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Overwhelmed by the stress of Anon-A-Miss, Sunset finally caves. Knowing that trying to convince her friends of her innocence is going to get her nowhere, she collapses beneath the overwhelming weight of it all, and in a last desperate attempt to gain her only friends back, she does the one thing that they promise her will gain them back. She confesses to being Anon-A-Miss

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Woah. I just read the description, and already this is fucking awesome.

So I have 2 questions:
1. Why are so many people writing Anon-a-miss fics recently?
2. Why do I keep reading them?

I feel now to kick apple bloom butt now

they better come clean

It's a trend, but many of these stories are just SO good!

7498579 I'm not saying in a negative way. I really do like Anon-a-Miss stories cause the actual ending in the comic was crap. Only Sweetie Bell apologized to Sunset and the next scene they're all at Applejacks place like it didn't even happen

7498579 I don't think they're bad, in fact many are quite well written. It's just that every time I read one I get this queasy feeling in my stomach and slightly depressed. So I guess a better question would be "why do I keep torturing myself?"

Looking forward to reading more of this story as it comes out. You did a wonderful job on the first chapter. :twilightsmile:

My insides hurt. Good job.

why do I get the feeling there will be consequences

They better confess or else I'm coming for them.
I can really feel how Sunset felt in this chapter.
I sense that there will be consequences and they better tell the truth soon.
Sunset attitude might change after this. She might become to scared to do anything after this.

They broke her...They made her that desperate...The CMC's go free...Sunset takes the fall...


Can I come too? There are a lot of people in that world I wanna make suffer.

7498538 Don't deny it anymore. Face the facts. To quote Twilight in this case:

:facehoof:: Congratulations, Equestria Girls Holiday Special. You're the new Canterlot Wedding.

Both have things that happening that involves the innocent characters getting called out (Twilight and Sunset) and everyone responsible doesn't fess up to it. So a ton a fanfics get created for it so they can get the anger of those two things out of their system. That's just My Two Cents on that.

Anyways, Apple Bloom. Boy, you definitely do not know how much a bad liar you are.

I expect a very livid Twilight to be at the school tomorrow.

Yes you can join me comrade for we will destroy them hahahahaha :pinkiecrazy:
Sunset you should have left them they weren't worth having. :ajsleepy:

Yes you can join me comrade for we will destroy them hahahahaha :pinkiecrazy:
Sunset you should have left them they weren't worth having. :ajsleepy:

I love it already.:pinkiehappy:

7499160 As a wise man once said: "All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man to lunacy. That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day."

7499831 Wise words Joker. Wise words.

7499535 May I join you two in your reign of destruction? :) lol
This idea makes me very angry..and now I have to keep reading

Of course Rainbow would make her she got rid of it right from the get-go…Sunset hesitantly took the phone.

This line needs fixing.

I'm a little angry now.
Not at the humane 5 or the cmc.
I'm ticked at this story's version of Sunset.
After what Rainbow said at the beginning of the chapter, she still wanted to crawl back to them.
I don't like her one bit.
Personally, had that been me, I'd rather be alone.

On a side note, I think it's a little funny that I keep seeing the same 5 to 10 people in the comments section for every anon-a-miss themed story that I come across.

I love this! It's amazing! :pinkiehappy:

7501176 What can I say? Its inspired a small, but solid following. I kinda like it. :pinkiehappy:

Why are updates taking so long!?

More forgiveness crap, I'm really not surprised at this point half this damn site is composed of that crap.

7533809 we'll hopefully then the crusaders are not getting off Scot free and have to admit they were anon somehow and that the human 5 faces forcing sunset into a false confession

7533809 Any idea when, or if this story will be updated?

7533809 This is a interesting concept, but I feel you trapped the CMC into a rather bad situation, as I don't see things getting better for Sunset at all, if I had to guess, her confessing will only lead to worse outcomes that would lead to something happening to Sunset that no one can take back, and AppleBloom won't have any means to stop it as she won't have any proof she was Anon-A-Miss.

7615307 Internet history, IP addresses? Isn't there usually a small period in which you can reinstate the account if you change your mind. Facebook have it. I want to see Sunset's name cleared in this and the CMC brought to account. And RD should be ashamed of herself for forcing a false confession out of Sunset.

I need to know what happens next

need to see more

are you EVER gonna make more of this? i just wanna see the Human CMC take the blame at some point!

Please continue this story! I really want to know what happens next, how the others treat Sunset and if the cutie mark crusaders are ever discovered. Please update!

poor sunset
hope to see another chapter soon

Always nice to see one of your works updated, CK. Are you planning on taking this somewhere or do you just plan on wrapping it up?

Poor poor Sunset.

I hope those brats the CMC are happy now.

I can't wait until those three finally tell the truth and make everyone in school look like complete fools and fill them with guilt.

So Sunset is going back to Equestria. But where would she go after that?

Well, all I can say is that I hope the human Crusaders AND the REST of the HuMane 5 will be happy once they find out that their stupidity drove Sunset to go back home (her REAL home) to Equestria.

As to THIS

"Where will you go?.."


"...Back?..." Dash repeated, afraid of the answer.

"Back." Sunset confirmed. "To Equestria."

"You...You're leaving?..."

"I got nothing else here." She picked up her backpack.

"You'll come back though, right?...Every so often?"

"....I honestly don't know." Sunset turned and walked away.

Gee, Dash, really? You want her to "come back every so often"? After YOU guys basically BLACKMAILED her into a FALSE confession?!
Geez, nervy much?
And then you had the GREATER nerve to say THIS?!

"What about us? We're your friends!"

Honestly, there's gall, and then there's GALL!
Also, bravo to Sunset for THIS:

Sunset didn't stop. Friends?...She wasn't sure she even knew the meaning of the word anymore.

Heh, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when a certain lavender ailcorn princess gets wind of all this mess, and decides to give the folks at Canterlot High a Royal Reaming out.
Don't know if you have that planned TO happen, but I'd love to see it, and for her to say that she was gonna find a way to permanent seal that portal so she never had to go back there.

Hope we get the next chapter soon! This is getting good!


So Sunset is going back to Equestria. But where would she go after that?

Probably stay with Twi for a bit, I'm thinking.
Maybe because of THIS:

Twilight, you know how you told me to find my family the last time we talked?
I think I finally know who they are...

Maybe she's realized that Twilight is part of that family.

But we'll see, I guess.

8038784 Yeah. Those humans may have been dumb enough to fall for it like a bag of canned yams but, that certain lavender ailcorn princess is way too smart to fall for it. And I know she will not rest until she restores balance in the human world.

I really hope this ends with a very angry princess ripping everyone at CHS a collective new one for turning against Sunset. But ultimately I hope it ends in a happy new beginning for her.

Looking forward to more! :twilightsmile:

8038793 I just can't wait to see them suffer the fury of Twilight.

and then they find out the truth.

Let's see how will Twilight be able fix a broken Sunset.

You know I love how she's not lashing out anyone, but I hate it at the same time. The Humane 5 are F**king morons.

They may of deleted the account but they do maybe have the names of everyone sending them info thier cyber names and real names and everything.

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