• Published 14th Dec 2017
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Divine Intervention - Snowflake Dissonance

An Angel and a Demon are tasked with finding the culprit behind Anon-a-Miss. Can they find out who's causing the trouble, clear Sunset's name, and bring a semblance of peace back to CHS before Christmas? If Star has her way, they will!

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New Arrival

Snow blanketed the entire area, flakes still falling lazily from the sky. The city life bustled with shoppers, carolers, and people just going about their daily routine. Umbrellas, scarves and hats dotted every part of the landscape, along with lights strung from rooftops, menorahs and kinaras sitting in windows, passersby trading dreidels and gift ideas, and large trees topped with stars, angels, pentagrams, or any other symbol of hope one could think of.

However, despite the upbeat atmosphere of the city, Canterlot High School was the exact opposite. Looming over the courtyard, the school appeared more imposing than usual, the cold winds roaming through the grounds pushing drifts of white fluff against the equally as cold stone. Within the last four days, the school had gone from cheerful and excited to angry and chaotic, descending quickly into the madness and distrust that currently held it.

On the steps out front, clearly skipping class and not giving two flying rats about it, was a student named Morning Star. She leaned against the railing of the stairs, fiddling around with her phone as she waited. Every few moments, the cold wind blew strands of her black-streaked platinum hair into her bright red eyes, which she rolled as she pushed her hair backward. She had forgone a hat this year, deciding to buy a scarf with her pocket money instead. Not that she needed either, but she had to blend in somehow.

A sudden crack of thunder in the sky made Morning Star glance up. That should be exactly who she was waiting for. Unless Mom was just screwing with her again. If She was, when Star got up there, she was going to give Her a good kick in-.

A bolt of bright green lightning shot from the ground, soaring into the sky. Star watched it carefully, not wanting to be taken off guard by an unexpected visitor. The lightning lengthened as it moved through the sky, connecting points to lines to curves until, finally, a pentagram no wider than Morning Star’s shoulders shimmered in the sky. With another crash of sound, the pentagram slammed onto the ground in front of where Morning Star was waiting and expanded upward, revealing a figure slightly shorter than that of the student.

A woman with platinum hair the same as Morning Star’s, but with red streaks instead of black, beamed as she brushed herself off. Her bright golden eyes turned in the direction of the school and she cocked her head. “So, this the place, Ten?” she asked in a clear ringing voice.

“You’re late,” Morning Star responded, turning to lead her into Canterlot High.

“Good to see you too, sis,” the newcomer giggled. Morning Star merely rolled her eyes.

The pair made their way through the halls, students whispering as they passed. The visitor glanced around in confusion. “I know high school is literal torture and all, but this place seems… brimming with hatred.”

“It is,” Morning Star told her. “Didn’t Dad brief you on the issue?”

“Yeah, but you know Him.” She shrugged. “Two minutes of listing off the major points and then fifteen to grab whatever I’d need before he blasted me through the Channel.” She rubbed her neck slightly. “You’d think we’d have discovered an alternative to traveling by lightning by now…”

“Well, if you’d use your Mom-given wings…” her guide muttered. “Anyway, the hostility is particularly high in this school because, four days ago, an internet blog called Anon-a-Miss started spilling secrets.”

She swiped her phone and typed in the passcode, handing it over to her companion. The newcomer examined the screen with interest, scrolling through the posts. As she did, something in the comments caught her eye and she looked up.

“Who’s ‘Shimmer’?”

Morning Star froze for half a second before continuing on as if she hadn’t paused. “I’ll tell you when we get to Principal Celestia’s office.”

“Ah,” her guest said lowly. “They must have to do with our assignment, then.”

Morning Star stopped in front of a room with the door slightly ajar. Firmly knocking three times, she waited until they were given permission to enter. “Principal Celestia,” she called, dipping her head to the head of the school. “Vice Principal Luna,” she added with a nod in the second-in-command’s direction.

“Hello, Morning Star,” Principal Celestia greeted her, smiling warmly. The bags under her eyes belied how tired she was, but Morning Star decided not to say anything. “How may we help you?”

“My sister has come to enroll.” Morning Star stepped aside so the stranger could move forward.

“Hi!” she grinned. “I’m Shadow Wings.”

Vice Principal Luna opened up one of the drawers on her desk. Rifling through the folders inside, she pulled out a sheaf of papers and handed them to Morning Star, who was closest. “These are the enrollment forms,” she explained. “They shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to fill out. We will have her schedule by tomorrow.”

Morning Star nodded and turned, leading Shadow Wings out of the room. Once they were out of earshot, Star looked down at the papers. “No wonder those Sirens managed to get in so easily. All any Equestrian has to do is take ten minutes and come back the next day. Honestly…”

“Something up?” her sister asked.

“No, no,” Morning Star sighed as she leaned against a locker. “Gimme a sec to fill these out?”

“You got it!” Shadow Wings settled on the floor beside the other woman and watched the students occasionally go by.

Usually, Shadow would love to be in a place with so much distrust and hostility. It was ripe feeding ground for her and her siblings. But if something like this had built in only four days, it wasn’t natural and needed to be rectified. The Balance didn’t have time for this.

“Alright.” Morning Star’s voice broke through Shadow’s thoughts. “Let’s get these back to Celestia and get you properly briefed.”

Shadow bounced up and followed Morning Star back to the Principal’s office. Celestia and Luna nodded to them both as Morning Star set the papers on the desk. Celestia looked them over as Luna appraised Shadow Wings for a moment.

“Alright, everything seems to be in order,” Celestia stated. “Welcome to CHS, Shadow Wings. If you report here tomorrow morning, Luna will have your schedule ready.”

“Actually, Celestia, there’s something the two of us need to discuss with you,” Morning Star told her. “Shadow, if you could get the door?”

“Sure thing, Ten,” Shadow Wings chirped. “Don’t worry, ladies. This won’t take long.”

Celestia and Luna shared a weary glance as the door shut with a slight click.

Author's Note:

Alright! There's the start. I can't believe I'm actually going through with this so early, but everyone needs something for Christmas! Hope you enjoy!