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Rarity has discovered that Sunset is actually the anonymous street artist "Flanksy." This, naturally, has raised some questions: How long has Sunset been doing art? Why doesn't she want credit for it? And, perhaps most importantly, why did she let Rarity see her the next morning?

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This was great! Very nice work!


I really enjoyed this, good job.

Genius student, charismatic, painter, instrument player, lockpicker... Sunset is becoming Equestria's answer to Richard Feynman! :rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile:

This was fun. I could especially see a lot of Rarity's reactions, as if they were animated and playing right in front of me :rainbowlaugh:

This story was great. I loved Rarity's reactions throughout the story.

Let's not forget that in the "Queen of Clubs" short that Sunset also is a fencer, so she can fight with a sword.

Absolutely lovely, and for the record, I could so imagine pre-Rainbow Rocks Shimmer knowing how to pick locks and create graffiti, just for kicks.


Clearly one of us is going to have to go home amd change. :raritywink:

Oh please. You're wearing the designer ensemble, and mine is quite clearly the off the rack knock-off, darling.:raritywink:

In all honesty, though, I had this story in mind ever since the short hit the Discovery Family Go app, I just decided to wait until it hit Hasbro's YouTube channel before writing it to avoid spoilers.

And then writer's block hit. I was fighting with this thing all weekend and couldn't figure out what to do with it.

Then I read your story and that kicked everything loose. So while it may look to some like I copied you, It's actually a coincidence with a dash of "inspired by."

Loved your story too, by the way.

...have an upvote and my gratitude for teaching me a lesson worthy of Rarity this morning.

And whatever you do, keep writing.

Great work.

What’s this? Two fanfic creators who made similar content getting along? What madness is this?

Seriously though, you two have produced a pair of great stories. Keep it up.

nice addition to the original doc, but the ending there. i don’t know if this was brought up yet or not but the shopkeeper let Sunset in to do the painting and was there for much of the time she worked, Sunset never actually broke into the boutique.
Just a little continuity issue i saw.
Overall good story

Let's not forget about Sunset Shimmer's secret double life of magic and Equestria's existence could spell end of the world for both worlds.

Not an addition. Just my own take on the events.

Ah, considering that then i retract what i said earlier.

awesome Story. I loved it

lol I 100% thought this was gonna be a sequel

Now I've got 2 to read. looks good to me

Absolutely beautiful. Have a like and fave!

A good read and a good tie in to one of the better shorts that was recently done. I could easily see Sunset as the artsy type taking commissions for original pieces and raking in the dough.


cat burglar Sunset?....I dig it.

Where was it started she was let in? In the short, we just see her outside with Rarity then cut to the next morning. We don't see her doing the art of the events between Rarity going home and seeing the display the next morning. I read another story where she was her in, but stories aren't canon

Love the lock picks bit! Nice work.

Nice fic that expands on the original short though I do have one minor nitpick.

“You're getting that Young and the Sleepless look again,” Sunset smirked. “You know what I mean. I love you and I love the rest of the girls. Without all of you, I wouldn't have found my way to where I am now. I wouldn't have discovered how much I love making art, or playing the guitar, or any of the other things I like to do.”

That didn't really answered why she revealed herself to Rarity. Ok she loves the rest of the group, but why not sooner, if that's the case. Why keep it a secret from them to begin with? That really only explains why she helped in the first place. I think the only reason she revealed herself was due to the chance that Rarity could have put 2 and 2 together and realized Sunset could have done it on her own, so might as well.

“Um, let's just say that graffiti isn't my only less than legal skill.”

"Hello, this is LawPickingLawyer and today we're breaking into Prim Hemline's boutique—"

Oof, what a nice, well written fic with an interesting take on how Sunset is figuring outher creative interests, not even speaking about how Rarity and Sunset see how to deal with their creations differently. Honestly I take more Sunset's side on that, and the way you put it into words is well put!

Let's also not forget how Sunset is also playing chess, hmm… :pinkiecrazy:

As much as I liked his videos, he doesn't properly pick locks. Because real position would be on a wall, or, in case of padlocks, from under the lock. So yeah, I'd love him to put up a wall, position camera and lighting, and ACTUALLY pick locks. How they are INSTALLED.

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