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Wishes die and dreams may fall, but writing stands to heal us all; I am a Dreamer who will rise, for writing's pleasure is my prize.

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    Pondering upon Ponies (& News of New Happenings)

    So. A thought struck me today when I finally–as the "man-stuck-in-a-barrel" I tend to be–saw that the Gen 5 leaks people occasionally talk about on YouTube seem to indicate that, while the Main 6 cast will be returning, they will be either in many ways altered or changed completely, and that among these are signs that Twilight Sparkle may be getting changed from having been a Unicorn to being an Earth Pony. Now, these are all, of course, simple speculations at this points, as word is that Gen 5

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When will U do the next chapter of "Ponytale?"

Comment posted by PanHead 537 deleted November 18th

You're quite welcome. It was a pleasure to read, and I'd honestly love to see you build on it. :)

Thanks for that, and for further faves. More stuff is coming soon, I promise.

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