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The Anon-A-Miss incident is beyond control and despite figuring out the blogger's true identity, no one believes her, her friends have abandoned her, and Sunset Shimmer finds herself alone and at the mercy of the world until a stranger comes to her aid.

Even though she has only known this person for less than a day, Sunset Shimmer finds relief in her kindness and a solution in a bold suggestion. She decides to head west to Los Pegasus with her new acquaintance, finding a different way of life among a group of interesting people. Now that she is in a new place where no one knows her past or treats her with contempt... will she ever want to go back to Canterlot City?

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Hey look, a friend make a TV Tropes entry for this. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/TellMeBaby

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So yeah, everyone and their grandma has done an Anon-A-Miss story, based on the Equestria Girls comic book that was, quite honestly, not a very good story. If you couldn't guess I'm inspired by being a So-Cal (Southern California) kid and the RHCP (Red Hot Chili Peppers). Because (to my knowledge) THEY HAVEN'T SHOWN LOS PEGASUS IN THE SHOW (it's clearly Los Angeles and the west coast, show us some love!) AND IT'S ABOUT TIME A VERSION OF IT WAS THOUGHT UP (well, what I think up, others probably have thought it up).

So enjoy Sunset Shimmer on the west coast baby!

Edit: officially calling this universe the Guitars, Sugar, OCs, and Magik universe.

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Pretty awesome and love the directionit going in.
Yeah figured the Human five will relaized how baddly they screwed up, also hope the CMC get it hard!

7470310 *tips hat* Thank ya' kindly. I've read my share of Anon-A-Miss stories, from the similarly titled story by the great Dainn to others that I can't think of at the moment but have written very well done stories and I wanted to try my hand at something I haven't seen (yet).

I can understand that the populace might be a fickle mistress with OCs but I hope the cast I am creating will be good and that you will enjoy future chapters! :raritywink:

Not a bad idea. Liking how Sunset will be leaving Canterlot to have some relaxation. Hope the girls find something fishy soon.

7470463 Thank you, I'm glad you're not disliking the idea. :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, I have my ideas on like, how the girls find out and when and all that. I just hope it'll all make for a good story. XD

7470474 I just hope you don't do the whole easy forgiving route. Like the others have to earn Sunset's forgiveness

7470490 We'll see. I haven't quite decided on how it should end yet so I guess we'll all see how it ends. XD

7470495 I understand and hope to see the next chapter soon

Great start to this story! This looks promising! To be honest, I never read the Anon-a-Miss comic (mainly because I'm very emotional and tend to get worked up sassily but I digress), however I must say that I've heard enough about it to say that this is a intriguing route to go! I look forward to how this'll turn out. Update soon!

7470709 Woo-hoo! Thank you, I'm glad you like this so far. :pinkiehappy:

7470713 Of course! Glad I could help in my own way!

i wondering when the CMC will fess or get caught and hwo everyoen going to react.
Will they be expelled, or suspended, and how would thier families react..
Last but not least how bad are you going to feel on driving her away as they did and the damage they done to their bonds with thier sisters.

7471138 It's all in the works but quite honestly the resolution isn't going to be speedy. One sticker for me in the comic books how they resolved it and it's like "... really? REALLY?"

So yeah, I hope the way I plan on handling it will be good. :derpytongue2:


No no i know it won't be solved easily, I want it to be tht way, there be conqunces, for everyone.
And there no way i can see things being fixed over night nor do i want it to be settled so easily.

Heck would Sunset ever want to come back, she could join a band over there joinher new friend in making one.
she can play a mean eletric guitar!

A most excellent chapter! Looks like Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash (along with Sweetie Belle apparently), know that Sunset's gone! Interesting! I wonder what'll happen next?

By the by, will you need any OCs for this story? I'd love to submit one of two to join Sunset and Jackie's crew! Think about it.

7471564 I've honestly been up thinking last night about the direction I'm taking this in and how it might extend beyond just one story.

Dammit, I've got all these ideas now. XD

7471639 Like I said, I've been thinking on how things will go from there and the next chapter, well... I'm not gonna give anything away, I just hope you'll tune in and dig the direction I'm taking this in.

I already have other OCs in mind to add buuuuuuuut, send me a message describing your character (in as much or as little detail as you like I know not everyone likes just putting their cards on the table ya' know?).

I am not saying that I will use the character or that if I do I will immediately use them, but I just can't outright say no, I'm a marshmallow like that. :raritywink:

7471851 Sounds good to me. I'll have it ready soon and when I do, I'll get back to you. Although quick question, should the name be similar to how MLP does it? Or can it be my own thing?

I smell foul play, but good chapter

7472147 Indeed, but I will say that in this case the simplest answer is the right one.

Well, if you're thinking in the way you're thinking of course. :derpytongue2:

7472157 i would say Scootaloo did it but i never assume anything.

7472161 Well all I have to say is....


O...M...G!!!! NOOOOO! The Anon-A-Miss account was deleted?! Blast it all! Now this opens up an even bigger can of worms for Sunset Shimmer and the Humane 6! What'll happen next?! Personally, I'd say this calls for another chapter and soon! The suspense and drama...it's so MUCH!!!!

I really hope Sunny will be ok. That and Scootaloo along with Sweetie Belle will get their comeuppance. Keep up the great work! I'm loving this! To even tell ya the truth, I almost cried at some parts! No lie!

7472186 Many thanks for the kind words, it makes me happy hearing people are enjoying the direction I'm taking this in. :pinkiehappy:

7472188 Of course! It's a fantastic story after all!

Damn it the account got deleted now there isn't any proof I am starting to hate Scootaloo now. :pinkiecrazy: but still great work my friend.

Jeeze! There no proof now even with apple Bloom, she can't prove Sunset Innocence now! Well tot he rest fot he school!
I really hope SCoota gets it!


Wait they could still get the data known fact even if you delete the old page or so, it can still be tretived, she just needs to call mystables and they coudl retrive it.
I don't care if Sunset ever returns to the school, if she leaves be great, but still be better if everyone knew she was innocent, this way everyoen can equally felt like a bunch of morons!

Well DumbBell is dumb he assulted a young student younger then he is, he'll be suspended if nto expeled if not face charges.
Plus every student who sent info to the be spread will be facing Celestia and Luna's wrath.

7476837 I haven't quite seen a portrayal of Equestria Girls Dumbbell that was smart... yet.

Plus I imagined shit was going to go ape when deep, dark secrets were going to be read out in public with a target that wasn't hidden behind a computer screen.

Excellent work. But man oh man! The punishment Scootaloo got when she read those secrets was harsh! Wow! The drama and suspense are really drawing me in! Update again soon!

7477254 Sweet, it's what I was going for with the drama and stuff.

But yeah, it was supposed to be harsh. Whenever I read Anon-A-Miss stories, people of course want to see the human CMC get their comeuppance, which I can agree with since they got off WAY light in the comic book but come on, you can't be too harsh on them, it's not their fault their character was crappily written in a crappy story line. And while I don't want them to immediately be forgiven (let's face it, the rest of their high school education experience isn't going to be great to say the least), they shouldn't be hated forever.

So I tried making the human CMC a bit more sympathetic while giving the readers a pound of flesh and I hope it worked. Along with the Anon-A-Miss account take down explanation.

7477420 True enough. Ya did good!

And of course it ends there, every damn time. :ajbemused:

7481532 Oh come on, where's your sense of suspense? :derpytongue2:

Besides, I'm writing the next chapter as we speak.

7481780 Then you should switch to a different brand of razor. :rainbowwild:

Yeah that was probably bad. :ajsleepy:

So how is Twilight going to get into this I mean I find it hard that they would be able to contact her without Sunsets journal? :applejackunsure:

7482021 Actually I do actually intend to address the matter with Princess Twilight next chapter.

Things are planned in the works to cover my bases. Hopefully. :derpytongue2:


7481882 Occum's razor is a problem solving tool that states the simple solution is often the correct one. Sorry if you already knew that, but I wasn't sure.

7481555 I'm excited for it I just get caught like that almost every time.

7482489 Nah I did, I was just trying to make a terrible joke.

And apparently it was so terrible it didn't even register as a joke. :rainbowlaugh:

7482493 Ey no worries man, I get it.

It's like every time I get caught up on a story that isn't finished and it ends at a really good part where you want to read more.

It's like Darth Vader. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" :pinkiesad2:

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