• Published 28th Feb 2022
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A Chat with Family part 2

Silence was the only thing that could be heard in the castle of friendship before as single word filled the entirely of Equestria citizens

"WHAT!" everyone in equestria would have heard Mom for miles,which made me relish Mom didnt know about a Biological Niece

I looked around and saw the mane six having a different reaction to Celestia,Twilight was having a small panic attack most likely due to the stress of the situation,Rarity had fainted,Pinkies jaw was to the ground along with Rainbows and finally poor little Fluttershy was giding under the table I wanted to help each of them but the Auntie Luna probably needs it more speaking of Auntie she was Having a small breakdown I quickly ran over and hugged her with Celestia doung the same

It had been half an hour since the reactions and while Luna had finally stopped crying and most of the mane six having recovered from the shock no one dared to speak or ask any questions,I knew that there and then I would have to start

"Auntie?" I Said using a low voice Auntie Looked at me

"Ye-s dea-r Nie-ce" Auntie said obviously trying to put on a mask,however unlike Mom ,Auntie just couldn't put a similar mask on

"I know that this must be hard for you to talk about but I have a question before I ask anything about what I said earlier" I said honestly knowing that it was best to ask Auntie about

"Go ahead dear Niece" Auntie responded having now put her mask up which I knew would probably break when I asked about Him

"Was Sombra always a Villan or was he something more important to you and Mon before he became one" I said softy and Weakly knowing I was technically talking about my uncle I noticed both Luna and Celestia instantly had a sad look ok their faces with Luna being more heartbroken while the bearers just watched most likely feeling out the loop

"To answer your question dear Niece,yes Sombra used to be a Nice caring stallion,he was actually brothers with a certain bearded Unicorn" I heard Twilight gasped "he was one of the advisors to Princess Mi Amore Cadenza the last Princess of the Crystal Empire before cadance,he always had a thirst for knowledge and loved to learn new magic and even make spells of his own he wad quite the Stallion to know and be friends with,during my first trip to the empire I was greeted by sombra and we just kind of what is the word the younger generation uses are thats it 'hit it off' so to speak which eventually led to..."Auntie had stopped speaking now her mask hadnt broken but it was cracking

"Led to what Princess Luna?" Twilight asked completely innocent while Rarity looked like she had just seen Twilight ask for death which to be fair I couldn't blame her

"We fell in love"Auntie said with her mask cracking once more,the bearers all gasped except Rarity who probably saw the signs about the way Auntie talked about him "we eventually got married in secert of course seeing as the publiv would love to tore into me back then" Luna said sadly while I noticed Celestia had been quiet before relishing her mask was up which meant she was probably going though loads of pain right now hearing about it

"after we had married me and sombra deceied to leave Equestria for a year for to relaxe and settle down and so I could escape the hate that equestria had for me,well a couple months into our vacation I had begun showing signs of Pregnancy" Luna said with ehe voice cracking and Celestia eyes instantly gpimg wide

"Why didnt you tell me I could of helped or done something?!" Celestia said obviously angry at the fact Luna didnt tell her

"I didnt wa-nt you to worry sis-ter not to ment-ion I didn't exac-tly trust you back then" Luna said regretfully while Celestia instantly weng form angry to sad again

"When I did give birth sombra was ecstatica,as was I" Luna said with some joy to her voice

"Not to be rude your highness What gender were they and what colours were there coat and mane if you dont mind telling us that is" Fluttershy asked softly and apologetically at the same time while Luna just smiled

"Its fine lady Fluttershy,they were a filly which me and sombra were hoping for,even if there were a colt it wouldn't change how happy we felt or how we woud treat them, they had a mane silmier to mine in terms of shape,but the colour was actually Cyan with the coat darkish green which surprised us greatly seeing as neither me or Sombra had Green coat or cyan mane before sombra said that his mother had a Cyan mane which woudl explain it,i was thinking about how the coat could be Green before I remembered that someone in mine and Celestia family had a green coat being our aunt" Luna said happily and slowly before her face became one of sorrow "me and sombra decided to go to one of our friends who was a doctor to get our little star a check up and what h-e tol-d us w-as something which i wouldn't wish for any mo-ther to hea-r ab-out the-ir ch-ild" Luna said while her mask had began completely being removed

"What is it sister what did the doctor say" Celestia asked concerned before also removeing her mask I was and the bearers all had worried looks on our faces

"H-e said she wo-uldnt su-rvi-ve the y-ear"

Author's Note:

Another chapter out and yes anothe cliffhanger