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This story is a sequel to Anon-A-Miss: Chaos

Anon-A-Miss have exacted their revenge, but as the smoke clears it becomes apparent that Sunset Shimmer isn't the only one affected...

Third and final book of Anon-A-Miss in the Anon-A-Miss Saga.

The Main 7 tag is up for simplicity, as Sci-Twi does not appear in this story.

Part of "Not Just Any Old Continuity", which includes
Not Just Any Old Trilogy
The Crystal Prep Chronicles
TimberTwi Tales

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Part of me wants Wallflower and Trixie to both get falcon punched for this bullshit:twilightangry2: Yeah they realized they've sunk to Sunset's level(if not lower), but the damage has already been done.

Well, it's about time these five pulled their heads out of their collective asses and did what was right!
I believe that this quote supplied by the author sums this chapter up quite nicely:

"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."


And in THIS case, that's be FIVE graves.
They started this mess, now let 'em lay in 'em!

As to THIS:

"Get the fuck out of our way," yelled Rainbow Dash.

Give 'em hell, Dash!

I just hope that Sunset will eventually be okay.

Can't wait for the next chapter!


Give 'em hell, Dash!

Damn right!

Wow. Didn’t expect everyone to turn to the light side that quickly.

Those two just expected Sunset to run off humiliated or devastated. But they never realized how bad it could affect her. The screams Sunset unleashed expression how fragile and how damaged she is and still is.
They deluded themselves into thinking she hadn't change, and now only seeing the truth.


This is gonna be good.

Hope her punishment is worst tha. Sunflower could have expected

Vice-Principal Luna: Wallflower Blush, Trixie Lulamoon, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle. For being the ones behind this whole mess, you are all suspended for a month, and will be attending summer school. Wallflower, you shall be spending your suspension inside of juvenile hall, and you may be there longer than a month, depending on Sunset Shimmer's health. Officer, please escort them out.

And that's proof that; forgive me for being very cheesy here, from the obvious ways to the most unexpected, mysterious ways, the light shall always over come the dark.

I read the last two stories of this saga and I'm glad the Rainbooms are on Sunset's side. Also, I liked how so sure the antagonists feel that they were doing the right thing or felt justified until Sunset suffers a breakdown and passes out. Not only are they shocked, they sober up quickly and realize the damage they have done.

Most of all, Wallflower realises that trying to get her revenge, she's become just like Sunset Shimmer. Kinda horrific, isn't it? You try to fight a 'monster' but you end up becoming one yourself. She looks in the mirror and sees the old Sunset. Sunset Shimmer has changed, and she fails to realize that, and now realises she has changed for the worse.

Will there would have to be mroe punishment for this cyber bullying since they directly framed sunset for it

Oh my God.

I didn't see that coming, but at least they have the balls to own up.

If Sunset hadn't screamed and passed out, the cafeteria would have turned into a lynch mob, and they seemed pretty happy about that.

In my honest opinion, the 5 of them feeling bad is a step in the right direction but not nearly enough punishment.

They've broken at least half a dozen laws if not more. Then there's the fact that even though Sunset was the main victim, she isn't the only victim. They victimized at least half if not all of the student body. No amount of apologies and remorse is going to fix that.

We also can't forget that yeah they're remorseful but it's a lesson learned too little too late. The damage is done and it's not like they didn't have opportunities to stop.

Looks like the end approaches.

Oh dear can’t wait to see what happens next

Hope the two ringleaders get the full blunt

"oh hey please forgive me for sending your friend into a nervous/emotional/physical/mental breakdown and spiraling into depression lol XD it was just a prank bro but I feel really bad about it so I get a pass right? OwO"


Wallflower took a deep breath, then sighed and looked at Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Applejack. "We got your sisters involved... they're just outside the door. We were going to use them as fall guys."

"What," Rarity bellowed in fury while Applejack and Rainbow Dash exchanged confused looks.

"Scapegoats," Sunset explained while folding her arms.

Applejack's expression soured quickly. "...Y'all were gonna frame mah sister?!"

Rainbow Dash stood still, quivering with rage. "Leave. Now," she said quietly. "Unless you want me and AJ to put you both in these beds the hard way."

Wallflower and Trixie made a hasty exit as Rainbow Dash grabbed a pillow and punched it as hard as she could. "Motherfuckers..."

Yep, they definitely took that well. :twilightsmile:

I get the feeling Sunset's PTSD isn't done with her by a long shot yet.

Comment posted by Fabian Corcair deleted Jul 9th, 2019

There is no self-insert in this. Perhaps you might try actually reading it?

Oh dear. I dread where this may be going...

Sighs thier parents are going to be beyond furious and disappointed in them.

Still more worried about Sunset, her mind and soul are very fragile right now, the stress, the build up and then what happened. Almost put her in a coma.

Reminds me of a Anon A Miss idea posted on the forum. Sunset has a mental break down from it all and collapse into a coma.

9809507 That makes two of us, and hopefully the girls can help her get through all this.

Yeah, I remember reading that one, too.

This... was not was I was expecting, I'll admit. Then again, this is such a refreshingly different take on the story that I find myself being constantly wrong-footed.

this isn't what i was expecting-


Will the memory stone play into effect?

You'll just have to wait and see!

A week suspension and 6 months detention is better than expulsion.
Oh, and 6 months detention pretty much means the rest of the school year, as this tale is set right before the winter holiday break, if I recall correctly.

Luna: Be glad she got to choose. I would have done that AND make you take the year over.

She being soft or harsh one week for the students to digest the truth, and then they come back to being facing everyone.

I'm not sure Wallflower has found it yet in this timeline.


Having the memory stone would make it easy not only to ensure everybody forgot what happened, but would also allow Wallflower to simply vanish of the face of the Earth.

I dunno, that sounds too much like a "get out of trouble free card."

Yeah, it would be somewhat game breaking. I did see one where Sunset's memories of Anon-a-Miss were wiped accidentally.

True. The story focused instead on the others and their collective guilt over what happened.

A large mahogany desk sat near the wall furthest from Wallflower and Trixie.

But, here’s the thing. It’s not just any mahogany but, mahogany from the planet of Malchior 7! Where the trees are 300 ft tall and breathe fire! From those trees, her desk was forged 2000 years ago, using ancient blood rituals of the Malchior people. Not only does it make her desk NIGH INDESTRUCTIBLE, but it can bend the fabric of the universe itself!

Also, it's a very fine material. Very expensive.


:pinkiehappy:Sorry. Just had to make the reference.:twilightsmile:

you've put me in my fucking grave.

I'm confused. What do you mean?

Putting sunset through hell is putting me in my grave. This is a really good story though

Ah, I see. Glad to know you're enjoying this!

Most of the time it's meant to be funny. I don't understand why you're upset about that.

and boom goes the dynamite, someone give Sunset all the hugs in the world

Unless those Pizzas are like of an ungodly large size, I doubt 3 is enough for 7 teenagers, considering in my teenage years I could put away 2 by myself

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