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Love writing and wished to branch out to see what other stories I could make. I hope you all enjoy what I write.


Takes place right after Sunset gets the element of magic and places it on her head. The last thing that Sunset remembered is pain. Then a blissful numbness that settled over her. What happened to Sunset when she awakes in a crater with no feelings in her legs. How well she continue living when she can no longer get upstairs without assistance? Is she doomed to be as useless as she feels? Sunset, now crippled, will have a lot to learn from dressing herself to learning about friendship from Twilight friends and how to show her remorse and guilt for her actions. Luckily even if she believes herself to be alone, she'll find out just how many people actually care about her.
Inspired by A Wheeled Life by DisgracedHandPuppets. I got the idea after reading his/her idea but with my own understanding of human biology. So go give his/her story a read first before mine. I would like to point out though that his/her and my cause of the paralysis will be for different reasons. Also no attempted suicide or self-harm, but there will be thoughts of suicide.
And on a quick note, I don't own MLP or MLP EG or any of the characters as none will be made up by me. So don't sue.

Cover art by Scampy. Go give them a look and read their stories. They are all really good and filled to the brim with emotions. Thank you Scampy for the awesome cover art!:twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

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Wow that was a great beginning! I can’t wait to see what happens next. Poor Sunset, I hope she pulls through all this.

You'll have to wait and see. Though I wonder if you'll be surprised with her guardian? Anyways I'll try to start writing the next chapter sometime next week. It should be out in about a week or two. Though no promise my work is getting into the fast season.:derpytongue2:

Wow. this si so sad, but wonderfully written. I love this story.

Wonder how Princess Celestia will react? Got dammit Princess you think you learn after Luna, but no, I'm guess she changed her teachings after losing Sunset.

Thanks for the support. I was going to write about Celestia''s reaction to the news next chapter so something to look forward to. We'll have to see if she can make up for the pain that Sunset is feeling and going to feel. I'll try to start the next chapter soon so you all can enjoy it. It's nice to see the support of so many people. Til next time.

Well Principal Celestia can be Sunset's mother, honestly expected ehr to scream Mommy to Celestia before she passed out.

This looks very interesting

this is an awesome story so far . Can’t wait for the next chapter

How soona update? I excitedly await!

also love how you did the characters Chrysalis is great in this one.

I'm hoping to have it mostly if not finished latter tonight. Also thanks for the support. I'm always worried to write characters like luna and celestia, with them being 1000+ years in age. It's kind of intimidating.

I dislike you so much Princess Celestia....it took two mistakes different yet the same to make you realize what you did wrong and now it costed Sunset even more.

Nice chapter. Don't think I ever seen Luna wanting to adopt Sunset but having Celestia also want that is cool too. I especially like the explanation that using only one Element without the others to dampen the effects affected Sunset that way, but it makes sense because, y'know, Harmony.

Glad to see you liked it. I believe that Celestia has a small self-centeredness problem...While she has that in the show I am to correct that with this story. Unfortunately, some lessons can only be taught when it becomes to late to do anything about them. :ajsleepy:
P.S. I know that's a sleepy AJ it just looks more like a sad AJ

Makes sense that the growth of a tail might cause problems for the spine it would be no doubt connected to.

Celestia is a staggeringly tragic character in a lot of ways. Even from a cursory glance it’s easy to see she is oddly toxic to others without actually aiming to be.



That's what I planned for, though the growth and detachment of both wings and the tail, along with the force Sunset was slammed into the ground were the combining factors that led to the injuries. I believe that with Sunset original being a pony she'd be physically stronger than normal humans. Which is why those three actions resulted in the injuries.

Also that is what I planned for Celestia, it wasn't hers or Sunsets fault. It was a misunderstanding born from fear of a past experience that still haunted and hurt her til that day Luna was released from her prison.

Glad that came out alright. I was hoping I didn't cause too many people to become confused when I was explaining the elements powers. Yeah it thought to change it up little with the adoption options. I was torn three ways between Luna/Celestia, Cadence, and Chrysalis.

just gonna point out that the plural of hoof is hooves, not hoofs. :)

In love، please keep it up

I need more. I have no eloquent way to say it just ... write more, please... thanks. This is so good I lack patients.


This is good. There’s a lot of grammar mistakes but it’s cool

If you'd like to let me know of some over pm I'd gladly try to fix them.

It She lost her patience with Sunset that night with Sunset, which resulted in losing a part of herself.

What? That last part is hard to read.

Only after Sunset ran to the mirror world, did Celestia realised that it was those thoughts that caused her to lose both Sunset and her patience. "Again hard to read i get what is being said but the grammar is terrible and confusing at times.

you need to work on the grammar, again i get what being said but it very hard at times to get, and well makes little sense or throws it off.

Last does Celestia really realize how she screwed up? What Sunset really wanted from her or she just guessing?
Seems she knows what she did wrong too easily.

Sorry for the confusion. Most of my writing is done at night after work so my grammar isn't alway up to my standards. That and I read fast so my brain will automatically fix the grammar when I reread it. I'll work on reading it more throughly.
Also the reason why Celestia gets it so easily is because she had years to think about it and the situation is much like what happened with her and Luna. That's why I believe in the movie Celestia asks about Sunset first. Those are just my reasoning though.

This seems like a very deep, very dramatic story.

You've earned a fav.

She is a lot more lively than I would have thought likely given the injury. Also how big is Rarity’s purse that it can hold a full sized leather jacket?

Knowing Rarity, big. :rainbowlaugh:

7/10 not enough water. if you get that congratulations

okay she forgot that she asked twilight to go home that kind of understandable for she everything that happened at the fall formal may have felt like a dream to her while in the coma and would explain why she freaked out. we don't know if she will be completely paralyzed from the neck down or if the numbness from her neck to her waist is temporary or she will eventually lose all ability to move but considering she is still able to move her hands i have hope for her. principles celestia and luna are getting to take care of sunset with luna being the one that will adopt her since she has been in a similar spot of self loathing.

I have to say i cant wait for the next chapter and see what happens.

it could be small with hammer space inside

She's lively mostly because of the pain medication that's flowing through her. She's doesn't realize that she's that hurt because she can't feel most of her body's injuries from the morphine they have on a drip system.

Wow... I can't believe my rarely updated story actually inspired someone.

I'm glad I left an impression on someone, I look forward to reading this!

Thanks a lot!

Of course, yours was a story I've never read before. I've read stories about being blind and deaf, but I never read a story about the character becoming paralyzed before. I'm so glad you like it, I've seen a few authors get mad because another author took an idea from their novels. The next chapter should up sometime after the forth.

Yeah, this story was very engaging. I really hope you continue to have fun writing this.

Authors get mad over people using their concepts? That's petty, but not unexpected - considering this is the internet.

So wait, did Sunset lose her memories AND her physical independence?

Has she lost her memories of being a human being?

No she's just woke from a traumatic experience. So she's a little disoriented at the moment. Being on pain medication doesn't help into this matter either. Plus, she mention's twilight in her disoriented rant so she still remembers just confused by what's going on. That's all. Sorry for the confusion. I didn't mean to cause any.

Lol that sums the Internet up. I saw a vid were a person wanted a YouTuber to pay them because they were in the background or something stupid like that.

I'm really intrigued to see where this twist of Luna adopting Sunset goes, I also hope Sunset gets closure with Princess Celestia, all in all I'm very excited for more:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the support. Hope, I don't disappoint.

six or seven pints of blood would be fatal well past the your dead point try 3

other than that good story so far

really enjoying this story so far kudos keep up the good work cant wait for more

Is this going to be a shipping? Anyways, nice chapter Moonrise. Excited to see how Sunset's going to go through this challenge.

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