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For anyone who's sick and tired of seeing the Dazzlings over-sexualized. Just because they're Sirens, doesn't mean they have to be sex symbols.
Just because one thinks they're sexual, doesn't mean it's canon. :pinkiesick:
Don't even start with the "they're only teenagers physically" excuse. They're depicted as teenagers in the film and sexualizing minors is illegal. End of story.

You can submit E rated fics and Teen rated fics (but absolutely no clop) as long as they don't get too sexual. Just make sure they're about the Dazzlings! :raritywink:

Adagio Dazzle
A girl has a rather seductive voice and shakes her hips once throughout the entire film, and somehow she's clopfic bait? Not on our watch.
So what if she might be a bit handsy? Just because you're handsy, doesn't mean that you're sex-obsessed.

Aria Blaze

She's a Siren, so that automatically makes her sexualization bait?

Sonata Dusk
She's the adorable fan favorite, but why does being adorable have to equal new R34 bait? Can't one be adorable and not be sexual?

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