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"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" has been canceled. Sunset Shimmer has worries about what this means for her show, what it means when a fictional character's story ends, and why Princess Twilight seems to be taking this so calmly.

Maybe a heart-to-heart in the Green Room can help.

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Powerful and wonderfully written. In the words of John Denver, "I know I'll hate to see it end".

I could say I wasn’t crying, but that would be lying.

(sniff) Yeah. Really beautiful stuff. :-D _ _ _ Glad to see Twi taking this so maturely AND making valid points. Though I really enjoyed Sunset's perspective too. And, yeah, there WILL, indeed, still be a lot of fans that will keep the memory alive even WELL into Generation 5. After all, the classic Disney characters and Looney Tunes have all still been thriving even more than a decade since the last theatrical short.

So what do you think the fate of the fandom will be if Season 9 is to be the end? Will they also start focusing on G4.5 or something?

"We will sing you, Doctor. The Universe will sing you in your sleep.
This song is ending, bit the story never ends."
The Odd to the 10th Doctor before he regenerates.

Well. That was a precisely aimed shot to the heart. Excellent message in the twilight of the series. But not the fandom. It's an important distinction.

Set #7 · 1 week ago · · ·

Ah damnit, you made me tear up. I feel like FIM ending would be a symbol of my childhood ending, since by the time it does, I'll have to face the responsibilities of being an adult. :pinkiesad2:

Great fic, loved to see what might the characters in a fictional show react to being forgotten .:twilightsmile:

Tactical feels right here. Damn good stuff.

I’m not crying you are. :applecry:
I really hope sunset does gets her. Big finish and I really hope Hasbro doesn’t leave eqg hanging.

Original, Heartwarming, and touches on future concerns. We must say this story is truly a pearl in the sea of newer stories.

ugh noooo :( this was such a good story but it just made me sad...
I love MLP and EG so much! I really hope Sunset Shimmer get's her big ending as well like Twilight is.


This really hits you in the heart. And the words they can use can also be applied to our lives as well: what we do with our limited time, whether or not we make a difference, whether or not we will be remembered after we are gone.

This deserves to be among the best stories on the site.

Kinda weird that they know they are fictional bit the message is still great

And here I was just wanting to do something like this for Twilight and FiM itself. God...
Thank you for this. This gets a permanent home in my Dearly Beloved bookshelf—a bookshelf reserved only for the stories that I feel are the best of the best out of the ones I’ve read, and truly touch my heart is some way—and an instant Favorite and Like, and you’ve just earned yourself a follower.
I know I, for one, will never let FiM die. Even if one day this site goes down, I’ll still be watching and rewatching the episodes. I’ll get the full series on DVD or digital and watch them every time I get sad or angry, simply to laugh and sing along with my favorite littl ponies.
I’ve been a Brony just under two years, and that’s it, but I’ve fallen for these sweet little ponies, man. I can’t not love them, even their EqG variants. They’re so emotional, so believable in their world and so damn inspiring. Even if Gen 5 turns out to be good, I’m not going to stop loving a certain six little ponies and their dragon friend as their original selves. Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, and even Spike, have all touched my heart in ways I can’t describe in only a few words. Even the other characters, from the Princesses and Discord, to the villainous foes and the background ponies who’ve supported them all are now precious to me.
My heart aches and runs hollow at the core whenever I see the Teasers on YouTube for Season 9, and I know I can’t deny it: once a Brony, always a Brony. I love these ponies, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this wonderful little piece. Because you’re right.
To quote Disney (specifically, The Fox and the Hound), “Goodbye may seem forever—farewell is like the end—but in my heart is the memory, and there you’ll always be. They will live on inside of us. We will never let them die.

Do not ever doubt your ability as an author, because you made a guy who doesn’t ever cry from reading almost break down into tears with this short but beautiful piece.

Damn, I'll never forget my favourite redhead, not for the world. This part of my life was so embarassing, when others found out, that there is no other way than to fully commit to it!

They wil always alive in our hearts and fan works.

Still waiting for continuation of "A is for...".

Wow... This was really moving. I'm glad that I read it.

:fluttershysad: ...... :fluttercry: ...... :raritycry: ...... :raritydespair:

Why all the sads lately?!

Sometimes all good things come to an end... but the memories of those good things live on inside our hearts. 💕

Oh, sure, just shatter my heart into teeny-tiny pieces, why don't you?

I wasn't using it.

On another note, excellent story.
Very well done.

Twi is right, though.
The good characters, the good shows and books?
They never die, but live on in our hearts, our minds, and in our own stories and art.

Look at Frodo and Bilbo Baggins and all the inhabitants of Middle Earth.
Look at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and everyone and everything in their world.
Look at Cutter, Skywise, Leetah, the Wolfriders, Rayek, Winnowill and all the inhabitants of the World of Two Moons (later known as "Abode").
Cutter may have completed his Quest and gone to run with his parents, and all the Chiefs and Wolfriders who have gone before him, but, even with the Great Howl we, the fans, and his tribe have honored him with, is he; are they; truly gone?
Are any of them?
They will continue to hunt, to howl and to live free as long as we, their fans, love and remember them.

And the same goes for our ponies and Rainbooms.

We love you, Sunset; Twilight.
And we will be with you, and you with us, for always.

And remember this, all of you: the ancient Egyptians believed that as long as a person's name was remembered and spoken, they would live forever.

So will our ponies and Equestria Girls.

No need to worry Sunny... Yes, all previous iterations of MLP have been largely forgotten, but this one? Right here? It was something more than they ever were. This generation passed a threshold in popularity, one that ensures the characters and stories are never going to fade. Heck, it has an entire website dedicated solely to fanfics of this one generation! Most shows that are imbedded in the cultural identity to this day don't manage that!

Damn it that speech alone was beautiful and I havent even read the fic! *Tries to hold it in but starts gushing tears like a One Piece character* MLP FIM FOR LIFE!!!

"I don't want to die, Twilight. I don't want the girls to die. I don't want YOU to die."

This sentence broke my heart in million pieces and bring tears to my eyes. You wrote a wonderful fic, and I think if they knows they are fictional characters (maybe the pinkies knows) they would react like this.

Twlight is a lot racional while Sunset is a more emotive girls and will be more afraid to loose her friends than to her own death, and I could be completly wrong, but I think if she had to cease to exist to save her friends, she will do this without a second thought, like she did on forgotten friendship.

I won't lie, I became a brony because of Sunset and while I breath, she will be live in my hearth.

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