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This story is a sequel to What I Got

It has been a year since Sunset Shimmer and human Twilight Sparkle have started college, pursuing their respective degrees while also studying the strange new magic in the world. At the tail end of the spring semester, Twilight has discovered a new magical leyline in the Everfree Forest outside of Canterlot city. Once all of their friends know about the two's plans for going to the forest to camp and study, both groups decide to come along to reconnect and catch up.

Despite their intentions to only have fun in the sun and bond, soon a series of events will be set in motion that will change their lives and the world itself forever....

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I know I haven't finished my one shots yet, but I finally watched Legends of Everfree and thought. That was really shitty, it makes me want to write a fanfic to show how much better it could have been. And I will do so by using it for my own arc in the Guitars, OCs, Sugar and Magik Universe!

Hold onto your seats everypony, this is gonna be a hella bumpy ride!

P.S. Oh yeah and you can also call the Pandora arc the Crush 40 arc for those of you that recognize the song titles. XD

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I just finished reading the whole thing, so far, great job here. Great to see the tension is still great here, that'll make things more interesting.

7880987 Huzzah, the first comment! XD

But yeah, glad you like it so far and I hope you'll like what I have planned. :pinkiehappy:


7881063 this is going to be good.

7899415 Mm-hm, Pandora arc baby, it's gonna be a game changer.


Very nice.

7921757 Thank ya'.

It's all different from the Anon-A-Miss stuff but I hope you and others will like it.

Prolly Tirek or one of his goons...:ajbemused:

A bit short, but liking where the rest is going.

7926002 Yeah, at the rate this is going, over all the Pandora arc is probably (maybe?) going to be shorter than the Anon-A-Miss arc because I've just got these one or two things I'm focusing on instead of like an in depth study of character motivations and an aftermath. At least that's my thought behind it.

(Edit: although there will be an aftermath... I dunno, it's late, I dunno what I'm thinking. XD)

Either way glad you like it and I hope you like the direction I'm taking this in.

7977177 Truth be told it was kind of obvious at the end of the last arc. But hey, glad you didn't see it coming. XD

God damn it man.
This upset me so much.
I hope the bastard gets whats coming to him.

8013168 Glad you like. I had the idea for the set up clear in my head, so here's hoping the rest of what I got in mind will be awesome. XD

Oh boy, can't wait for this to go downhill. Nothing good ever happens in Canterlot.

I see you made the decision of who to toss on death row. Yikes. Maybe Sweetie will keep a closer eye on Poppy in another time :raritywink:

8017218 Well, assuming things happen the same way in your AU. XD

But not a bad idea either way. XD

Why not bring them you brought them so it evens out

The one thing I don't get in this line of stories is why the likes are so low

8051887 *shrugs* I dunno, it just doesn't catch the eye as much as others I guess.

Either way it still makes me happy to see new people come along and like my work. :twilightsmile:

8093832 Yeah, Open Your Heart.

That's kind of a silly observation, of course the film would be shorter if you cut out the antagonist.

Omg, sunny found the chaos emeralds?! :pinkiegasp:



Chaos Emeralds, Dragon Balls, the magical Maguffins. It's all the same in the next exciting episode of Super Dragon Ball Sonic X Kai. XD


Super Dragon Ball Sonic X Kai


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