• Published 28th Feb 2022
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Sunset Shimmer the teen no more - Kingcatalyst

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It had been quite a few days after my talk with Trixie on Wednesday and it was now the weekend and while I had checked up on Rainbow,Pinkie,the Dazzlings and Wallflower,today I was doing something which I thought I would never do and that thing is go and hangout with my principal and vice-principal,which are also alternatives versions of my Aunt and Mother which is awkward but they had invited me and I had no reasonable excuse to get put of it and I have some questions for them anyway as I kept thinking about how awkward and weird I would feel today I relished it was almost time to meet them at Joes dount shop

As I left my apartment and started walking towards Joes I thought about what Questions I would ask,one of them was definitely the situation with Trixie another was how Luna and Celestia are sisters in thia world but have different last name's which would make sense if one of them had married however tha biggest confusion I had was how neither of them had Moms or Auntie's last name with it being Nova while Principal Celestia last name was Everfree with Lunas being the same as a certain student

I stopped thinking about it as I opened the door to Joes

"Well look what the cat dragged if it isnt one of my new favourite customers Sunny Skies" Joe said happily and welcoming like always

"Oh you know me so well Joe for someone whose only known me for a week or so" I said joyfully

"Well its what I do best,seeing as the more I know my customers the better chance I have for me predicting there order speaking of which,im guessing your orders gonna be a couple choclate dounts like last time?" He predicted which bothe impressed me and annoyed at how good he was even if I got it lats time it had been almost 5 days since I have been in here

"How do you manage to remember even person ordera who comes in here" I asked curious as to how he can do it he just lauged in response

"That my dear Sunny is a secret I will take to my grave,are you meeting anyone by chance?" He asked now it wad getting ridiculous how could he know that

"Im seriously considering that you have some type if mind read powers or something" I said stunned

"Well bo only reason I kneo is caues Tia and Lulu already told me plus there over bh the far booth waving at you" He said smugness clear on his voice I just sighed annoyed what he didnt tell me that they were here " anyway heres your order hope you enjoy and until next time" he said as I picked up my order and went to the booth with them having sat on the one side so I would be opposite both of them

As I sat down Celestia greeted me "Sunny so glad you could make it me and Luna were just talking about how good you are as both a consular and punisher seeing as Luna thinks you handled the situation with the Rainbooms better then she could at the time" Celestia said happily with Luna nodding in agreement

"Oh you give me too much credit and to be honest we both know Luna loves giving out punishments for the students" I said chuckling a bit while Luna just made a annoyed face along with a couple groans with Celestia chuckling a bit

"I wont deny ir conform what you said however this is not a plave to discuss it" Luna said while pouting after

"Anyway I do have some questions for you two" I said while they looked at me

"Ok so what student or teacher do you want to know about" Luna said while Celestia just nodded while I was surprised I relished they probably thought I meant someone else

"Oh know you got it wrong what I want to knwo Is why the two of you have different last names along with Luna having the same as a certain studneg who put on magic shows" I said as I notice that the both of them had turned pale with them not speaking a word

" well you see uh the reason why I have a diffrent name is because I'm married" Luna said with her cheeks having the a tiny bit of red to say I was shocked was a overreaction I had already guessed as much but the real question was who is Lunas other half

"Well first things first congratulations,I might be a bit late but its nice to know you have someone other then Celestia and me to turn to along with your other freinds of course,second whos the lucky man who captured your heart" I said reverting back to my playful and happy side

"Well hes actually a commander in the army,his name is Sombra" She said having more blush on her face due to my comment however I was shocked but I knew the world's were different so It isnt that far fetched

"So now that I knwo taht why does Trixie have the same last name as you?" I asked already knowing the answer but wanting to be sure

"Well thats because Trixie is Lunas daughter and my niece" Celestia said happily with some proudness coming though

"Oh do thats why she almost said mom when I ased her about the relationship between her and Luna" I said calmly

"Sunny can you promise us that you will not tell any of the students or other teachers about this?" Luna begged I knew why seeing as People would just acuse Luna and Celestia going easy on her becsuse of their relation to her

"Talk about what to the rest of the school?" I asked faking ignorance

"Thank you Sunny" Celestia said happily while smiling

"No problem I mean what are freinds for" I said with a smile on my face while i still wanted to ask why Celestia last name is Everfree It can wait for another time

Author's Note:

Sorry for the late update been busy