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A lot can change in ten years. You and your friends grow up, move on, and return. For Sunset Shimmer, something else happened. She lost her way back to her homeland. She returns to Canterlot High on a futile quest to see if the portal to Equestria has returned. Instead, she finds herself catching up with her former principal... for better or for worse.

Chapters (2)
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I hate to ruin the moment. But, someone has to:


Well that took and unexpected turn.

I've always had an idea rattling around in my head about what would happen if the portal closed permanently and magic faded. Does a magical creature need magic to survive? Would they be fine? Intrigued to see where you take this.

You have my interest

this story is off to an awesome start. I've actually had a very similar story idea in my mind for quite sometime, I just never knew how to start it. everytime I did it never sounded good and I stopped, glad to see someone is doing this idea justice,

Oof. Wasn't expecting that. This is a really solid start, looking forward to seeing where you take things.

I haven't been this knocked for a loop reading one of your stories since the last bit of "Guilt Intervention." And this is only the first chapter!

ok the ending kinda turns me off reading the rest of the story to be honest

Wanderer D

Interesting! I look forward to reading more :raritywink:

I need the second part!!! Nooooo, Sunset, you can't die!!! Now I'm crying ;^;

A very cool prequel to Smash & Grab.

I like it... a lot.

Anyway, keep up the rad work, and I can't wait for the next chapter!

At first I was like "Two Chapters? That doesn't seem like enough time to give this subject its due."
Then I was like "Wait, is this what I think it is? Please let this be what I think it is."
And then I was like "YAS! This is what I think is is! YAAAAAAAAS!"

Oh, you sneaky, cheeky bugger. XP I can't wait to see where you go next!

Fuck man, this hits me in the feels. Sunset doesn't deserve to die after everything she's been through. Excellent but bittersweet.

if Sunset dies, i'm gonna cry. just sayin

Good stuff. Bittersweet as all hell, but good stuff. Also, I kinda figured this was a prequel to Smash and Grab. It went over some of the events that already happened in that story.

Good story, though I'm hoping you have a happy ending planned.

Oh... well that's kinda darks, I guess I will read the Smash-grab story now, I guess I'm lucky I didn't read that one first.

Yikes, talk about a razor edge decision!

Since I don't want to talk about the ending until I finish the story, let me say instead that Fluttershy doing the Peace Corps is perfect. I can imagine that being an adventure in itself, her overcoming her anxiety and finding a place...I can definitely see her as one of the volunteers who keeps getting extensions once she got it working :)

(I was in Peace Corps, can you tell?)

Okay that's great and awful and melancholy and, as Celestia says, a really shitty situation.

I wonder if Sunset can learn to eat magic off the items, like Tirek, or tap into non-equestrian magic in this world. I bet Twilight will eventually make something work anyway. Of course those would likely have their own (weird, unpleasant) side effects, but that's still better than her dying.

why did she wait years to start trcking these artifacts down

Comment posted by shallow15 deleted Jun 20th, 2018

She has been tracking them down. They're hard to find. Plus her friends have been scattered all over the world until recently and she can't get the artifacts and purge the magic without their help.

Were you ever gonna turn this into a series?

Yes, but I'm trying to get Consequences finished first.

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