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Sunset Shimmer has been attacked and lies comatose in the hospital. All evidence points to someone who has access to magic. Led by Rarity, the rest of Sunset's friends begin to search for who did it and why.

But the answers may not give them the comfort they seek. And unknown to them, Sunset is having struggles of her own.
Part 1 of The Repercussions Trilogy.

(Not an Anon-A-Miss story)

Edited by Eventhewaves and Charles Rocketboy.

Featured on Equestria Daily 2/24/18

Chapters (47)
Comments ( 431 )

My EQG self knows voodoo magic. Do you think that will help in this situation?

Well, whoever did this to Sunset is going to get their ass kicked.
Also, I get that Sunset is comatose, but she has her geode, if one of the girls touches her hand could Sunset connect with them maybe?

Interesting, why would this woman put Sunset into a coma? Unless... We don't know where the woman went, do we? Oh my god, is she in Sunset's head!?


What happened to Chapter 2?!

Got unpublished somehow. Fixed now. Sorry.

(EQG)Dark magic is a bitch. Voodoo has both dark and white magic. I use white magic mostly

8448471 Okay, thanks.

And don't worry about it; happens all the time to folks around here. I was just a bit confused, is all.

well...ain't that a she-demon bitch.

You see kids, this is why you don't play around with Dark Magic when your bored and have mentor issues. It can lead to severe dual contrasting personalities.

Loved the story, can't wait to see more :Pinkiehappy:

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Sar Meister

Could be the same person with lots of email accounts. Saying it's a whole book of people is jumping to conclusions a bit.

Do you need voodoo magic yet?

Amon A miss happened in this world as well?

That fic kindablows a hole inghis then. Why wouldn't Sunset GI e that book go Tia. She knows how dangerous this kind of thing is. It would have been better to not have anon a miss happen in this universe.


What the heck you say?

How did she hear about it?...

Calling it now, it's Pepperdance.

*cracks knuckles *

Bitch it gonna die

Will Celestia be addressing the students like moon Dancer and so? It's is cyber bullying no matter what even if it's sent once.

you know maybe Moondancer should be raped now. If she thinks that';s okay she needs her world messed with.

okay seriously some of these kids need a serious wake up call.

Cant wait for the next chapter !


Somehow, it's all three of them. They all have pendants which we're explicitly draw attention to.

Please refrain from making comments like this in the future.

I think that magic that was used on Sunset did more than bring her close to death, I think it is keeping her in her coma. But not until the person who used it is beaten, I think it is keeping her like that so she can reconcile with herself.

8460775 I agree.
As much as I like and admire Admiral and his stories, that is absolutely deplorable.

Power is power is power after all.

Did I see a saints row reference?

Moon Dancer is such a hypocrite in this chapter. Threatening someone DEFINITELY counts as violence.

Is this whole thing going to be because Sunset outed her attacker's girlfriend as gay? Yeah, she's going to be in the mental wing of the prison she ends up in.

Depends...How the parents may of reacted or so. Could been kicked out for being gay if if that what it's about.

8467156 No doubt something like that did happen, but that doesn't give them the right to put someone in a coma and physically assault someone else. I'm not saying their anger isn't justified but their actions are getting them put in prison.

Well the one behind it all, the other was ready to tell them what was going on.
till her partner stupity used her magic and put her sleep for a few days.......OH MY GOSH!!:twilightoops:

What if she suffering the same way as Sunset?!! I mean she in a coma. what if the other girl going thru it as well!
What if she facing what Sunset facing, on a lower scale but seriously still suffering it!

She'll hate me when she wakes up. She'll probably leave me. But she'll have justice, and that's what's important.

And what happens if that magic combined with her hate makes her go off the deep end and tries killing you for "Justice?"
Mmm, What then?

That's possible but unlikely, the attacker seems to have very good control of her magic and she wouldn't put her girlfriend through that. The real problem is dehydration. A few days without water is enough to kill you. Not to mention she'll also wet the bed in that time, unlike Sunset she doesn't have a catheter.

Groans!! It's offical! Thsi girl is a UTTER MORON! worst yet how do they punish her, once the amuelt is taken mayeb the full weight of ehr sins will impact her, if not she coudl be taken to thrut he protal and dumped in tartarus for life.

8467483 Yeah, this was a stupid move alright. I think she'll just end up in prison as what she has done is illegal by human standards too. No need to take her through the portal.

A lot of girls are going to be punished after this.

Why do you rarely respond to comments?

In the case of this story, I don't want to accidentally confirm or deny anything speculated on in the comments.

I wonder who is the culprit :(

Can't blame you, the movie was epic. Do you think you might add the Humane version of Tempest Shadow?

I have some ideas in that direction, but probably not in this story.

This is just barely earning its Rarity tag. Hopefully she shines some more soon :)

This bitch will die.

*calls number*

Blaze? I need that fire demon you got. We got a pink lighting bitch to kill.

I mean, this sucks, but Pepperdance got lucky there. If Rainbow and Pinkie hadn't turned up it could have been much worse.

Damn, well they got close at least. Maybe Rainbow could have used that awesome speed of hers for a drop kick or something instead of zoom past. I mean, if their enemy is really not holding back on causing injury to her opponents why should she? As long as they don't die it's free game. Then again hitting someone at high speed like that could be worse. At any rate I look forward to the next chapter.

huh. I was right.

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