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My first story for my revival of Tim Ribbert's Video Game Chronicles.

Co-Authors: Tim Ribbert and Dramamaster829.

The stars are powers.

Long ago, the great unicorn wizard, Starswirl, and his magical colleagues had discovered a magical cave of stories, written by the games – The Cave of Games.

Today, Princess Twilight Sparkle and friends have found the Cave of Games, unlocking the gates of worlds, and have awakened a great power from its thousand years slumber.

Now, the Equestrian Heroes are once again called forth to another adventure, where a great evil threatens the two worlds, and the Power Stars will choose their greatest defenders.

Pre-Readers: MarioBrony.
Editor(s): Dramamaster829

Chapters (16)
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What an opener. What would seem as a casual visit between a princess and her idol (With a faithful assistant standing quietly listening), suddenly there's a bit of foreshadow to grant an idea as to what this new universe has to offer. Just when it seemed Starswirl had enough problems with the Pillars and their battle with The Pony of Shadows, it seems ages ago, when he was a young wizard, he had a team of colleagues who were developing a means to travel to various worlds. But it was during one of their trips that something terrible happened, corrupting three of his four friends and the other seemingly vanishing out of guilt. Where it all leads from here remains to be seen?

But considering this revival is to make amends with how the first time failed initially, I sincerely hope this series gets it right this time.

Nice. I can imagine Pinkie rapping the Super Mario Bros Super Show theme

Glad Spike's involved now. And in the original cartoon Yoshi did speak, even in the first game featuring him he did have dialogue bubbles when he first met Mario. But I guess over time the people at Nintendo and such decided he wasn't meant to talk.

The Adventure start!!

Yes! Luigi and Wario are here! (Intro from DS, right)

Yoshi and Spike! Interesting duo.

And so the adventure to save the Mario bros, the main 6 and princess Peach begins! This story sure kicks into high gear now!

Great interactions between the characters! You all have a gift that i could never fully match!

Great set up for the gateways to the games! This story shows promise!

Comedically, the three ran past each other like something out of a ‘Scooby Doo’ cartoons taking lefts and rights, backwards and forwards, not even noticing they were running past each other.

Amazing idea to make this funny scene.

The Mario brothers's powers will work with the ponies?

I am looking for to see the next chapter!😁

I'm liking this very much!!!! :pinkiehappy:
This is where the first level starts!
*Grabs his n64 controller*
Let's-a go!

great chapter!
let me do my homework for the mysterious objects from the mists:
1. A ring (Sonic the Hedgehog)
2. A tiny bottle in the grip of metal claws, with what appears to be a face for the cap (Earthbound?)
3. An object resembling a wrench (Ratchet and Clank, original or sequels)
4. A mushroom with beady eyes (We know it's Mario in the first story)
5. A bubble (Either Kirby or Bubble Bobble)
6. A large sword with an elephant wing-like hilt (Legend of Zelda)
7. And a starfighter ship (Star Fox, Let's rock and roll!)

And so we bear witness to the ponies' initial first encounter with the 'Cave of Games', guarded by a mysterious spirit who seems to know more than he's letting on. But what he does offer, as far as information is concerned, is that to find the answers they seek they are to go to the Mushroom Kingdom and speak with Princess Peach. It is here where they are introduced to not only Mario, the hero of this land, but also his brother Luigi and... Wario, because why not? So apparently, the brothers (And Wario) are also on a mission as they've been invited by the Princess herself to come to the castle and enjoy a piece of cake. Everything seems rather peaceful at first, but as we know... Things are not always as they seem.

And thus we know that Spike is going to be involved in this story, rather than simply staying behind to manage the castle in Twilight's absence. For sure, he has every right to feel concerned if he has this feeling that his friends are in danger and not to mention after being coaxed by that mysterious hooded figure to come to the Mushroom Kingdom is more than enough to convince him something is wrong. In the meantime, he's made a friend in Yoshi, who fears for the safety of his own friends. After much comedic shenanigans involving a pesky rabbit holding the only key into the castle, now we proceed to explore one of the most notable levels of the game where all those walking bombs reside.

Now, I know you have to get in there multiple times in order to retrieve all the stars there but frankly I'm not sure at this point how you are going to handle all the levels. We'll just have to wait and see in the meantime.

how do you suggest we do the power stars?

Honestly, I have no idea. All I know is you're supposed to collect all the stars from each world. You're asking the wrong man when it comes to this game.


Not a problem. I’ve already got that figured out.

Sweet! We look forward to hearing what the plan will be when the time is right.

That make this excited! I can't wait to see!

Starswirl said he had to stop them but at a terrible price

Wow wario dose not take the ponies very well

So they are using the super Mario bros cartoon origin then

Partially, that is. In one of the first games, which features Luigi’s big debut, Mario and Luigi were fighting off creatures(Goombas, Koopas, etc.) that were invading the sewer systems of New York City. Later in the next game, they were in the Mushroom Kingdom saving Princess Peach.

Yes... He did. Even though the details for it are rather vague. I feel like we don't know 'everything' just yet, but rather we hope to learn more while we still can.

The only thing, he interest is.... treasure and beat Mario.

Now its gonna be intersting when spike and yoshi face king bom omb

Oh, I totally get this. Spike and Yoshi as the main protagonists with the trio and the girls as unlockable characters. I like the concept of this.

This is pretty good! I'm going to have Chuggaaconroy's Super Mario 64 DS LP to watch alongside the story, because I'm excited to see where this story goes! You bet I'm following!

I was wondered, if there is a different between DS and 64? I mean, beside the characters and powers.
I have the Mario 64 DS, but i give away the Nintendo 64 game to someone.

Yes. I just found my DSi, with Super Mario 64 DS so I’ve been playing the game to refresh my memory. I was writing the story as I played along.

Not to mention it helps out how a scene plays

oooooh....hard to say for sure.....maybe.....Eyerok??

Don't mention that ever not on this story

I’ll just ask if you’re doing the next chapter

I'm doing different stories phantom Dragon is doing super Mario 64 be patient but if have to ask ask him

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