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Shadowed Rainbow


I did some things I regret in my life, both as a pony and as a human. They're mistakes that will probably leave traces in some form for the rest of my life.

But that doesn't mean I won't try to change. Even if the past does follow me wherever I go...

(First person, Sunset's POV, set after the events of Rainbow Rocks)

EDIT: While this was initially started as just a quick thing I wrote for the Equestria Daily Friend Off that I threw together at the last minute, I have now decided to improve on and expand it.

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Yeah, after Rainbow Rocks I LOVED Sunset Shimmer, and after seeing the image I used for the cover, I decided "Hey, I wanted to write something for the Friend Off", why not do a fic inspired by this pic of Sunset?:pinkiehappy:

I only wrote this after I realized there was an extension, so it was just a quick thing.

EDIT: Gonna expand on this, give the first chapter a bit of a rewrite, and have more chapters.

I liked your story, very nice. I agree that after I watched Rainbow Rocks, Sunset Shimmer become one of my favorite characters. :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile: :yay:

Comment posted by Life As Me deleted Nov 2nd, 2014

This is a nice story, and a good look into how she's dealing with what she did in the past. I did see a couple of typo's, but nothing major that I noticed.

Rainbow assured me, putting her hands at level with her head in an "it-s all cool" gesture,

She handed it to me. "You wanna sing>"

5217239 Yeah.:pinkiehappy: If you count Sunset as being part of the "Mane 7", she's my favorite besides Twilight.:twilightsmile:

5217908 Thanks for the corrects, I wrote this at 1am so I'm honestly very surprised I didn't make more mistakes.:rainbowlaugh:

Well, it is always possible that there were others I didn't see, especially as I wasn't really looking out for them, I just happened to spot those as I read.

5218280 Well thanks for spotting them.:twilightsmile:

No problem, I figured you'd probably want to know they were there.

This was pretty okay. I had a good time reading it, but I feel like the emotions could have been conveyed much better. Something about the execution seemed weak. I can't quite put my finger on it, though. It just felt off.

5219112 Honestly, I can understand why. Admittedly I wanted to write it for the Friend Off, and I finally ended up finding a picture that inspired me enough to write a story about it.

Thing is, seeing as I was a bit busy to do the Friend Off at it's normal time frame before the extension, I didn't find out about the extension until a short while before it ended. So I ended up writing this at 1am my time, and I'm not a night person, at all, but I wanted to submit it anyway.

So yeah, I'm not denying that it's kind of weak, even I feel that way. I would have been able to write better if it hadn't been under a late-night time constraint.:twilightblush:

Now that the Friend-Off is over, you can go back edit now, yeah? I'd love to read an edited version.

5219313 Yeah, I actually had that in mind right after I sent that comment.:twilightsmile:

In fact, after thinking it over... along with editing this up a bit, I may either write a follow-up or make it multi-chaptered, because now I'm getting more ideas.:pinkiegasp:

This pleases me.

5219509 *thinks it over, then switches Complete status to Incomplete*

I'm getting ideas and I'm gonna have fun with them.:pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:


Looking forward to reading the edited first chapter and also future chapters.

5219564 I'll surely be letting you know when I have the first chapter edited and the next chapter up.:scootangel:

5219564 Well, now I've edited the first chapter a bit to be more expansive on Sunset's perspective, and a bit of an addition at the end to lead up into the next chapters.:scootangel:

The pacing definitely felt better. And I'm definitely interested in where you're taking this.

The emotional impact still felt a bit lacking, though I feel like part of that is because I was already familiar with where the story was going.

Very nice! Sunset shot waayyyyy up in my favorite character rankings after Rainbow Rocks too.

So I suspect that Sunset will mare up and personally apologize to Celestia later on? Admittedly it was both of their fault, Celestia for not being a better teacher and Sunset for being a spoiled brat.

I enjoyed this fic a whole lot.

Daemons have tainted Sunset Shimmer, we must notify the Inquisition.

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