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I'm Joshua Graham, a pyromaniac southern-boy Firefighter with a love for guns and MLP.


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I Dreamt I was a Monster on Hiatus · 10:34pm Jul 23rd, 2021

Unfortunately after the recent debacle with Games Workshop zealously tightening their grip on their IP, I am as of now no longer supporting Games Workshop in any way. Until I feel Games Workshop improves as a company, I am not going to make any fan works using their IP because I am no longer a fan of how they've been conducting themselves.

A little about me

To start off, I'm obviously a brony. I like all kinds of music ranging from Metallica to Mozart.

I'm a Firefighter. I haven't been on the department that long, almost a full year. I enjoy the MLP:FiM TV show.

I do write, and I make mistakes like everyone else, SO FUCK OFF YOU DAMN NAZIS!!!

Dangerous stuff... do not stare.

Welcome to the page

This here is my page, and I'm sure you want to know a little about me...

First off, I'm JoshuaGraham, and I'm from The Middle of Nowhere, North Carolina. I'm 18, I love MLP, writing, video games, and target shooting. That's pretty much it. I talk about as much as Big Macintosh.