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Thanks for the fave!:pinkiehappy:

[8:15:49 AM] 『Luna』: Oops
[8:15:52 AM] 『Luna』: I never followed Minds
[8:16:39 AM] Tchernobog: I don't think he'll mind

And now it seems there is an eye being kept on a Minds, so I might just have to mind the eyes that are minding the Eye of Minds.

1910676 I listened to Shake it Off in the hopes that I could quote the song to say "you're welcome" but I couldn't find anything. :raritycry:

Seriously, though, you're welcome! ^^

Thanks for another fave!:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fave on Reclaimed!

  • Viewing 45 - 49 of 49
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