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  • TSilent Night
    It’s the Christmas season, and all are at home with their families..except one. Labeling her as a scapegoat during the Anon-a-miss incident, a number of students have abducted Sunset, intending to make her pay.(branchoff from Dainn's "Anon-a-Miss")
    cerealkiller78 · 35k words  ·  366  18 · 9.5k views
  • TOne Week Later
    Following the events of Dainn's Anon-A-Miss, fate has Sunset and Gilda come face to face with each other once again...However, the circumstances are quite different this time around.
    cerealkiller78 · 1.7k words  ·  76  2 · 3.2k views
  • EI Guess I Know Now
    While unpacking their things, and getting settled inside their tent at Camp Everfree, Twilight asks Sunset a question she'd rather not answer...(Based on the Legend of Everfree Sneak Peak #3)
    cerealkiller78 · 1k words  ·  65  3 · 2k views
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  • TConfession
    Overwhelmed by the stress of Anon-A-Miss, Sunset finally caves. Knowing that trying to convince her friends of her innocence is going to get her nowhere, she collapses beneath the overwhelming weight of it all
    cerealkiller78 · 6.6k words  ·  159  20 · 6.7k views
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