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Be it fate or destiny, two people managed to find each other. One, a man who is the last of his kind and the other, a girl whose true nature is different from those that surround her. Both believing that they are alone, finds each other giving each other the love and support both need.

It has been several weeks since the truth about Anon a miss has come to light, and a week since school started back up. Everything seems to have gone mostly back to normal other than a few things, yet something seems to be missing. Everyone is worried about Sunset Shimmer, the girl who was blamed for the whole thing prior to the holidays as she hasn't been seen since the real culprits came forward and accepted responsibility for their actions. She hasn't been seen since the night three young girls admitted that they were the cause of all the pain and turmoil the fiery haired girl suffered through during the holiday season.

A new year brings new changes though as not one, but two new teachers are starting along with a transfer student. Rumors claim the teachers are married and that the student is their daughter, but nobody is for certain as rumors fly back and forth until she appears. The school's newest literature teacher, a woman who can't be more than twenty five looking like an older version of Sunset Shimmer. Is she just their world's version of Sunset Shimmer, or is there something else going on? And why does the transfer student seem to hold a grudge against Sunset's friends despite never meeting?

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So, which regeneration of the Doctor are you using?

You have my interest, though, not gonna favorite just yet, just keep an eye on this. I hope future chapters are a bit longer though.

And tracking.

ok because I'm a big Doctor Who fan, you have my watch

also I'm so imagining it's a human version of Time Turner

can't wait for another chapter

7943118 I'd say either the tenth or eleventh, you can rule out the ninth and twelfth because it described him as being much to chipper. The ninth and twelfth would have been annoyed that a random person (even someone sick) just walk through the TARDIS doors.

7944909 Well actually it would be the eleventh or twelfth Doctor since the war Doctor is a legitimate regeneration.

7943118 7944909 7947988 Since clubbzz has a point, and I can't keep the numbers straight anyways, it is the David Tenant version of the doctor.

7943205 The future chapters will be longer for sure, this was just a setup for the story, the meat of the story will be hopefully at least 4,000 to 5,000 words a chapter, if not more. I can't always meet that goal, but I will try.

7943287 Thanks for the tracking.

7944434 I kind of see Time Turner as Doctor Whooves, so I'm not sure if I see more normal pony Time Turner or more Doctor Whooves when I think of him. Though this is the human version either way.

7944849 Hopefully another will be out sometime this weekend as well, hoping so don't hold me to it, another chapter of A Whole New World also. A Whole New World all depends if I can finish up the stuff I'm working on for it.

7948512 its okay take your time I can wait.:twilightsmile:

Hmm, very interesting premise. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

And I hope everything goes well for your brother.

7969556 Thanks for both, especially about my brother. After what happened last night to the people who live across from us I'm even more thankful that my brother is alive even if he isn't doing the best. I really hope that you enjoy how the story plays out.

This is getting interesting, I wonder how Princess Twilight, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna would react when finding out about the new teacher being Sunset Shimmer.
Now I suspect that the new Sunset Shimmer is the one who disappeared, but it does leave a question on how she grew up so quickly.

I want to say that's our Sunset roughly a decade older thanks to being a companion but it seems too obvious.

8093446 Well, she did spend a lot of time with the Doctor. Remember Amy and Rory? They aged while traveling with him, and I'd say that's the case with Sunset here.

8093660 While plausible, it's also possible that this Sunset is the human one, and Monnlight is actually Sunset in disguise. The Doctor could be doing this to help her with her issues from the Anon-a-Miss mess.

Well, first thing I'm glad about is Sunset's grown up and isn't flying off the handle at her old friends, showing she's matured and even better, actually giving advice and showing empathy like the Sunset I know would. This makes it so much better then most Anon-A-Miss fics, where the characters function as Author Mouthpieces.

8093676 I'm going with the possibility that the older Sunset is simply just that. We just don't have enough clues or proof to really say which is which yet. I mean, we don't even know if Sunset HAS a human counterpart, being we see characters in the Friendship Games that don't really have pony counterparts, like Cinch for instance.

Very well done; Sunset seems to be doing well and I'm looking forward to seeing how the girls interact with her and Moonie in the future.

8093686 Not disagreeing, just pointing out a possibility.


I mean, we don't even know if Sunset HAS a human counterpart, being we see characters in the Friendship Games that don't really have pony counterparts, like Cinch for instance.

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Just because we haven't seen pony Cinch doesn't mean she doesn't exist, same with Sunset.

That being said there are two possibilities.

After being nursed back to health Sunset traveled with the doctor and grew older eventually having a kid somehow.


The TARDIS allowed Sunset inside because her human counterpart was already traveling with the doctor and she's now disguised as their daughter.

I'm hoping theys tay long enough for the Friendship games at least, love for them to meet the human Twilight maybe invite her to join them on their addventures.

knowing the doctor, the fact he called his daughter off means that just under the surface is burning a inferno of rage against those girls that no being could look into and stay sane, when they screw up i look forward to the outburst, and they well screw up.

I'm going to need more popcorn!

I wonder what Cranky said to everyone

I think the grownup Sunset Shimmer is the Sunset Shimmer of that world and pony Sunset Shimmer is Moonlight dancer. I think you gave it away when Moonlight was having too much hostility to the girls even though they never met before. I think pinkie will find out because she will never stop until she gets Moonlight dancer to become her friend. When pinkie wants something she just as stubborn as Rainbow and Applejack.

And since sunset knows magic she could still be around but controlling that magic to hide her mark. All the princesses can, twilight could as a unicorn and Sunset may be just as powerful as unicorn twilight so she could easily faked her death just to get back. I have to say Moonlight better be careful If she doesn't want to get found out

a few things. the doctor wouldn't settle down at least from what I've seen.
second, the moment he found out about this whole incident hed be gun ho to fix it all XD

i cannot wait for this to continue.

Will this continue?

I like were this is heading.

1. I crimson this ship, The TimexShimmer!
2. This is looking to be a fascinating post Anon-a-miss story.

She doesn’t even need to hide her magic though. If she was in the tardis, then there is a good chance that she was at a different point in time, causing the the magic locator spell to be pointless.

You didn't deny my theory that Moonlight is the pony Sunset Shimmer but with dyed hair and skin. So I think the girls are looking at both Sunsets. Besides the doctor who wouldn't be gone that long if the timestream is in danger. He would fix it as fast as possible so logic points to Moonlight Dreamer being the pony Sunset Shimmer and the older Sunset Shimmer is the one that vanished before the portal opened. Did you know there was a Sunset Shimmer at canterlot before the portal opened up and was confirmed. They left hints to her. The first picture of the fall formal princess is not the same one.

this is incredible

Hope to see some updates eventually

Love the premise, I hope to someday read more!

Awww man. :rainbowkiss: I cant wait to see what else you got planned. This is such a good idea. Hope you keep writing. :pinkiesmile::heart:

As she looked on, she could see the love and care that everyone shared with each other. Even the unconditional love shown to the three girls whose bout of jealousy started everything. No anger or resentment seemed to be in the air as they laughed and giggled with their older sisters as they all enjoyed what looked like hot cocoa in front of the fire. Something Sunset herself would kill for at the moment as she held her leather jacket closed around her since the zipper had been broken since the night of the Fall Formal. Her legs felt as if they were slowly freezing solid as she shivered, trying to carry her to the door to knock and yet she just couldn’t do that.

Is this a critical comment on the comic's concluding pannel?

Hold fire there's no need to waste torps on this sort of shipping.

Both are good theories.

this is a doctor who crossover isn't it

I would love to see this continued, seems like a great story chief.

The author hasn’t been seen for 2 years

Comment posted by PrinceOfDarkness deleted Apr 19th, 2021

Perhaps she aged in the TARDIS, like Rory and Amy did.

Or Sunset could be Moonie in a disguised form that either she did alone and changed her name or got help from The Doctor.

Perhaps she's the new teacher who just aged older but repressed the memories of her friends.

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