Fluttershy repents first.'

A. Fluttershy

Maud would have Schizoid Personality Disorder, or SPD, which leads to the lack of emotional showing, Maud can still feel emotions but they would be dulled in comparison. Pinkie would have the opposite illness her sister has, which is Histrionic Personality Disorder, meaning her emotions would come tenfold in strength than most. Marble could have either Avoidant Personality Disorders or Dependent Personality Disorders, the difference is that if she DPD instead of APD she would be extremely dependent on those around her, in varying severity. Limestone could have APD, leading to her often foul behaviour towards all around her, but it is hard to tell.

Also, I think Rarity should be the one to visit her, as she tends to come across gossip and juicy stories with out meaning to, plus she really likes gossip. So if she were to be in the general facility as Principal Celestia s office then she could over hear the conversation. What would happen next, without a doubt she would text her friends what she had heard, but if Flash and Twilight were going to see her, I think she would follow them.

Don't know very much about disorders in general, but what you say sound very fitting....
You learn something new everyday. Thanks!

And yes, Rarity would also be a very good fit in that situation. Maybe those dolls were a gift from Rarity or she taught Sunset how to sew?

Yeah... Both Rarity and AJ would be good picks.
But the possibility to make a new background for Big Mac....

I vote for I vote for F.:moustache:

Will this meeting be before CMC confess or after?

If Dash had anything to do with Sunsets assault, she should be jailed. The rest of the attackers jailed and sued!

Comment posted by Friendly Spartan IV deleted Nov 12th, 2018
Comment posted by Friendly Spartan IV deleted Nov 12th, 2018

I think I understand the angle now.
Sunset possesses the characteristics equal to the other element bearers and those characteristics are protecting her mind via delusion. Probably brought to sentience by friendship magic.
Evidently the same characteristics required to ascend to an alicorn (cough cough)

I cannot wait to see the next chapter

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