• Published 28th Feb 2022
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Sunset Shimmer the teen no more - Kingcatalyst

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Meeting and Questions?

Ok now that the I had a start to the list I could come back to it later,I sat it down on my Desk before standing up and leaving my apartment to go to Canterlot High

As I approached the building I already Knew I had a appointment with Wallflower so when I saw her walking to the Garden alone I Knew that I could talk better with her there especially since it wqs Class time meaning she must of been upset or been dismissed early,unless she got removed whoch I highly doubt

As she entered the Garden she looked sad so I decided to call out to her "Wallflower,are you ok sweetie?" I asked almost perfecting moms voice she turned around and Gave me a half-hrarted smile "im fine consular Sunny Skies" I knew it was a lie and I was a bit sad that she addressed me so formally

"Wallflower I told you could call me what you want, Im meant to be more friend then authority after all so tell me whats on your mind,because no offence I can tell somethings troubeling you" Wallflowers smile went away before tears started welling up in her eyes,her fave becoming one of great anger

"WHY ARE YOU BEING SO NICE TO ME ALL OF A SUDDEN?!" She shouted at me Insanely loud,I just looked at her Confused at why she would say that "STOP ACTING LIKE YOU CARE THE ONLY REASON YOU'RE DOING THIS IS BECAUSE OF SUNSET!" I almost estictinly locked up shocked that she knew before I relished jumpijg to conclusions was what got me in this mess

"Wallflower I honestly Have no Idea what you are talking about,I have no relation with Sunset Shimmer,If I were I doubt Principal Celestia would give me this job seeing as if she is Anon-a-miss Celestia would be beyond mad seeing as her Sister had to stop doing what I am currently doing in place of her" I said calmly and Kindly to her,she looked conflicted before suddenly running up to me and jumping at me

As I was about to force her off me I relished she wqd Hugging me not hitting me I slowly patted her back for servel minutes telling her its ok before we both stood up with me handing her backpack to her

"Im sorry I was just so scared"

"Why were you so scared?"

"Because of Anon-a-miss" that made me pause

"What do you mean by that?" It gave me a troubled thought

"She posted again and this one was about how you look like her a tiny bit,and how you were always defending her" Wallflower said obviously still trying to keep herself together

"Well they are just rumors at the end of the day similar to how a student Loved her animals was a rumor so is this" I said calmly as she calmed down

"I want to help" That made me confused help with what

"With what exactly Wallflower?" I asked

"Catching Anon-a-miss,weather its Sunset or not they are too dangerous to deal with especially since they can get information ok staff that have been here for a couple weeks" she said showing more confidence then I had seen in her before

"Ok well there is one thing you can do which the others helping can't" I said

"I'll do anything you need me to do.in reason" Wallflower said beginning to go back to her shy slef

"Well I need you to do what you have been which is hard to notice,now im not syaing be invisible but you are one of the lesser known student around the school meaning you can get info on stuff me and the others cant,do you think you can do that for me?" I knew there was a risk to this but It would help the search greatly

"I may not like it it but its understandalbe and I guess being seen and heard is a risk rigjt now so I accept but Can we still have our weekly chat" she asked

"Of course now I need to cut this short because there is a student who is suffering so much that she may not life the week,so I am sorry but I worry for their safety" I said concerned and worried for them

"Absolutely Im fine,just gad we could talk but if what you talk about us true I wony keep you and here a key to the garden In case its locked and you want to visit goodbye for now I need to water the garden" Wallflower said trying to keep an brave face at what I had said while she waved goodbye and I walked towards the main building

In the hallways students kept their distance,as I made it to my office I opened it and sat at my desk before putting my bag down and setting up my laptob before pressing the buzzer

"yes Skies what do you need?" I heard Raven on the other side

"It not what do I need but who" I said

"ah ok I understand,who do you need me to call to your office?"

"Could you call Miss Spectrum please"

Author's Note:

Sorry for long wait had a tiny writers block with work and college taking time up of my day,but here is one of the first chapters focused on Anon and Wallflower along with a mystery at the end btw Pete and Theresa have fun