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This story is a sequel to Incarnate

It has been 100 years since Princess Twilight had recreated the Lunar Lock mirror to Earth following its destruction. While Twilight had seen to the affairs of Equestria with the occasional assistance from Celestia and Luna, Sunset Shimmer had been living and raising a family on Earth only visiting every 30 moons and avoiding the ever growing quagmire of Canterlot politics. It is a blissful existence for Sunset, but sadly, nothing lasts forever.

One night Sunset receives a dream visitor who she did not expect and a warning of the approaching doom of Equestria by ancient creatures. Sunset must choose between either remaining in her self imposed exile or returning to the world she abandoned including facing her family and friends in order to help save them.

Some might think it an easy decision.

It is not.

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I still need to finish the prequel/original, but I just wanna say congrats on the sequel!

Loved Incarnate and really looking forward to seeing where this gose

Was not expecting a sequel but so happy when this popped up. I loved Incarnate and look forward to more here.

Here it is. Quicker than I expected. And with more fluffy prelude too, which I fully appreciate. Good pandering. Some rough edges, a bit on the nose at times, but nothing to take note of. You even took care of my previously mentioned concerns — for now, that is. No strong opinions on the introduced mythology as of yet, and the plot still has to happen. Probably not going to comment much going further, but you got my attention and expectations.

(Poor Rarity)

*grins and quietly tracks story*

Looking forward to seeing where this goes, friend!

Wasn’t expecting a sequel but I’m definitely excited to read it.

The original timeline wasn't working for me and this is only part one of the prelude before we get to the meat of the matter. My previous concerns are still relevant, but on with the show.

And we have a sequel. This should be fun.

The little college prologue was neat, especially since Sunset got to play "bodyguard girlfriend" for Twiggles.

This is looking great so far. Hope to see more soon. Loved the last story and I can already tell Ill love this one too.

Huh, I had thought SciTwi was going to kick the bucket, not them going through a separation like this.

Lets see how Sunset handles getting that crown she has been avoiding for the last 100+ years, and having a very different Twilight around.

“Imagine it, an artificial mind that we could have a conversation with that thinks on its own and not just in response to what we are saying or doing. This is the next great horizon in science! These new processors could help aid the world and develop tech that could be used to integrate across the bio-tech wetware system. A system that could make new limbs as functional as the original without costly or dangerous vat cloning tech that still hasn’t been proven effective. Or even propel humanity beyond the inner solar system. Expeditions to Jupiter and its moons!”

To get an actual Hyperintelligent and Self aware AI this late, Circa around like 2100 would be pretty sad technological progress ngl.

That's the unfortunate price of immortality. Losing those you love while being trapped in time.

Also, my "bad idea" sense started tingling when Twiggles mentioned AI. See, this is how you get skynet or a grey-goo scenario.

Still, hopefully things go well and they can see each-other again in 30 moons.

I want to imagine that as AI improve and become faster thinking governments will do what governments do, get in the way to regulate. Though considering how many apocalypse stories involve machine domination, going at it slow is proooobably a good thing.

Their children were cute. I’m sad they’re gonna be separated for 30 moons.

I know the time jumps are a bit off-putting but necessary to move to the story I want to tell, however it does allow me to also someday revisit those times and tell short stories like Sunny and Twi dealing with raising teenagers.

i am so looking forward to seeing where you take this. i think the only questions i have are what became of their original friends, did they have children of their own. how did they all die? same with their crystal prep friends

Wait, this is in the princess twi section of Sunlight, NO SCI TWI NOOOOOOOO

If you look at the dates you can see the time jumps. All their friends lived long, happy lives, but time got them like it gets all of us.

Dear god I need more of this I just read incarnate and I need more


Oh god I hope this doesn't lead to a divorce. Sunny's going to be spending a while with the other Twilight.

Hmm. Sunny's already missing her Twiggles. Hopefully the next couple years aren't too painful.

And she doesn't go back to the other side to find Skynet has come online and unleashed the terminators on humanity. She is working on an A.I. after all.

Heh. Well, Twi is working remotely because she can't contact her old teams and company because technically she's supposed to be dead. So she supports, runs test code, leaves emails, and of course independent analysis. They will take it slow. They want A.I. that is willing to help, not Skynet.

This is pretty epic so far. Love what youre doing with the story so far :)

Heh, I've often thought that while Sunset would move the Sun, if she did go home and gain a set of wings, she would be doing just as her name states.

Setting the sun, and then playing Luna. And then raise it before going to sleep. While Twi would be doing the opposite with the moon.

Hmm, so dear Sunny takes after auntie Lulu? That's a fun little twist.

Glad to see Sunset and Sci-Twi are staying in touch. It'll make the reunion that much sweeter.

Sunset taking after Luna interesting
The book chat was sweet looking forward to the reunion

Not that he would. Spike was still a sweetheart even after all these years, but only to those that truly knew him. As the friendship liaison between Queen Ember and Equestria, sometimes it was necessary to remind both sides that he was still a dragon and needed to butt heads to prove it. It was mostly political chest thumping, but a necessary one to dragons. Especially after Flurry Heart had accidentally sparked a political incident with the Dragon Lands not long after being granted the title as the new Princess of Friendship.

Pardon, flurry heart is the new princess of friendship? Thats a tad offputting but otherwise great job so far.

“I know. And I am eternally happy for them and at the same time… envious of what they have. My last relationship… well no reason to get into that now. I have a presentation to prepare.”

Wonder who it was with.

Oh, she would agree with you and you'll see why.

It seems like in whatever world she goes to, SciTwi's existence would be problematic. she would need a new identity in either since immortality isn't normal in one world and there's already a Twilight in the other (despite being a tall alicorn who is the current monarch). At least Sunny is unique on account of her origins and an immortal alicorn to boot, so she would be fine in Equestria.

Great, now you got me thinking SciTwi might make a fill-in Sunset out of longing, while Sunset is away in Equestria...

Long distance relationship are haaaaard. I suffered through one for most of college. Robot Sunset? Hmmmmm....

Ooh, I like that Luna and Sunset connection. I mean there are parallels between Sunset and Starlight, but there are parallels between Sunset and Luna that the two could identify with one another (Celestia being part of the reason them going down the dark path, with Celestia wanting them back, and being reformed by Twilight), so to have Luna sort of mentor Sunset (at least with dreamwalking) could prove interesting!

You have to break my heart like this dont you? Anyway, I love this so much so far and you've done a great job so far. Nice job chief.

Oof. Emotions.

and a double whammy to boot, with her mother and her wife both being in somewhat dire straits. Seems a tad suspicious to meeeee....

Also...ooooo....voices in color.

Why?! Why?! Do you torment us?!



I assure you all this: Everything happens for a reason and not just to be cruel. Thank you for sticking with me because I love these characters too and hate hurting them, but I'm telling the story as it came to me.

Ooof. My heart. Both Celestia and Twiggles in one day. I can't blame Sunny for going firestorm near the end.

And then there's that not ominous at all bit at the end.

Sunset is already used to losing people she cares about, however now though it comes in the form of two people she never thought she would ever lose. No wonder she is so utterly heartbroken.:applecry:

Also I guess we are going to see why this story is called ‘Gods and Monsters’.

The moment I read Celestia's mane going grey in the last chapter, I was afraid of this. After hearing her collapse and confirmed she was dying... ouch, my heart. Add SciTwi dying, and oof, my heart broke.

Ooh, new plot thread at the end, interesting....

Oof, I want to cry. It heartens me to know this is only the beginning though.

Well, she just has to hold it together for 2.5 years.

Be strong Sunset, be strong.

Man, all Sunny has had this sequel was heartache and loss. Sunny may be out of tears to give, but I'm not.

And I'm not cutting onions either...

Poor Sunny. At least she got to be with her Twilight at the end. And Twilight deserved to have Sunset there with her until the end.

I can only imagine what the next few years are going to to to Sunset while she waits for the mirror to open again.

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