• Published 28th Feb 2022
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Sunset Shimmer the teen no more - Kingcatalyst

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It took me a solid five minutes before I finally recovered from what I just heard and looked at Luna who currently had Trixie pinned against the wall with her magic

"Auntie stop!" I shouted at her as I used my magic to try and make her lose concentration Luna looked at me

"Why should I dear Niece when this showmare refuses to tell me how she knows my daughter's name!" Luna said angrily

"Auntie you'll never get your answers if you keep pinning her against the wall especially seeing as you still driving her into it" I said concerningly while Luna looked still looked angry she also looked confused

"What is thou talking about niece why is it a problem that im driving her into the wall" Luna said confusingly

"Maybe because its a crystal wall and your hurting her!" I shouted at her while summoning my Wings as Luna realised what she was doing,she stopped and dropped her before I flew and catched Trixie on my before I set her down I noticed something Trixies eyes were now slitted and had a different colour in each with the colours being Red and Dark blue respectively

"Sunset,thank you for saving Trixie I am as angry as everyone elseI have to admit that, Trixie obviously knows something but shes also one of my only friends other then twilight and the others" I heard Starlight say behind me as Trixie was still face down only I knew about her eyes changing colour

"No problem Starlight however I think Trixies hiding more then just knowing Emerald moon as Lunas daughter's name" I said confidentiality

"What do you mean by that exactly my little sunshine?" As mom said that I heard everyone laugh I just covered my face with one of my hoofs and looked down as everyone in the room laughed

"Mom?! you promised not to use my nickname infront of people" I said embarrassed at my mom using my nickname

"Sorry dear but continue with what you were going to say" Mom said as everyone stopped laughing except Rainbow who laughed for longer then everyone else,after I turned around and look at Trixie

"Ok Trixie usual I would ask how you know that name however I have a different question and it is why do your eye have 2 different eye colours along with them being slitted all of a sudden" as I asked,I noticed Trixie punch the floor with her hoof glowing slightly before fading away,which we all found strange before I heard a rumble below me,before I jumped backwards towards the others who all just looked flabbergasted as me when we saw,giant Green crystal come out of the ground that I had been standing on

"When did Trixie learn Crystal magic!" Twilight said completely surprised at the fact Trixie could use it as much as I was

"Sister isn't this type of magic only in the restricted section" I heard auntie Luna say

"It is now but that doesn't explain how she can do it,I put mutiple spells and enchantments on that area of the restricted section due to followers of Sombra trying to learn Crystal magic" I herad mom say which made sense ever since the defeat of Sombra mutiple cults have popped up dedicated to him and while most were whiped out a few remained

"Sorry to interrupt darling but we have a bigger problem on our hands at the moment" Rarity said to us which surprised seeing as she basically told the two beings who moved celestial objects to focus but she is right as I looked at Trixie I noticed that the red smoke was much more prominent then before and that the others had seen it

"While can't you just keep your muzzle out of my business,so I know a name big deal it isnt like Sombras dairy is in the Crystal Library!" I was tempted to cover my ears with how she was shouting but I Knew I could manage it

"It isnt Trixie,Cadance found Sombras dairy but didnt want anyone to read it not even herself so she brought to me,so I could destroy which I did as soon as she gave it to me" mom said softly while keeping a neutral face

"Well maybe there was 2 dairy's and you found the original not the spare" I noticed almost immediately that Trixies voice was trembling a tiny bit before I remembered something about the differences between worlds 'while most events are the same,some are different an example is how Theres a Sunset in our world but none in yours ,at least that was born there meaning something changed that only happened due to magic existing in our world' it was a conversation between Twilight and The girls which,while I was apart of it I had forgotten it due to fighting the dazzlings before hand,thats when I thought about it further and came to an conclusion

"Trixie before we do fight can I quickly ask you something?" I asked

"Sure but be quick and don't try anything" She said obviously cautious of me

"Ive always wondered if there was a difference between my world and this one in terms of events,originally I thought things were the same except when I found no mention of another me now I was born to one mother and that is it so tell me what is the difference that made that happen?"

Trixie looked depp in thought before her eyes suddenly widened and she gritted her teeth "magic thats the difference"

"You are correct however that means that anything thats true in my world is also true here becyse it has to be true here before it is there meaning if you were the daughter of someone there,it would mean you are the daughter of the same person here"I said knowing I had backed her in a corner

"Niece what are you getting at while I am following your logice you make it sound like Trixie is someones daughter over there?" Auntie said completely confused

"Well Auntie remember when you said you wanted to know how Trixie knew Emerald's name" She nodded "well thats because you were asking her for her own name" I said while looking down

"But that would mean Trixie is...." I heard Auntie say before silence followed with the discovery of a lifetime

Author's Note:

Hi sorry for such a large delay to explain in a simple way I have a job now so I wont have as much free time,I will still write but chapter will be quite a while apart now