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Wish I had better news. · 10:49pm Oct 16th, 2018

Lately it seems all I do here is just tell you all the things are going wrong with my life. I do apologize for that but it's just the way it is for me it seems.

Anyway you guys remember me saying how I finally got the job at the post office that I wanted for so long only for it to turn into a death march of 12 hour shifts for me? Well guess what? I've been let go. Yep. you read right.

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Adversity makes us stronger, But I do appreciate the wishes man, I hope things work out for you too.

For what it's worth I'm sending my well wishes. You certainly deserve the best man.

It is fine now. It really is just part of life. But thank you anyway.

Damn dude. I'll spare any sentiments as you made it clear you're not in the mood for them. If there is a way I can help, line is open.

Awesome! Glad to hear it.

No problem! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 73 - 77 of 77
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