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Just interested in Changelings and making alt universe's with events being similar but changed slightly


My own take on a anon-a-miss au where sunset shimmer returns to equestria to spend time with twilight but when she goes back though,the portal has made her diffrent

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A very good beginning despite spelling errors.

#1 *They didn't believe you how could they be so clueless and idiotic* "belive" should be believe and "tehy" should be "they"

Are people still upset about anon-a-miss?

The story starts making more sense once you realise "aging" should be "again" more often than not. I wonder why is this spelling mistake so consistent.

Yes people are still quite mad about anon-a-miss

About the spelling mistakes i did this chapter late at night so sorry for that,most if not all spelling mistakes in the first chapter should be fixed,feel free to point any out i missed

Ah ok should of probably clarified this,the start of this takes place after sunset confronted her friends and tried to make them believe it wasn't her unlike what happened in Canon,they thought she was lying in my au and unlike canon the CMC didnt feel sorry at all

I don’t think that really answered my question.

"Well your life as a teen in the human world may be gone but who said you had to play that role in particularly,what about going bcak though not as Sunet Shimmer but Under a fake name and disguise" Mom told me and as i thought about it it seems like a good idea seeing as she would still be target if she was using her real name due to the entire school hating her

If that works then all logic has been removed from mlp.

"No because they no longer hold the elements of harmony seeing as betrayal is not a key component of being friends,also you are the person who choose who holds them you could lie to element of honesty anyhow " She told me angrily and i could of swore part of her mane had sparks flying off it

Is that how it works? Because, wouldn’t equestria’s main 6 lose their elements after the wedding?

I think people are upset by anon-a-miss because it touches on a deep fear that most people have of abondonment. Deep down, a lot of people are worried that the are not good enough, and are afraid that their friends will drop them if they are less than perfect.

The anon-a-miss story shows that fear forced right in front of their eyes. And shows that they don't even need to make a mistake. A simple smear campaign can destroy a life.

In short, people are angry about anon-a-miss because they are afraid what happened to Sunset can happen to them.

"Hmm well i do have a open consular position at the school i run" Celestia said ehich surprised me seeing as Luna was the consular

They have that?

"You see my sister who is also the vice-Principal was the consular as well unfortunately some account ran by a student exposed that she went to jail and that she was the gang member known as nightmare moon" She said with her voice ccracking before she broke down into tears going down her face i hugged her almost instantly and said "it's okay what happened in the past stay's in the pass and if these student's of yours can't understand that then they may need a lesson or two on forgiveness" Celestia looked up at me and just nooded

Umm. I don’t agree on that one depending on the lesson.

Well at least i know whe thinks im not sunset since she would of riped my head off if she suspected as i rounded the corner i thought about what i ahd to do tomorrow okay first get some clothe's for my new size,second go to canterlot high and meet with celestia i thought before i got into bed and went to sleep in mere minute's

She will never do that.

Is that why? I honestly never thought about that.

And to be devils advocate the premise is for a better lack of words "an chicken running around without head" levels of stupid
Where from what ive seen when used in stories generaly 1 of 3 things happen
1 they lean into the stupidity completly
2 they lean into it somewhat (
3 torture, ooc and someone goes evil reincarnated. or a copy of that one where sunny gets betrayed by rainbow and almost killed

I just realized something. This is sunset’s opportunity to see what people actually think of her.

And maybe she can teach them a lesson on how valuable trust is and how you can't just pick it up and put it down whenever you feel like it. They often forget that in these stories and nobody even tries to figure out why they didn't want to trust her.

This could also be an opportunity to improve herself. Maybe figure out ways to make amends with some of the students, because let’s be realistic there’s no way she made amends with EVERY student.

I'm not even sure that possible considering she ruled the school for a few years before twilight and can you remember everything that you said and did back then. It not possible. And if nobody decided to talk about it then she wouldn't be able to even try.

Depending upon what they did determine it for me.

She might not remember, but the students might. Also, you have to take into account the reason they didn’t talk about it, because they were scared of her. They’re not scared her anymore.

Yeah, because the story seems to hype it up as something big and bad. I’m hoping it is, but I won’t get my hopes up.

Yeah but they supposedly after the sirens weren't scared anymore so they had time to talk they just chose not to.

That’s also a possibility.

This is starting to make me question some things in mlp.

What things exactly just curious?

Like how many villains did they possibly do this to? We are usually so busy focusing on the heroes that we don’t pay much attention to the villains.

Im not sure how many but thats why i decided to do the Dazzlings cause why we do see them in the EG show it had been quite a while after Rainbow Rocks

I guess that makes sense.

Ok if the CMC are behind this, they need to be exposed and expelled, not just to be punished but to protect them.
Any student that been reduced to the point of taking their life or lashed out at others will hate them to the point of wanting to send them to the emergency room or kill them even.

"Well then I hope you are a good one seeing as most of the school needs consularing at this point,anyway enough with my rambling on,here we are" She said as we stopped in front of the door

What are you talking about? Y’all been needed it.

"Anything that needs to be done to insure the wellbeing of the student's" I answered Honestly before one of Celestia's eyebrows rised

I’m sorry, but that literally made me LOL.

"Anything even if it had to due with serious issues like Suicidal thoughts and cutting of the wrist's" She asked which made me stunned I never thought that she would bring such sensitive topics into this

I mean, it’s not really surprising. I’m more surprised that this isn’t brought up more often. You’ve had some of the students be bullied by sunset which could potentially cause these things itself, but with everything else going on it’s even more possible. I guess they only save it for anon-a-miss stories.

"You seem like a good person but how can I be sure tat you will put the student's wellbeing first,I have only known you for a day,I need more then just you saying you will seeing as you might not knwo how to deal with such topics" She told me while it shocked me I could see where she was coming from seeing as the entire school was even more divided then ever,even when I controlled the school I was never albe to tear it aprat this much

Seems the same to me.

"Well I think that concludes the interview,while I do have reservations about you,I think the students would relate to you like they used to do to Luna" She said as she put hand out which I shook

They would?

"Lets hope not now heres a map of the school I would give you a tour but I have too much paper work to do here,your office should be marked on the map" She said as she handed me the map and as I was about to leave she called out to me "and when you can I recommend going to visit Lunas office to get the student files" She said before going back to work and as I closed the door behind me I was actually more scared of meeting Luna now then before seeing as Celestia had scared me more then I thought she would

Why would she need the student files?

"The old queen bee thought she hurt only 20 or so when in reality she hurt 157 people in total a couple of them even being teachers"She admitted with a downcast face the only thought going though me head at that moment was just how many I had hurt in some way or another,that made me think of something worse,what if one of the reasons for not seeing people was because they may no longer be on this plane of existence,that made me sick inside,had I really been that oblivious to people around me,as to make sure Luna didn't ask why I wanted to know I stood up and got ready to leave

"I better get going from what you told me I am going have a lot of people to help"I said as I walked away while Luna just nodded after I closed her door I went to the Toilets and threw up just thinking about what had been revealed to me ,before I broke down completely

This right here. This is what we needed.

Looks like anyone who might have been holding a grudge after the sirens decided never to try to get resolution with her. They could have talked with her friends about the issues they had with sunset but chose not to. And yes she was a jerk but if you never speak up about your pain how will anything change for the better. And if Luna knew how bad she was why did she let her get away with it.

Comment posted by Kingcatalyst deleted Mar 11th, 2022

Thanks glad it had the intended effect,was worried it wouldn't make sense

I might take a break from writing this story for now,when I mean break I mean maybe a day or two but after I will start writing the next chapter

Well, it’s not really easy to talk about being bullied. As for luna I feel like celestia probably talked her into not doing anything.

It did. This is something that is never talked about.

Yet you can act like a bully to the ex bully who is trying to be better?! If you have the strength to act like a bully for revenge then you have the strength to act like an adult and talk about it.

Actually, I have to disagree on that one. If I was forced to choose I would have to go with the former. Although, that could just be because I’m a little anti-social.

Im not the best at this my self, but you should check for spelling errors.

Most errors should now be fixed if you see any please tell me so I can fix it

The only thing I didn’t like was how fast sunset seemed to recover from that. Especially when you consider what she found out and piece together. Everything else was great. I hope we see more of sunset trying to connect with Luna’s regulars. I’m actually curious on if one of the rainbooms are Luna’s regulars? Maybe pinkie pie or fluttershy? But, I wouldn’t mind if it was the others. They all seem like the type of people who would hide behind a mask when around others, but let it crumble when alone. Maybe have sunset question them about herself. Did they really believe she was anon-a-miss or were they just looking for a reason to get rid of her? Did they really forgive her or did they feel pressured to while still feeling the weight of what she did to them and they finally broke?

I want to like this story, but I don't.
Reason being everything s rushed, and the grammar is bad, but mostly it rushed.
I just can't take the story seriously more so after the current chapter.

Like she said Luna had the ability to speak she just didn't. Same goes for those sunset hurt. Yes she was a jerk but if you can't at least bury the hatchet for yourself then you will never escape the pain. They should have worked on letting it go somewhat. You don't have forgive but holding a grudge only hurts you in the long run.

Wow, this is getting dark, fast. I’m starting to worry about how many students are like luna and celestia.

"Well you are right about me being new to town I arrived yesterday im surprised your aunt didnt tell you about me" I said calmly,while I noticed pinkies hair deflate and have a look of saddness ok her face for a split second before going back to being happy,it was hard to see but I could see it

I always thought that pinkie hid her emotions with a smile.

""Good to see you again Sunny, Thanks for comforting Tia yesterday"She said the last part in a lower voice ad to not let othwr people hear

This just made me realize something. The way sunset confronted celestia was a real gamble. Some people prefer to keep their mask on and could get really defensive when you try to take it off forcefully.

This actually makes me worry about rainbow dash. She is one of luna’s regulars, which means she’s most likely been going there before this anon-a-miss thing even happened, right? Is there more going on?

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