• Published 28th Feb 2022
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Sunset Shimmer the teen no more - Kingcatalyst

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I waited serval minutes before getting a reply

"Sorry for the wait Sunny but she was hard to find seeing as we found her outside of her classroom" Raven told me over the mic

"Its fine Raven as long as she get heres safe and sound thats all what matters" I replied knowinh they probably needed to be safe and sound

Then I heard a knock on the my office door

"Its open" I said as It opened reveling the one student I had been wanting to see

"Hi Miss Skies,why exactly I am here?" she asked confused as to why she was called to me

"Just a meeting,you see I like to meet with Students who might need help with certain things because I used to be in th3 same predicament and To start of with this meeting I wnat you to see me as a friend not a staff member so please call me Sunny or Skies whichever you perfer" I said While having a smile on my face

"Oh ok,Skies but why exactly I am here I dont need help with anything im just a normal Kid with a normal home life" She said obviously trying to be as convincing as possible but she was not that good at lying

I sighed "Look im going tk be honest here I saw you searching though garbage yesterday on my way home" I said sadly while having a concerned face,she almost looked like her entire world had cracked with her facial expressions becoming one of sadness and loneliness

"So what are you going to do now?" She aksed with her hands holding both her sides in a effort to keep calm

"Nothing" I said honestly she looked up at me confused and bewildered

"Nothing but I thought you were going to send me back to the orphanage?" She said

"By nothing I mean nothing to do with sending you back to places seeing as they obviously didn't work out if what you have been doing is anything to go by" I said somely while looking at her as she processed what I said

"If thats true what are you going to do,Its not like I have anyone to turn to who I trust or who are in good enough conditions" she said with anger in her voice, I knew that would be her answer buf that also gave me an opportunity to help her even if It was a mistake seeing as I keep my stuff at my apartment a child especially one as young as her should never have to deal with homelessness and starvation

"I know you have no one you trust but what If I become one you can?" I said kindly

"I wouldn't mind but how do I know you wont turn out like the others who just turned their backs on me?" She said with some venom in her voice which surprised me quite a bit

"Well you see I have an Apartment which has two bedrooms but I only use one so the other goes to waste most of the time,So what do you think about moving in with me,that way you have somewhere with food and shelter,where we can build up our trust more does that sound good?" I asked in the best motherly voice I could she looked conflicted but I noticed she sighed before looking up at me

"Fine ill move in with you for now" She said hesitantly

"Well can't wait for you to move in"I said honestly

"So whats your full name by the way?" She asked which surprised me,I hadn't thought of one so this was awkward

"Ok as long as you tell me your's,my full name is Sunny Aphasia Skies" I said coming up with Aphasia on the fly,this must be to help build trust most likey I thought as being the only logical explanation

"Nice name it fits alright,but a deals a deals mine is Scoterloo Aurora Spectrum"

Author's Note:

A mini chapter seeing as I couldn't fit this with the next big chapter seeing as I dont like doing loads of stuff in a single chapter

Got a new avatar as well