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This story is a sequel to In the Days That Followed

After dealing with everything from attempted murder, to personal tragedy, to survivor's guilt, Sunset Shimmer and her friends find themselves trying to stay out of the way of a government agent brought to the city because of recent events.

With the portal to Equestria closed, and something very angry lurking in the woods surrounding the city, the seven friends will find themselves dealing with foes old and new, a mystery that could threaten everyone in the city, and an impossible and unacceptable choice.

Part 3 of The Repercussions Trilogy.

Featured on 1/13/19

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It begins...........the next part of the Repercussions saga.

Barely the first chapter and I already want to see how everything ends.

No pressures of course hehe. :twilightblush:

Anyway, nice first chapter.

Damn, what an opening. The universe has a sense of humor, with Agent Tempest after Sunset and crew as Commander Tempest chases Twilight and co.

I'm worried about the girls.

Oh fate. You cruel, sadistic mistress. XP

This is a great start, and I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter. However, I have one question, and it's kinda meta:

How will the release schedule work? It says "Thursday-Sunday". Is that four chapters per weekend? Or is that a time window? Just asking for clarification purposes.


I have a second job which keeps me busy Mon.-Wed. I'll be posting on days I don't have to work both jobs.

So...it's kinda both? Like, you'll upload as much as you can, but don't be surprised if a day is missed?

This should be interesting.

So, Part 3 has arrived. I have been looking forward to this!

What an opener. Agent Tempest is looking for Sunset and the girls, and the Dazzlings, too. Meanwhile, in Equestria, Unicorn Tempest has invaded Canterlot, captured the other princesses, and is now hunting Twilight and her friends. And to top it all off, back in the human world,there is a dangerous creature, possibly from Equestria, lurking in the woods around the city.

Great starting chapter. Eagerly awaiting more! :pinkiehappy:

I'm debating whether I should read each chapter as it comes out, or let a few come out at a time and then binge. I hope you can see my dilemma.

What else could go wrong... oh shit.

Never. Ever. Tempt. Fate.

I wanna say the beast is either a timberwolf or an Ursa Minor/Major.

Looking forward to see how it all ends! (before the timeskip, if you're still doing that.)

The plan currently is to post a chapter every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, barring unforseen circumstances.

That definitely clears it up. Thank you.

That feeling when you are worried about things you have absolutely no control over it. Thankfully Rarity will be there to help her relax and take some confort ...............she's going to need it before the next STORM comes.

I am literately shaking in anticipation.

Way to kick ass, Principal Celestia! ^_^

I'm worried about the girls.

What's really scary about this chapter is how often Tempest's shit gets pulled by government agents in real life.

wooo hoooo you were awesome Principal Celestia

Wow, good job Celestia! Only problem is going to be Sunset. Who is her guardian?

Tempests interview with Pinkie Pie, cant wait! I'm gonna need some popcorn!

Established in "Repercussions" that Sunset has paperwork establishing her as an emancipated minor.

Oh, Twilight, that does not seem like a good idea right now. :twilightoops:

“NO!” Sunset jumped up, her face panicked. Rarity giggled and Sunset sat down on the couch, folding her arms. She pointed at Rarity. “You better have cookie dough,” she pouted.

Rarity put the remote on the coffee table, and turned to wheel into the kitchen. “Please, darling, we're not savages. Chocolate chip or peanut butter?"

Well ain't that cute? X3

I don't blame you. It's one heckuva rabbit hole to go down. And there's no recovering once you do. Though now I can't help but imagine Rarity and Sunset "going on a date" in the Smash & Grab timeline as part of their cover during a job. XP Like, Rarity brings Sunset along as her "plus one" to a swanky event so Sunset can scope the place out.

Good Idea: Find the girls and trying to keep them safe without magic.
Bad Idea: Find the girls and go into a magical search while a government agent is up your tails.

My dad was a lawyer and a member of my middle school's school board, so when I saw Principal Celestia pull out her 5th degree black belt in rule-fu, it made me all tingly inside.

Betting it's either a dragon, or a manticore that slipped through a portal twilight made during the friendship games.

Manticore would be my first guess. Most other 'animals' from mythology have shown to be as smart as your typical pony.

Could be one of the Stormking's flunkies too, I guess.

Had me worried there when Fluttershy activated her geode.

She pulled out a... device was the only word Fluttershy could think of. It was a cobbled together mish-mash of all sorts of electronic devices soldered to what looked like an old microwave oven door.

"It goes Ding! when there's stuff."

That Storm guy has absolutely no morals. I'll be happy when I see this blow up in his face. If anything the higher ups in the government would send him to gutamino

yeah, take a teenage girls, one of them still recoverign from a serious injury with littel evidence. YOu can bet the public will find out and the PR Nightmare will begin. the guy is a freaking moron.


Given that we are probably talking about the impatient equivalent of the Storm King, I am not surprised at all.

Hope that Record Holder guy gets canned, I'm pretty sure hospitals aren't supposed to give out patient info like that without a warrant.

I King is one thing but this guys is answerable to people above him so you think that would restrain him some.

Actually, on the federal level, doctor-patient privilege isn't recognized. It's applied based on state law.

I'm doing research now to see what a reasonable expectation would be.

I'm actually curious on what Capper would look like in the human world.

What's Kludgetown? That name doesn't compute.

It's the name of the junktown from the movie.

Have you watched the MLP movie?

Yeah, but I just froze for a minute.

She's getting closer. CRAP. If she's anything like the Pony Tempest, she'll be easy to sway to the girls' side. But it's Director King that I'm worried about. The Storm King was incompetent, but Director King seems to be anything but. This'll be a tough battle.

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