• Published 28th Feb 2022
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Sunset Shimmer the teen no more - Kingcatalyst

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The Harsh Reality

As I entered my office it was quite nice and open,as I sat down I remembered Celestia said to Get the student Files from Luna which seemed strange seeing as I should already have them all on the Computer but maybe its just me overthinking it I thought as I locked my new office door before walking towards Lunas office, I thought about how the school was at each others throats more then ever,sure I may of controlled the school but I never shared peoples secerts,I just threatened to show them to the rest of the school which always worked when I needed it to,now however most of the school are less trustful of one another,while I do recall people going to the consular office but they were only a couple of them not as many as Rarity impleied they are now I thought before I found myself in front of Lunas office I knocked on the door and heard someone get up a second later Luna opened the door

"Ah so you are the new staff member i take it" Luna asked me

"Yes my name is Sunny Skies and Celestia told me that I had to come get some student files form you?" I said thats when I noticed Lunas face show confusion

"What are you talking about the files are on your computer?" Luna told me questioningly

"Wait if there are on my computer then why would I need to" I stopped talking as I realised I had just been Fooled by Celestia so I could meet Luna

"Well im guessing my Sister wants us to talk to eachother so I can give you some names of students to check on first seeing as they no longer trust me" Luna said obviously used to Celestia doing this but also sadly while trying to cover up the last part

"I guess it would help me know what students I can expect to go to first or come to me dependingon what happens first" I said glad that she was at least willing to help me out even if I was new

"One of the Students who have been trobled for the past couple years is on3 who everyones even some of her teachers forget about is Wallflower Blush" Luna said as I tried to remember hearing about or meeting this student but I came up with nothing at all which shocked me if she had been coming here for years how could I not know about her before i thought before,Luna waved her hand in front of me

"Sorry zoned out for a minute there who else do I have to know about" I asked tahts when I noticed Luna's face was downcast now

"Look im going to be honest with you your my normal list of students that wanted consualaring were few and far between now however i could probably say any students name and they would need it,my list went from 7 to almost 242 in the span of two weeks" She admitted which shocked me just how many were affected by the anon-a-miss account

"Looks like the student who said the entire school would need consularing wasnt joking"I said hoping that Rarity was just joking but bow I know she wasn't

"Indeed the only other time that this many studnts cane to see me was when the old queen bee of the school was around" Luna said which made me do a double take I couldn't of been that bad right yea maybe shes talking about the queen bee before me I thought but knew that the only queen bee the past couple of years was me

"How many people did this queen bee effect exactly?" I asked while showing a neturl face as to not Ruin my disguise I needed to know how many people did hurt,I thought I hurt 30 at worse

"The old queen bee thought she hurt only 20 or so when in reality she hurt 157 people in total a couple of them even being teachers"She admitted with a downcast face the only thought going though me head at that moment was just how many I had hurt in some way or another,that made me think of something worse,what if one of the reasons for not seeing people was because they may no longer be on this plane of existence,that made me sick inside,had I really been that oblivious to people around me,as to make sure Luna didn't ask why I wanted to know I stood up and got ready to leave

"I better get going from what you told me I am going have a lot of people to help"I said as I walked away while Luna just nodded after I closed her door I went to the Toilets and threw up just thinking about what had been revealed to me ,before I broke down completely