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After getting dumped by Adagio and Aria, Sonata has to decide what to do with herself. It's only when she makes her decision that things go wrong and now she won't have that chance, or will she?

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I'd like to see Sunset help her towards the light. I think it'd be a great story.

Please, continue, i do not want Sonata to die, at least no so soon :fluttercry:

I will continue but I want this to be my best story and with that it will take time.

Oh, Celestia, I hope Sonata will be okay. :pinkiesad2:

All aboard the S.S. Sunata.

Weird. The way the first chapter was phrased made me wonder if she'd been hit by a car.

Okay, this is a Sonata Dusk-reforming story I haven't seen before. So she DOESN'T want to try and become Sunset's friend to begin with, very unique. :pinkiehappy:

But now I'm REALLY curious to know about that mark.

Hmm. Interesting. Funny how foolish people can be. When we've lost something, we don't want to gain anything. Obviously Sonata is clueless, because she doesn't realize that anyone else would take that mark for a tattoo and think nothing of it. Stressing about the fact that one person knows you have a tattoo seems silly.

I look forward to hearing a bit more about this mark, particularly as it seems it may have some significance to the story.

So lemme get this straight: Adagio has a new diabolical plan to take over the world again. That she admitted to the news reporter. And to millions of people watching on TV.

Aaaand everyone's okay with this? :rainbowderp:


DID I MISS SOMETHING?! :twilightangry2:

I agree. That made no sense at all.

5275877 Don't worry, there is going to be some talk about the news. That's all I will say about that as I don't want to spoil anything.

Come on, Sonata. I can't stand you when you're like this. I know you don't want help but you NEED it. :fluttershysad:

Poor Sonata. She needs hugs. :raritycry:

I hope so, because it's a bit out of the blue and makes no sense. Don't forget to explain where they got these new pendants and why the heck they'd be telling anyone on earth about portals and magic. I wouldn't think the world of EQG has any magic and having been there so long the Sirens would know. They might also be aware that being too vocal and/or too sincere about such might get them put in an asylum or something. Why the heck would they be on the news, anyway? And I think anyone Earth would be mighty concerned that a working portal, essentially a fictional object, seemed to exist in a quite physical manner. I don't think anyone on Earth of them would take the notion of someone forcing others to bow to them.
* when I say Earth, I refer to the setting of EQG which appears to be Earth or analogous to it.

It doesn't help that, if I recall, the beginning of the story is not fixed chronologically at a given point and so there's no frame of the reference to give the reader a sense as to whether they got things back in order quickly or if it's been years. We could make some assumptions based on context, but clarity is general a good thing.

I like the story, but you're making Sonata to stubborn. When will she understand that she wont get hurt again?

Well, this might not end well, although probably better than implied or else that would be the end of the story. I'm such a sucker for sad stories... There's a couple spots in the letter that seemed like there might be something wrong with the grammar. The conversation with the police offer could use some work since, as is, it feels like he's yammering on, not speaking a calm, relaxed fashion. It also seems a little weird that he would bring some homeless girl to Sunset's doorstop and insist that she take care of her. That's just not how things work in any sort of reality. You should try and rework what he's saying so that it's more believable as something an officer would say and more plausible as a reason (it reads as him trying to foist her off on someone who will be guilt tripped into accepting it or some such). or adjust it so that he's just asking her to take her in for the night and he'll be back in the morning to take over from there. It's just not really believable as is.

Shining Armor as a police officer? Nice one. :pinkiesmile: But NOOO, SONATA! :raritydespair:

Uh oh..

Sonata is seriously suicidal.
Sunset, do something!!!!

Adagio and Aria, you evil bast... err, bitches! :twilightangry2: And Sonata, you poor thing! :fluttercry:

I feel so bad for Sonata.:raritycry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2:. To be hit in the head with a branch, then get a sprained ankle, and then decides to cut herself. Man, I would have ran out and found a cliff and jumped. I feel like I'm going to cry. I wonder what the main five reactions are going to be when Sunset tells them Sonatas story. I know one thing. Rainbow and the others better feel sorry!:pinkiecrazy::flutterrage:

World wide mindwipe will be required to get all this straightened out. Interesting stance for Principal Celestia to take, I guess she knows a little bit about what is going on on the other side.


Why is it no matter what universe Sunbutt is in, she's bucking useless?

Couple of things:
- I'm really not seeing why the Sirens would want to return. Surely, they would settle for terrorizing a small part of Equestria or another land? I mean maybe they want revenge or something, but it seems a little insensible of them.
- It's completely irrational and ridiculous of Principal Celestia to expect them to save the day for her. In that universe, their safety is her responsibility, not vice versa.
- It seems rather dumb for Sonata to blame Sunset, although irrationality doesn't work on logic.

* Why has no one though of simply putting a nice rack of spikes in front of the portal, that way they get impaled/have nowhere to go when they get back. I doubt their magic, no matter how powerful, will work if no one can hear them,.

She couldn’t decide between two of them, Attack on Titan or The Walking Dead

Is that really a hard choice?:ajbemused:

Attack on Titan, any day of the week.:pinkiehappy:

Unfortunately, she fell asleep before she made it five minutes into the show.

:rainbowhuh:how can you fall asleep during AoT?!

Very entertaining and sweet chapter. :twilightsmile:

(Reads the ending) God, and I thought ONE Flash Sentry was bad enough. :twilightangry2:

The whole sleep powder is funny
So I thought why didn't try topping it off with a pickup pulling the window and Sonata and Pinkie jumps off landing in the truck

Ok so.... They arent going to jail? Stuff like that is a crime.

But, good chapter. But i think you paced it too quickly with Sonata agreeing to escape with the mane fve instead of resisting like she did with sunset shimmer. Didn't feel right.

Happy New Year and great chapter!:pinkiehappy:
(Even though I'm writing this in 2015!:trollestia:)

Yeah, what she said! :twilightsmile:

Sunset is developing both excellent negotiating skills and a talent for understatement :raritywink:

Ok ok ok ok that fuckng escalated quickly!
My heart is pounding.....

Next please!!

I can't beleive how long you left this on hiatus with Sunset and Sonata sitting there with life threatening injuries. THANK CELESTIA you published another chapter! I must read it! This story is going in my favorites.

What the huh? :rainbowderp: seriously this has taken a really dark turn.

Wait. So why are rainbow dash and applejack trying to kill sonata and sunset shimmer?


Adagio and Aria were able to put Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity under their spell.

Presumably because Sonata is the heir apparent to the Sirens and as long as Sonata was a puppet to Adagio and Aria she wasn't a threat, but when she refused she became target number one. Apparently they wanted to get her out of the way in a way they could explain away as a couple of fellow students suffering from sudden onset psychosis.

The transition to Equestria though is a bit muddled and confusing.

Sorry, how did we get here from the last chapter? These couple chapters have been very hard to keep straight what's happening and where.

The end feels rushed and anticlimactic. I would strongly recommend a rewrite.

I agree. It's a little hard to make sense of things. There's too much happening all at once and the stuff happening last chapter really doesn't seem to have even been resolved yet much less the new issues that have arisen in this one.

Adagio is apparently an idiot. She 'saved' her race from sanity so they could all have the freedom to go stark raving mad.

When the sirens were banished they were still children. I doubt they were mass murderers. Thumb down.

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