• Published 28th Feb 2022
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Sunset Shimmer the teen no more - Kingcatalyst

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A talk with Mrs cake

I woke up tossing and turning befire I eventually sat up and turned my alarm off which said it was 7.47 am,I immediately regretted getting up early but I need to make sure I have everything sorted out I thought as I got up

23 minute's later I was already on the way to the mall but that's when I felt really hungry due to me not having anything yesterday that's when I realised the only food place that would be open this earlier is sugercube corner

After I entered sugercube corner I sat down at one of the tables and waited for a waitress when I saw Mrs cake coming toward's me I was confused for a second until I remembered that most of the catering staff don't start until 9

"Hi deary what can I get for you today?" Mrs cake asked me

"Could I just get a coffee and some cupcake's" I told her knowing that having cupcake's so early wouldn't be good later on but I was too hungry and tired to care

"Ok that will be out soon deary and you wouldn't mind if I sat with you seeings as I like to get to know my customer's,also since your probably new to town as well" Mrs cake asked me I knew that she did this with ever customer but I knew that I would probably be coming here more so I reluctantly agreed "Sure I don't see a problem with that" I told her as she sat down opposite me

"So deary whats your name" Mrs cake asked me while she smiled at me

"Sunny skies but you can just call me Sunny" I responded before I noticed her face was downcast now ,I was confused before I could ask her what was wrong she started talking aging

"You wouldn't be related to sunset shimmer would you now " She asked with a tiny bit of anger behind her voice which made wonder why until I remembered that pinkie was her niece

"Who is this Sunset you speak of,i just moved here" I asked pretending to not know

Her face went back to being soft and caring "sorry its just sunset is a bully at the school my niece goes to and I wanted to know if you could talk some sense into her if you were related" She admitted which made me heartbroken,sure I know everyone at school thinks im the one behind anon-a-miss but I thought people outside of school could tell it wasnt me apparently I was mistaken

"So what has this Sunset done exactly" I asked trying to see how much she believes I am anon-a-miss

"Well she was always a bully but something happened at school that made her more open and friendly even becoming freinds with my niece and her group of friends but we were all wrong when a account named anon-a-miss started sharing people secret's" She told me sadly I decided to ask for evidence that i was anon-a-miss

"So there must be quite a lot of evidence that she is anon-a-miss if poeple believe it's her right?" I asked curiously thats when i noticed her face became neutral this time and even uncertain

"Well no there's actually been no evidence thats its her other then secerts that people only shared with her" She admitted sounding uncertain

"So everyone's just going off accusations and no hard evidence other then I told her this secert and thats all?" I asked wondering if she knew about the picture that i took at the sleepover that was posted

"Well there is one which is a picture of one of my nieces freinds taht only she had" She said a bit more confident then before

"A picture which any smart enough hacker could get a hold of" I pointed out plainly

"Why are you even pointing all this out you said you didn't know her, why would you care?" Mrs cake said cautiously

"Mrs cake the reason is this girl could go to the school I am having a interview at and while this may seem like I am defending her while this is not the case its just if she hasn't done any of what you say she has,she is the victim in this whole ordeal not the villan" I said plainly and to the point while mrs cake looked the most uncertain she had been so far

"That's is a good reason for wanting to know to be honest,so where do you have a interview at?"Mrs cake asked me trying not to think about the anon-a-miss account

"I have Interview at canterlot high for the recently opened up consular position" I responed before drinking the last of my coffee

"Well in that case I wish you luck since that school's been at eachother's thorats due to the account even my niece is starting to break under the pressure and she's always happy" Mrs cake said somely while I gave her the payment for breakfast

"Before I go I what you to think more about the ever persons angle including sunsets if you wouldn't mind" I said before she nooded at me and left back on my way to the mall

Author's Note:

In my Equestria girls au Pinkie is Mrs cakes niece