• Published 28th Feb 2022
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The Assembly

It was now Tuesday,after last nights discovery I had come back to my apartment and gone to sleep almost instantly trying not to think about it,I was on my way to Canterlot high before I
decided to stop and get a little treat from sugercube corner,as I got my Coffee a Cupcake was put in front of my face by non other then Pinkie Pie

"Are you new to town,you have to be because I know everyone who lives here" She said still the same old hyper and excited Pinkie as ever before I
remembered she wasnt with the other rainbooms yesterday,which I found strange but maybe she was sick,I thought

"Well you are right about me being new to town I arrived yesterday im surprised your aunt didnt tell you about me" I said calmly,while I noticed pinkies hair deflate and have a look of saddness on her face for a split second before going back to being happy,it was hard to see but I could see it

"She was probably busy we have a couple big orders coming up soon,so she most likey forgot when she was doing most of them" Pinkie said happily I just shook my head at her seeing her still the usually self as I got up to get on my way to Canterlot High Pinkie had come back with her school bag walking besides me it was quiet especially when Pinkies next to me

"So you are a student at Canterlot High I take it" I asked her

"Oh yeah Ive been going there for years now,its the best,much better then Crystal prep" She said bitterly if it wasnt about Crystal prep I would of been concerned but almost every Canterlot student hates Crystal prep due to their rules and high regard to their student's

"Well looks like I will be talking to you a lot more in the coming year" I told her with happiness clearly in my voice

"Really your going to Canterlot high as well,what job did you get there,tell me me me" She said so quick I couldn't keep up for a second or two

"Im the new consular" I said calmly and clearly before I noticed Pinkies hair deflate a little bit

"Oh" She said sadly which made me concerned that wasnt the reaction I was expecting before I cpuld say anything she quickly ran to the school which was getting closer as I entered the building I walked towards the staff room already knowing the assembly was later in the day

As I entered I was greeted by Luna

""Good to see you again Sunny, Thanks for comforting Tia yesterday" She said the last part in a lower voice as to not let other people hear

"It was no problem I was going to confront her about it,sooner rather then later,it's why I came to her office Yesterday" I said while keeping the real reson I was there yesterday a secert

"Anyway you ready for your grand reveal at the assembly later today" Luna said happily

"Yea because having to get up on stage in front of 100s of students is gonna be really exciting and not make me nervous in anyway" I said sarcastically while Luna giggled to herself

"Well good thing im not the one starting it off,anyway I better get going who knows how much paper work I have left to do" She said before she waved and walked away

2 hours had passed since my conversation with Luna and the assembly was coming to the end of the news section before getting to staff changes

"Now as most of you know my sister had a secret leaked out by the Anon-a-miss making most of the people both scared and angry with her,knowing this she has step down form the consular position the person filling it,I will call on to the stage so they can tell you about themesleves" Celestia finished as I noticed many students whisper to eachother the entire time

I walked up onto the stage and the entire Hall went quiet as I stood there before I started speaking "Hello Canterlot High as Principal Celestia already told you I am the one who is taking over the consular position and I'm sure you have many questions,I will answer some of these now if you would like to ask me" I finished before I pointed to a student I knew as hoops

"How old are you exactly?" I was starting to get really annoyed at that question

"I am 21 years old" I responded calmly while hiding my annoyance,before I noticed Applejacks hand up,I nodded at her

"Where are you from?"She asked me in a southern accent

"I am from Whitetail" I told her before I noticed Moondancers hand up "this will be the last question I answer before we officially end this assembly" I told them before gesturing to Moondancer

"How will this effect the consular timetable for Lunas regulars" Moondancer asked me before I realised she must be another of Lunas regulars

"The consular timetable will stay the same as Lunas was,if that is all I bid all of you a Due" I said gracefully before I walked towards my office

Author's Note:

Sorry for the wait incorted a writing block temporarily,tell me if I made spelling mistakes as well