• Published 28th Feb 2022
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Sunset Shimmer the teen no more - Kingcatalyst

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Familiar faces

I had arrived at the mall and brought some new clothes however as I planned to leave I noticed Three people that are recognised barley,the first had dark purple and cyan hair,the second had Light blue with stripes of dark blue,the third had orange with Yellow stripes it was the sirens except they looked horrfic each one worse for ware it was adagio who looked more thin when the rest of them i walked over to where they were

"Do you three need any help?" I asked I may of disliked them but I didn't hate them completely Sonata looked up at me but didn't speak with Aria just looking somewhere else before Adaigo spoke

"no thank you we are fine" She said to me with her voice cracking and sounding sore

"I'm sorry but I don't quite believe that you three are fine" I said sympathetically with a downcast face

"I told we are fine!" She shouted at me while staring angrily in my eye's "Just leave us alone" She asked

"No" I plainly stated while adagio just looked at me with Sonata looking in between us

"I'll knock your teeth out if you dont leave me and my sisters alone" Aria said have threateningly not been sneaking up until that point I just sat down opposite them just didn't speak

Thats when Aria tried to stand up most likey to try and beat me up before she collapsed on the ground I rused over and sat her back up

"See you are not fine you cant even stand up without getting hurt" I told them

"So what we said we dont wnat your help and thats"Adagio began before sonata spoke for the first time

"Help us please i beg you" Sonata said her voice weak and pleading Adagio just stopped speaking

"Sonata what the hell" Aria said before she noticed sonata's face full of tears

"Ok can any of you walk?" I asked hoping one of them could

"I can" sonata said

"Ok sonata right?" I asked pretending not to know their names she nodded "ok so I can carry both your sisters im gonna need you to carry my bag do you think you ahve enough strength for it" I asked not wanting to put her in a even worse state

"I think so depends on how long we would be walking" She said while Aria and Adagio were still speechless

"Ok here you go it wont be a long way" I said as I gave her my bag before I picked up Adagio and Aria they were so light which made me feel sick before I started walking towards a Shelter for the homeless

"Where are you taking us I demand to know" Adagio said angrily

"Someplace that can help you get back on your feet" I stated plainly as I thought about how they could be in such a bad condition,we might not of found them after the battle of the bands but I thought they had some kind of income or palce to stay apparently I was wrong which is happening a lot today

In 5 minutes we had arrived as i came in i heard someone shout "hey what are you doing with those girls" One of the volunteer's asked

I am bringing them to you found them at the nearby mall and they are really hurt and underfed i think just please shelter them" I asked knowing that this might be th only way they could get off their feet

"Nevermind set them down in here this room is not being used currently" he said as he led me to a room with 6 beds all if which were empty I sat both of them down on separate beds before taking my bag form sonata as she sait down on one of the beds with Aria and Adagio having both sat up

"Thank you for your help what's your name?" Sonata said happily with Adagio just nodding and aria sparing a grunt

"No problrm and couldnet just leave you three there anyway my name is Sunny Skies what are your full names" I asked them acting like we hadnt met before

"Well as you know im Sonata,Sonata Dusk to be exact" she said as looked at Adagio

My name would be Adagio Dazzle" She said with a neturl face before looking at Aria

Why should i tell her my name just because she helped us doesn't mean we have to be nice to her"Aria said angrily

"Her names Aria Blaze and shes like this with ever new person we meet" Sonata said while Aria just stared angrily at her

"Ok sorry to cut this short but I have a interview in a couple hours and I need to get these clothes back to my apartment,ill come check on you ever couple days to make sure your getting better" I said as their all nooded in understanding then going on my way

Author's Note:

Yes two chapters within 1 day of on another