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A lost princess, blessed with a magic mane that glows when she sings.

A daring thief who seems to care only for his own gain.

A sorceress who attempts to keep the young princess in a tower to hold onto her gift of eternal youth.

And an adventure which promises to change their lives forever.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 94 )

Eeyup, I finally got around to starting up a remaining of a movie I love - Tangled!:pinkiehappy: I will definitely attempt to keep it in the same spirit as the original (the version of "I've Got a Dream" for this is going to be fun to write:twilightsmile:) while still putting a spin on it so it's not a complete rehash.:twilightsmile:

So, hope you liked this first chapter!:pinkiehappy:

I watched the film yesterday. I can't wait to see how you put a pony spin on it.

2751402 And I can't wait to write it!:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile: Tangled is so awesome and needs to be a Broadway play.:twilightsmile:

Yes, Yes! you did it you genius!

Who disliked? And why?
I'm not challenging you, by the way. I'm just curious. What's not lovable about this?

2751592 Maybe they're just not Tangled fans?:unsuresweetie:

Gonna throw guesses for the other main characters you put on.

Pascal - Spike
Maxims - Blueblood (If this is true, I cannot wait to see how you'll pull that off)
Flynn - Big Macintosh

I guess, though that's a strong reaction. If I'm not a fan of a movie, and I see a re-imagining/crossover I just don't read it. I never put a dislike unless the story is seriously screwed up...
Then again I'm a pretty easygoing guy. Maybe others just have more vehement reactions?

Tangled MLP Crossover?
This is interesting....
Must Read to find out

I hope this doesn't follow the movie exactly, but this looks like it's really well done and I can't wait to see how you manage to pull it off. Good job and good luck :derpytongue2:

you good ma'am... have just earned yourself a Favorite and a Like for this story ^^

2751689 Pascal you got right, ding ding ding!:pinkiehappy: I'm going to have fun with that, considering Pascal doesn't speak in the movie I get to bring Spike's awesome snakiness out into that Tangled-verse.:pinkiehappy:
2751780 Could be... oh well, I guess we'll never really know.:derpytongue2:
2751971 Dun dun dun.:twilightsmile:
2751998 I plan have it follow the basic storyline, but have enough differences so that it feels like its own story as well.:twilightsmile:
2752046 Thanks!:pinkiehappy:

I'll ask pinkie:pinkiesmile:
Pinkie knows:pinkiegasp:
Pinkie knows all!:pinkiecrazy:

2752140 Pinkie knows all because cartoon physics and her fourth wall breaking abilities allow it!:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, I once had a part time job fixing the thing. Most characters just leave a hole in the fourth wall, easy to fix. But Pinkie, she demolishes the whole thing. I had to pick up the pieces, and there are always lots of pieces!:twilightangry2:

2752163 And then once you pick the peices up, something happens that causes it to be demolished again!:twilightoops::facehoof:

On the bright side, I got lots of experience. Both in supernatural combat and cartoony shenanigans. You wouldn't believe the kind of stuff that escapes from behind the fourth wall. It doesn't just separate reality from fiction, it protects it from fiction.

I haven't read it yet but why do I have a feeling it's related to that Rapunzel movie?

I love this!:pinkiehappy:
I love you!:pinkiehappy:
I am so happy you made this!:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Shadowed Rainbow deleted Jun 20th, 2013

2752194 If the fourth wall didn't protect us from fiction, then who knows what manner of creatures could escape into our world?!:pinkiegasp::twilightoops: Then again, that's what the The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You trope is for.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy:

2752313 Because of the cover image?:scootangel: I tried to make it somewhat Rapunzel-ish.:twilightsmile:

2752322 Lol, thanks!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

A crossover between My Little Pony and Tangled?

Best Story Ever!!!!:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

2752372 No... I read the description and as soon as I saw "Glowing mane when she sings", it pretty much slammed me in the face.

2752402 Well, reimagining, but, yup!:pinkiehappy:

2752404 Oh, okay.:twilightsmile: I thought it would have been when I mentioned that it was a Tangled reimagining at the end of the short description, but, okay.:twilightsmile:

2752473 What can I say, the characters are so dynamic and Rapunzel reminds me of Twilight a bit, so I felt if I was going to do a ponified reimagining of a Disney movie, Tangled would be it. Or Beauty and the Beast.:twilightsmile:

2752495 There is actually a ponified Beauty & the Beast> Beauty and her Spike :raritywink:

2752751 I've seen that in the Featured box.:twilightsmile: Personally, I would have made Twilight be Belle (she fits so perfectly), but Rarity's nice too for a Sparity story.:twilightsmile:

You have no idea how many times I clicked on this just to get it to pop up faster.

2753427 Wow, you must have really been excited to see it!:twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:And I sympathize with the wanting faster loading.:twilightblush:

I love Tangled, this story is perfect!
More! Moar! MOAR!:flutterrage:

2753619 I mentally read that in Mr. Krabs's voice from that episode where he asked Spongebob to catch jellyfish.:scootangel::twilightsmile:

2753684 Hehehe, good ole Spongebob.
But still, write some moar.

Eeee, I shall your post on this in Crossovers, and it's up! Awesome!

Love it so far, absolutely CANNOT wait for more.

2755028 Come to think of it, I think my thread in the Crossovers group is the longest on the whole forum considering of all the discussion going on.:twilightsheepish::rainbowlaugh:

Glad you like it so far, and I hope to have the next chapter up soon - with a few differences from the movie so it isn't a copy-paste "Tangled plot, just replace names with ponies" thing.:scootangel:

So, Rapunzel pony-style? That's adorable!

Poor Twily... I'd say this all could have been avoided somehow, but the way events were (Chrysalis' greed for eternal life and determination to keep her secret of immortality through any means necessary, Queen Twilight's sickness while pregnant and her kingdom's desparation to save her, and Twily having no say in the matter since she was just born with the effects of the Sun Flower blessing her in utero) kind of prevents that.

2755157 I remember how someone's commented on Youtube suggested how the whole conflict of the movie might have been prevented: "I really thought instead of kidnapping Rapunzel, Mother Gothel could have worked as a maid who would be in charge of combing her hair & singing the song."

wow. Disney would be jealous about this story!

2755253 Well, it's more or less combining Disney with MLP.:scootangel:

2755316 Eeyup :eeyup: so whens the next chapter?

2755356 Soon-ish - in that chapter we'll get to see interaction between Twilight, Spike, and Mother Chrysalis, complete with versions of "When Will My Life Begin" and "Mother Knows Best".:twilightsmile: With a few additions to make it more interesting and unique.:twilightsmile::scootangel:

2755368 kewl. I love reading stories like this but I hate it when you get a giant cliffhanger and have to wait. Like I'm reading Percy Jackson and the Forgotten World. MAJOR cliffhanger.

Oh and my sister red the first part of the story and told me to type the following words:

MORE!!!!!! PLEASE KEEP WRITING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

her words not mine

Comment posted by Neutrinos are Magic deleted Jun 21st, 2013

This is brilliant!
So we've already established...
Rapunzel == Twilight
Mother Gothel == Chrysalis
The King and Queen == Twilight's parents
[Future] Captain of the Guard == Shining Armor

Characters remaining
Pascal == most likely to be Spike
Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider == Either Blueblood, Any Rule 63 of the Mane 6, Braeburn or the recently canonised Flash Sentry
Maximus == Either Blueblood or Appleack
The Stabbington Brothers == The Flim Flam Brothers! Who else could they be?
Hook Hand (Hoof?) Thug == Caramel? Braeburn?
Big Nose Thug == Cranky Doodle? Hey, his dream is to find love. Otherwise, Cadence.
Vladimir (the one who collects ceramic unicorns) == Big Mac. Has to be.
Atilla (his cupcakes are sublime) == Pinkie? Mr. Cake?
Gunther (interior designs) == Rarity? Hoity? Photo Finish?
Ulf (the mime) == Derpy?

2755382 isn't it your saying?

Anyway, Congratz with a new fave, likes. Keep on going

At least the things Pinkie sets free are only from equestria. Could you imagine if someone from "Nightmare On Elm Street" or "Friday the Thirteenth" or "Terminator" broke the fourth wall?

That would suck.

2756100 I red your comment and had to read it again cause I got lost in all the words for a second

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