• Published 28th Feb 2022
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Sunset Shimmer the teen no more - Kingcatalyst

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Two students and a reunion between family

Sunset ran back to her apartment confused why her friend's didnt believe her as she went into her apartment, she wrote what had happened to twilight

*They didn't believe you how could they be so clueless and idiotic* Sunset noticed that the writng was a bit more slanted then usually probably meaning that twilight was beyond angry

*Its fine i didn't expect them to believe me with how much they have been acusing me and how the mob mentally has been at CHS* she finished writing and waited expecting a somewhat calm response

*You can come and stay in equestria for a couple days* was the last message she was expecting from twilight seeing as she didnt want to confront Princess Celestia again

*Twilight im not so sure that would be a good idea with celestia probably still being disappointed in me* Sunset replied thinking celestia hated her

*What are you talking about shes worried sick about you,The first thing she asked when i came out the portal was if you were ok!* Twilight responded Sunset was shocked she thought celestia would hate her at worse and at best just be disappointed, she never thought she was worried about her

*If i can stay in your castle and i am not forced to talk to Celestia i will come and stay for a few days i guess* Sunset responded excited at the thought of being able to see what equestria looks like now that she knew the princess didnt hate or wasn't even disappointed in her

*could you come now or are you gonna be busy in your world* Twilight asked though the book

*No i don't think so I'll come to you now if you want* Sunset wrote to twilight knowing that all her plans for the weekend were not existent with her friends betraying her

*Ok ill go and set up the Mirror now see you when you come though* Twilight told her

4 minutes later sunset was walking towards CHS with her j
bag and then in no time at all she was now infront of the very staute that brought her to this world

"Ok time to go home" Sunset told her self as she stepped though

On the other side sunsets pov

"Twilight a bit of help please" i called out while trying to get my hoofing i was albe to get up on my own that's when i saw Twilight with her jaw dropped and looking up at me,wait how is she looking up at me we were the same height last time i was here

"Equest to twilight you there?" i said waving a hoof at her that's when she jumped back

"Sorry sunset its just you look taller and um you might want to look at what's on your back" She said apologetically and nervously at the same time

Ok what's on my back i thought as i looked behind me and saw two wings of fire on my back that were almost as big as celestia's "Twilight where's the closest bed or sofa?" I asked calmly

"Behind you why do you ask?" She asked me wondering why i would want know

"No reason" i said as i walked over to it and promptly fainted right on top of it

50 minutes later

"Wake Up Sunset!" Twilight screamed at me using her Royal Voice

"Im up!" I said quickly to get her to stop

"Good now i know you not gonna like what im about to send to someone but we need answers and only one perosn may know the answer,Spike!" she said as Spike came running in

"Yea twi,oh hi sunset wait sunset why are you so tall and how do you have wings!" Spike asked i just said "i dont know either i just do for some reason" I told him honestly having no clue how i have wing's

"Spike send this letter to the Princess" twilight said as spike sent it a gew seconds later

"What twilight i said i would come as long as you didnt force me to talk to celestia!" i said feeling betrayed

"That was before you grew really tall and somehow have wings of fire,you and i know only celestia may have the answer" She told me in a low and empathetic voice

"I hate it when you are right" i said knowing full well celestia was most likey the only one to know the answer

"Sunset your really back" i heard a familiar voice say from behind me and standing there was the person who i thought was like a mother to me

"Princess celestia" i said With tears in my eyes with my voice cracking as i said her name

"My little Sun you've come home" she said as she started stroking my hair and getting me into a deep embrace

4 minuts of hugging and crying later

"Princess how did i-" was all i could say before my mouth was covered by a white hoof

"No formal title you are to call me celestia,tia or if you want Mom" she said softly with twilight jsut gasping at the last word she said with me also speechless at the fact she said i could call her mom

"Mom while am i like this" i asked her after a minute of silence

"You are like this because you are the bearer of magic" She told me softly

"But twilights the bearer of magic that doesn't make sense" i said confused at how me and twilight could both be the bearer of magic

"Thats because you are the Humans world Bearer of magic" she clarified clearly and straight to the point

"There's a bearer of each in both world's?" i asked what she said next made me shocked but also made more logical sense

"No while each element choose the bearer in our world ,in the human world you are the person who choose's who gets what element other then magic of course,thats why your old friends were able to use them because you let them without realising it" She informed me

"When how did they use the elements when they defeated me" i asked

"Because you were not the only baerer of magic were you in your world at the time" She said as she looked at Twilight

"However the reason you are so tall is that the portal has finally given your real age back" She told me and twilight

"Would that mean i would be a human adult on the other side if i go though aging" i asked

"Most likey yes you would be a 23 year old human adult" She told me

"Good to know" i said as i walked back other to the couch and then fainted yet again

Author's Note:

All spelling mistakes to my knowledge have been corrected