• Published 28th Feb 2022
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Sunset Shimmer the teen no more - Kingcatalyst

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The Talk

As I Walked out of my office seeing as that was the only appointment I had,I decided to go to sugercube corner to get a quick bite,as I was going towards however I remembered my promise to check up on the sirens and decided to get food later as I walked towards the shelter I thought about Rainbow's confession before remembering something I should of pucked up on seeing as I red it before she came in Rainbow was another one of Lunas regulars,but she never talked about going to the consular during any of the time I was apart of the rainbooms whoch made me Relish that I would have to ask her during another session,as I entered the shelter I noticed the same employee from a couple days ago at the desk as I got closer he seemed to Brighten up a bit

"Your the one who helped those girls,good to see you aging and not a minute too soon" He said

"Why what happened are they okay?!" I frantically asked before relishing I was sounding like a parent who was worried for their children "Sorry about my reaction continue" I told him

"Its fine and they are fine,they were starting to think you wont coming back which made all of them a bit down the one called Sonata being the most upset" he admitted which made me realise I should of come earlier

"I didnt mean for them to be that upest I'll go see them now,im guessing they are still in the same room right" I asked him,he nodded to me

As I was about to enter the room I thought about a little more exciting way to announce that I was here I slammed the door open and shouted "guess whos back to see you all" as I did that I saw all three of them jump up before Sonata smiled while the others had a neturl face

"You came back I knew you would" Sonata said as she ran up to me snd hugged me,I hugged her back

"Of course ehat kind of person would I be if I didnt stick to my promises" I told her while smiling before I turned my head towards Aria and Adagio all three them were looking better with them not looking as skinny as before "I see all of you are doing better now unlike when I found you" I said happily and somely at the end

"You I told you we didnt need help" Aria said before adding "but still thank you for helping us"

Adagio just continued looking me up and down I was getting annoyed at the fact she kept doing it "You know its rude to stareat someone" I said while staring at her,that seemed to have made her realise how long she had been doing it

"Sorry ots just I am usually able to tell what someone wants out of helping us but you are a complete mystery" She said which made me do a double take

"What do you mean?,I do this because I like helping people my job is to help people for chirst sakes" I said using chirst felt weird after using celestia for so long but I couldent let them know I was from equestria

"No that isnt it I could tell when people do stuff like thsi for us well on a less scale then you but that isn't just it" Adaigo said firmly

"Well you can have fun with that seeing as I will be coming here to see you more and more" I said calmly

Before I heard a familiar shout from the door I had entered through

"What are you three doing here" I turned around and saw it was Rarity who had said it with the others behind her,Rainbow's and fluttershy's face were the only ones with neutral faces on

"They are here for the same reason as anyone else come here for,help and shelter" I stated calmly to Rarity and the rainbooms

"Do you have any idea what they hav done" Applejack said angrily while the sirens got behind me in a defensive position,I was shocked were these girls blind to the Sirens condition or did they not care

"No Miss apple I do not know and I dont need to know because everyone deserves help when they need it defying that makes us the same as wild beasts" I told her firmly before she got even madder

"I think Miss Skies is right girls,I mean they look in no shape to do anything which just shows how bad life has been for them" Fluttershy said kindly while the others minus Pinkie and Rainbow just stared at her in shock

"Ok if that's what you think how about we hold a vote if 3 three of us vote that they deserve help we will leave them be but if ee dont think they do ee force them out of here" Applejack said angrily and firmly I just stared at her does she think she can demand someone to be kicked out they all nodded as they pit their votes in applejacks hat

"Ill take them out and read them one by one as to make sure their no foul play" I said calmly as they nodded

"Ok one for leave them be,another for leave them be,one for kick ou another for kick out and the final one is leave them be" I stated smugly as I handed Applejack her hat back both Rarity and Appeljack looked at Rainbow knowing neitehr of them had voted for leave them be

"Rainbow why would you vote with them dont you remember how much pain they caused" Rarity said as Applejack nodded in agreement

"Because everyone deserves a second chance and you two were acting like Sunset used to before the fall formal so snap out of your fantasy world and realise the world is in gray not balck and white!" Rainbow shouted at them,they both nodded slightly scared at Rainbow beofew they all left with Rainbow giving me a smile before levainv me and the Sirens be

"Well that was unexpected" Sonata said as we all nodded in agreement

Author's Note:

Do Leave any comments about spelling mistakes please I did this chapter in less then a hour