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cover art · 6:03pm September 5th

Just thought I would share a sneak peek at the cover art for Gods and Monsters for those that follow along. Like the cover for Incarnate and my user icon I made this.



It has begun · 3:52am September 3rd

Well, for better or worse I have begun working on the sequel for Incarnate. I have *most of it outlined. This one is going to start with a few short preludes to roll its way into the body of the story. Honestly, I think that's where I'm going to lose most people who jump into the story, but it's necessary for good foundation of where I'm going.

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Turning Gears, looking for feedback/interest · 12:46am August 18th

So I have been jotting some notes down and working on the outline of what I am currently calling " Gods and Monsters." That could change. Incarnate was originally called Dichotomy but I didn't feel it fit the story as well.

Anyhow, here's the pitch I have so far.

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Got that out of my system · 6:01pm August 2nd

Incarnate is now finished. I hope everyone who read or begins to read it will enjoy this labor or love. I don't know if I will do more. I have the kicking around of a sequel that takes place far into the future but not solid plot.

I also have a clomp smut idea of how Sunny and Twi go about having their first child, but I'm not sure I have the street cred writing ability to do that how it appears in my head. Still, could be fun...

Drop a line if you have questions.

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First time for everything · 4:42pm May 24th

Okay, so just going to put this here for those that are following along. As of right now 7 chapters are written and 4 are edited. So that gives me a small buffer window when I release chapter 4 probably Wednesday or Thursday. I hope to have a few surprises that will interest readers and maybe bring a few new ones. That all said, while this is not my first story it is my first one here so I hope people enjoy what I bring to the table.

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