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This story is a sequel to I, Raven

It started as such a nice day. The sun was up and shining, things were going smoothly and peacefully, then a Saddle Arabian entourage arrived and everything went down hill from there. The most notorious witch in the history of Equestria suddenly and unexpectedly returns, The Red Clover. Soon after, she is pursued by an equally as famous and long thought dead pony, Clover the Clever, triggering a series of events that cannot be undone. Equestria becomes threatened from every direction and all Princesses Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer wanted to do was relax and prepare for their wedding day. Even the gods of old seem to have turned against them as the entire world is put in the crosshairs of annihilation.

A two part story and the exciting conclusion to the Incarnate series.

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Ooh, I love the start of this. Quite an interesting telling of Clover the Clever's disappearance as mentioned in Forgotten Friendship,

I can't wait to see how this ties to Wallflower. Is she a descendant of Clover the Clever and Datura? Could she have been a reincarnation of Clover or Datura? Or was it happenstance that she figured out how to use the Memory Stone?

Interesting... Who did she make a deal with? And what was the price? :trixieshiftright:

And what happens when they show up again?

Yeah, but hopefully it will be worth it.

Yeah, they threw it out there with no further explanation so I'm making my own.

Happenstance really. We see Wallflower find the stone while digging. If anything we should all be impressed by Wallflower's ability to translate the old text.

Great questions and they will be answered in a few chapters.

It will definitely be worth the price of admission.

Very interesting first chapter. Definitely caught my attention. :moustache:

Sunset can't get enough of her indirectly interfering with her life, can she? First the Memory Stone, then the island, now what's next.
If Datura was angered by the Royal Sisters being "false gods", she's not gonna be happy to learn the alicorns have almost tripled.

When you say it’s the 2-part conclusion to the incarnate series, does that mean it’s 2 chapters, 2 stories, or 1 story split into 2 multi-chapter sections?

I had originally planned to make The Red Clover its own story, but felt that the follow up was too short, so I am going to combine The Red Clover with (Intentionally left blank) so they will make one story with a break in the middle. I hope that clarifies.

Α&Ω, beginning and end. I'm excited. Right now, the Incarnate Series is my favorite series in all of fanfiction. Normally I wait for completion to read things, but for this, all I wait for is the chapter to be released. Excellent opening, and I look forward to this thrilling conclusion of the Incarnate Series.

Your favorite? Wow! I'll try not to disappoint. Thank you.

Raven is very amusing. I hope we get to see some of her interactions with Harmony. :rainbowlaugh:

So we have past sins waiting to come loose, diplomatic troubles on the way and a Royal Wedding! Should be exciting.

“I do not fail to understand,” came the sharp retort in a posh, high Canterlot society accent. “I am not capable of failing to understand what has been laid out in clear black and white writing. I am thoroughly informed and well aware of the procedures in which to voice your concerns, needs, grievances, or whatnot to EITHER princess when court is not in session. Also, you will refer to me as Chief Coordinator Raven if you wish for me to take even a smidge of your meat bag blubbering seriously and worthy of mine and Her Majesty’s time. We have titles and they will be respected otherwise, please see yourself out, the exits are there, there, and there.”

Raven, ixnay on the meatbag talk. It is kinda funny though, given no one outside of the palace knows Raven's true nature, so it could just come off as a condescending quirk.

Noticed a couple spelling errors (I think)

City of Canterlot: The Forth Celestial Age, present day

Is that supposed to be Fourth?

It was a silly argument, of course. Celestia went about for centuries with only the bare minimum of regalia and protection on and survived numerous assassination attempts during the early years of her reign… however, Sunset Shimmer DID tend to be a disaster magnet. The evidence in favor of Sable’s anxiety caused the assistant/bodyguard to peek through the window once more but only found a smiling princess and eager young students. She smoothed a nonexistent wrinkle in her black with gold pinstriped dress suit jacket, double checked her lace choker with a crescent moon charm that Luna had given her was strait, and with a causal toss of her pixie cut red mane, returned her posture to parade ground perfect as was expected for any thestral guard. Even one not currently in armor. The bat pony’s fluffy ears twitched and turned as she heard hooves approaching and voices just becoming understandable. She recognized them both and she allowed herself a small smile before returning her face to soldier stoic.


I don't think I'll mind the jumping around, considering we get the story slowly, and not all at once. That way we won't have to wait that long for the other side of the story, assuming each side will be a few to several chapters before switching.

So much going on at once!

Drat! Thanks for catching the errors. It will only jump around for a bit as the storylines converge.

Keep in mind I also know some of the places Sunset’s mouth has been in the past and I cannot imagine a mouthwash in existence that could take care of all of that. I had pictures, but she deleted them.

Yeeeeaaaa… that sounds like this Sunset.

Also, that train isn't ominous at all. Nope. No sirre.

I feel like something is going to be on fire in the close future.

I feel like Sunset should channel a quote from an old earth movie:

How 'bout no! You crazy Saddle Arabian bastard.

Also, Saddle Arabia threatening war with Equestria over this seems... surreal and stupid. The country ruled by the living gods that control the sun and the moon. You are going to declare a war of aggression on THEM? :facehoof:

I mean, I don't see it ending well. But the loss of life would be... undesired.

Good chapter overall! Raven is such a fun character.

Yeah, I figured the moment I heard one of the princes was courting Flurry Heart (and failed) that negotiations for marriage would be the reason the Saddle Arabians are here. They need to update their info because, sorry, this princess is taken!
What, do they think Twilight and Sunset are gonna break off their engagement because of a threat of war? Between Equestria and the Crystal Empire, there are five alicorns, two of which are magical powerhouses, and two others are seasoned warriors (Cadance kinda got the short end of the stick there).
If this goes down, it'll be like a mix of Disney's Aladdin and the World Wars.

I think it's more about intimidating them rather than an outright war threat. They knew that Twilight is a strong proponent of friendship and peace. So what I believe is that they are hoping that Twilight would comply to keep the peace between both nations. Little did they know, Sunset is the pragmatic one and not as idealistic as Twilight.

…. Does a Saddle Arabian’s height come at the cost of their intelligence?
Not only is their information years out of date and off the mark they’re basically trying to force a marriage to a war goddess… who likes fire
I honestly can’t see them coming out of this with a lot of their dignity intact

Another thing Celestia forgot to mention huh

"Not in here! We just had the carpet redone!"

They are playing a game, as is all politics I must grudgingly admit. The questions are do the Saddle Arabians have the cards or are they bluffing? What are they willing to risk for their pride?

They have all the information, it's more a matter of cultural interpretation. Places that favor political marriage over emotional ones would see the partnership as a negotiation. Who can offer the better deal for all. It's twisted if you read about arranged marriages.

Pragmatic and short tempered.

Ohhhh, sooo meeean. LOL. Keep in mind they have intel, but they don't really KNOW Sunset. So... yeah. You'll see.

In this case she probably did not think much of it. Flurry caused political incidents monthly and was a huge brat. Of course was not entirely her fault but some was still her.

Very true, but unless they have some really strong aces up their sleeves, it seems like a very aggressive bluff. But, time will tell.

My only thought for them would be they should sharpen their sword before they fall on it. :trollestia:

In any case, I can see more vulgarity coming along with any refusals (and fire)

Blackmailing Sunset? I can understand their PoV a little, but to come right out with "marry my kid or else"?

Either they think they have one hell of a hand, or they are bluffing so hard...

Odd they would try something like an arranged marriage when one of the Alicorns is LOVE.

Either way, this is a horrible idea and they have obviously done no research on Sunset, at all, to think she would go for this.

Though, couldn't Luna get two new boy toys out of this? That should work, right?

Wow, the stones on those horses. I can't see this ending particularly well.

Counter arguments will obviously need to be made. And no, it is safe to say they did not do their homework.

Prooooobably not.

So she has been dimension/planet hopping for centuries? She will be very experienced and powerful at this point. And she has her sights set on killing Sunset and taking Twilight's soul. Whelp, bitch has got to die. :trollestia:

Fog's father is... Different. Good to see Tempest didn't take any crap from him.

Overall, very good chapter in my opinion.

Oh boy... time to bring out the flaming sword again...

Well, looks like dear Sunny Buns is about to have several very large headaches to deal with. Good thing she's not prone to rashness, hotheadedness, or making things difficult. Pfft, sorry, couldn't keep the lake from rippling. I'm expecting this to be a glorious disaster.

Hopefully he catches wind of what Red Clover's up to before things go completely pearshaped.

Yeah, Datura has been around. We'll see a bit more on that in the future. And to be fair, it's Void that wants Sunny dead, Datura is just agreeing to go along with it.

Flaaaaame. Makes you wonder why she puts it away.

She is the poster child for poised and in control. Just ignore the train wreck.

I know right? I mean, she and Twilight are main characters, something's always gonna happen to them.

i love tempest, just pushing past foggies dad, also if Sunset manages to survive, and Twilight doesn't......that will absolutely destroy Sunset

Datura needs to die. I really hope she dies before the end. Not sure that even Equestria could redeem someone this unfettered and callous in regards to life.

Well shoot...

Honestly, Luna offering herself up doesn't surprise me as I was thinking "Well, there is one more free alicorn around, unless she would be considered too old despite having extended youth". Plus, given how um... ravenous Luna can be, those boys wouldn't be able to keep up.

Seriously, if the Saddle Arabians want an alicorn, maybe one of them should earn it themselves, like Cadance, Twilight, and Sunset had (even if the last one was done under dire circumstances).

Okay, first off, Raven is definitly Sunset's kid.

Second, I can only imagine what would happen to those two stalions if Luna decided not to hold back on them. She'd probably squeeze them dry until it started coming out red.

Third, Red Clover is a walking nightmare. I love me a good villain.

Well that just happened. Goodness, she is just a delight isn't she.

On a lighter note, this prince really didn't strike me as the sharpest knife. I mean he just asked why Spike why let Discord get away with something.

Harsh... but yeah. Hard to feel bad for a character who completely lacks an ounce of goodness. Makes you wonder what kind of life she had when she was young, huh? *glances at next chapter*

Luna has much experience and would be a harsh mistress. There have been many attempts over the centuries to try and replicate the creation of an alicorn. Most of them ending badly.

Raven has been my biggest delight and surprise while writing this series. In early drafts of Gods and Monsters I had her memory get fried during the transit and one where Sunset just snapped her phone in half before jumping through the mirror, but the more I wrote her the more I came to love her. One of those fun little things that happens in the creative process.

He's a prince. The thought of some creature taking one of his statues and replacing it with one of their own is an insulting slap to the face.

Okay, I felt slightly bad for young Datura... But then she turned into a monster. Slowly but surely. She chose to walk that path. As you said, she had so many options to turn away.

Reap what you sow. No tears will be shed for her. The part of her that deserved them died long ago.

Ah, that explains who Samael is, whom we've met before. So if Void is ensuring that Datura's presence on Equis isn't revealed, maybe Samael seeks to take her soul. Perhaps she's about to make (or made, depending on perspective) some sort of deal?

So that confirms that Celestia and Luna were born unicorns and ascended, so Flurry Heart really is the only born alicorn in this universe (and it seems Cadance is the only pegasus to ascend)

Just occurred to me that Datura's thing is mind control, she's gonna get to Raven and be about as successful as Loki trying to control Tony Stark in the first Avengers movie, since there's no organic mind to control, never mind anything organic period, unless she can detect the illusion charm on Raven.

Ever since Malificent, there's been an effort to "make villains just misunderstood." Slag that. Let villains and monsters be villains and monsters.

I think one of the most recent villains that I can think of that had a legitimate gripe would be Killmonger from Black Panther. Didn't change the fact that he still was a bad man and that's ultimately how I want people to feel about Datura.

Samael is noooot happy with her in one of those 'if I ever see you again I'll kill you' sort of ways. Yes, in this world on Flurry was born an alicorn and that was from outside manipulation. Datura is capable of mind control but like Sunset and Twilight her specialty is Magic in general. She is not a one trick pony and it is dangerous to underestimate her.

Some people are misunderstood or are victims of circumstances, but some people are Monster. Monsters are real and they have a part to play in storytelling. I agree let villains be villains.

I pretty much skipped this chapter. Backstory (especially about characters I don’t really care about) just isn’t very interesting to me.

*Shrugs* your choice. Thanks for following though.

Twilight is gonna flip out upon getting to meet Clover

And so, Light arives to hold back Darkness. Let's hope he's going to be enough to tip the scales.

Twilight's gonna go Twilinanas when she finds out about this.

She'll be like:
"Oh, Clover the Clever! It's you! It's really you! I met your mentor Starswirl and I'm your biggest fan! I even played as you in a Hearthswarming play! I have sooo many questions!"

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