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Wishes die and dreams may fall, but writing stands to heal us all; I am a Dreamer who will rise, for writing's pleasure is my prize.

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    The Spark Returns

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    Hey, Flutter-Spark here with a big update! That’s right, my friends; I’m not dead!

    I’m sincerely and deeply sorry to readers for having been gone for so long. Life can be more chaotic than even Discord would like–

    “I wouldn’t bet on that!”

    Oh, shut it, ya darn Draconequis! You’ll get your time!

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Answer’s been posted to my blog, but I’m going through some revision work right now and will soon be updating old chapters, then posting new ones. So very soon! Keep your eyes open!

Thanks for the follow!

When will U do the next chapter of "Ponytale?"

Comment posted by PanHead 537 deleted Nov 18th, 2019
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