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From our teachings, we knew of the afterlife on several levels—the heaven of Elysium, the cleansing purgatory some called Katharismóu, and the hell known as Tartarus. Of these, only Tartarus can be reached by the living. And those who wander close enough, even the best of ponies, can easily be dragged in if the Pull is too great.

I was one of the curious ones. And now, for my transgressions, I remain trapped here.

I've discovered that as a living one dragged in, there is a way that I can leave, but it might as well lead to my death—for I would have to become Death in order to free myself.

(1st-person Twilight-centric)

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In the past, Ponykind attempted to create alicorns, legendary creatures said to be like the goddesses themselves. But then, the War started, the goddesses vanished, and the constructs of science and magic turned their abilities on the living.

Now, years later, the world is struggling to pick up from where it left off, and the constructed alicorns are ingrained into everypony's mind as being soulless monsters. And despite the warring factions outside destroying what alicorns they come across, the Alicorn Project is still in operation.

In contrast to the outside world, for the new alicorns, life seems perfect. They're permitted to interact with each other, communicate with the Interface who acts as their teacher, and grow for Placement in a registered family they could call their own.

But one alicorn named Twilight, set to be placed with the Sparkle family, struggles with questions. Why her family-to-be seems so protective of her. Why the Interface refuses to tell her everything.

And why everyone refuses to let her go Outside.

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Years ago, Scootaloo lost her parents, her family, everyone she knew and loved.

But those ponies who assume she's an orphan wouldn't be entirely correct. She has a mother. An Other Mother who lost her daughter several years earlier. Who cares for Scootaloo, comforts her, gives her anything she could ever want.

A mother who has buttons for eyes.

Set after the events of the book/movie Coraline.

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I did some things I regret in my life, both as a pony and as a human. They're mistakes that will probably leave traces in some form for the rest of my life.

But that doesn't mean I won't try to change. Even if the past does follow me wherever I go...

(First person, Sunset's POV, set after the events of Rainbow Rocks)

EDIT: While this was initially started as just a quick thing I wrote for the Equestria Daily Friend Off that I threw together at the last minute, I have now decided to improve on and expand it.

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In her quest to eliminate all chaos, the one now known as the Empress of Harmony established her rule. With the essence of her friends removed, only those she deems pure are permitted to live under her watchful care.

Order and Chaos are divided, those who support Twilight in her noble goal versus those who oppose her.

Harmony is the greatest good, as the Empress Twilight Sparkle insisted. But can Harmony really exist if the bearer of Magic has become disillusioned between justice and vengeance?

(While this is a sequel to Pages of Harmony, I have written it so it can be read as a stand-alone.)

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"Nopony exists but you, and you are but a thought."

Twilight's life as she knows it harbored a sense of security, but all that changes when Princess Celestia then arrives to deliver a message. To reveal the truth about Twilight's world that the mare's conscious mind has long since forgotten.

As her memories return, she is forced to come to terms with the fact that she was never Twilight Sparkle at all, but rather a structured thought experiment whose knowledge expanded through lives she herself requested to live in order to harbor a greater understanding of existence.

But sometimes there's one life among many that's the hardest to let go of...

Inspired in part by a "Three words" game in The Writer's Group, and Mark Twain's "The Mysterious Stranger".

Edited by Breath of Plagues

Featured on Equestria Daily!
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A lost princess, blessed with a magic mane that glows when she sings.

A daring thief who seems to care only for his own gain.

A sorceress who attempts to keep the young princess in a tower to hold onto her gift of eternal youth.

And an adventure which promises to change their lives forever.

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Star Swirl the Bearded - a unicorn presence so prominent even in death, that it's said some of his magic still lingers at his grave.  And every century, a powerful burst of energy comes from it, rumored to grant a unicorn, if ever briefly, a burst of immense magic and knowledge like that of Star Swirl himself.

But when Twilight decides to travel with her friends to investigate, it proves to have unforeseen consequences.  For they were unaware that in that same moment, in another world, another kind of magic was activated.  And in the clash between the two, a pathway was unlocked - in more ways than one.

With Twilight now bearing a new power as a result of the strong energy flux, she and her friends find themselves in Blithe's Hollow on the very night that the witch's curse is activated.  With only the words of Star Swirl and remnants of his magic to go on, Twilight and her friends must not only aid Norman in stopping the witch's curse, but discover the nature of Star Swirl's message and why a connection was unlocked a connection between the two worlds - both the living and the dead.  

A ParaNorman crossover story that I and a friend of mine came up with.

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A decrepit asylum, once a place for those deemed to be insane, stands from a time where the Shadow King and Crystal Princess ruled over its halls. To an outsider in the current age, the forest where it resides is empty, and a gloomy silence is all that remains of the asylum's once horrific past.

But when a bet drives Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy to investigate the asylum, they learn that the edifice isn't as abandoned as they thought. Trapped within the asylum frozen in time, the pair must enlist help from other inmates to escape before they fall prey to insanity and the rumored curse upon the inhabitants.

First of the Arcane Night Series, a planned group of stories inspired by Nox Arcana albums and comments. Based off of the Youtube RP on the Nox Arcana album, "Blackthorn Asylum"

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Though Luna had been banished for 1000 years, she was able to latch on to one aspect of modern life very quickly: video games. Specifically, the Pokemon games. Introduced to Pokemon Black and White, she eagerly anticipates the sequels due out the following day.

And Luna won't stop talking about it.

So in attempt to take her mind (and theirs as well) off the waiting and make the release date anticipation a little more bearable, a few of the others decide to take her on a trip down their memory lane by introducing her to the aspects of Pokemon they grew up with.

Includes call-backs to previous Pokemon generations, both games and anime. Warning: May cause nostalgia-flashbacks.

(I wrote this the day before Black 2 and White 2 came out and finished it at night, but since it was so late I figured I'd wait to post it on the game's release date rather than try to get it approved and have it be fully up at midnight or so when few would be online. And then it took a while to get approved.)

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