• Published 28th Feb 2022
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Sunset Shimmer the teen no more - Kingcatalyst

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I had gone through the portal,as I did I looked around to see it was getting dark
As I started towards my home, I checked my phone which had been useless in Equestria due to it not having cell towers and noticed a text from Rainbow.

*hey Sunny,I know your probably busy right now,however me and Pinkie feel like we should apologise to the Dazzlings and we want you to be there just in case someone loses their cool or one of the others come in.*

'I had always thought about making them meet each other and see if they could become friends, originally I decided against it, however now that Pinkie was also on our side, It could do both parties some good.' I thought before starting to text back

*I think that is a wonderful idea Rainbow,seeing as the dazzlings were actually willing to forgive you for bargaining with the others due to you voting to leave and for also being docile, Pinkie Is probably the same seeing as she and Sonata are so similar,just tell me when you want to do this and ill be there.*

I finished typing knowing there was a high chance if Rainbow not replying for a wild as I was 2 thirds to my home,before I heard a loud !BANG! Down the alley way,'I know I have to be careful but if someones hurt they ate going to need help'

As I slowly entered the alley I noticed that a couple the bin lid's were scattered about before I could continue I saw someone come out from behind the pile of bins with their back turned to me.

I knew that who it was immediately by their colour sceme and size which made me sick to my stomach,just as I was about to speak they suddenly started running.

in my shock and confusion of the event,by the time I snapped out of it and they were long gone, However a bonus was their might be albe to escape outside of the school,inside however,their were going to find it really difficult to do seeing as they didn't even look at me meaning if I called them to my office they would think nothing of it,I stopped thinking about it so I could refocus on getting home and trying to find Anon-a-miss

The first thing was to make a list of possible suspects along with another for people who are definitely not Anon-a-miss,second was to ask for help from the principals to see if they can monitor student activity on school computers in case they use them,three wqs already underway with making allies left right and centre

I know I could think of more to do on the list but I was too tired to care I thought as I opened the door to my apartment before quickly getting changed and laying down on my bed before drifting peacefully to sleep

It was the next day now,good thing was I was not needed until later on at school meaning I could work on the list I do that I started to get changed and cleaned,after I did I sat down at my desk and picked up my phone to see a reply from Rainbow

*of course you would think its a good idea I mean I came up with it after all* I couldn't help but chuckle seeing as she was acting like herself finally

'Okay now the list of suspects could be long as tarturus seeing as anyone I hurt could be behind it,so first things the list of people who 100% wouldn't be Anon-a-miss'

'Rainbow and Pinkie I can confirm arent seeinh as neither would do this and Rainbow especially because of her family,Lyra and bonbon are a no go seeing as seeing as they actually tried to convince people it wasn't me when I had walked by the them the other day talking to some others,Derpys too kind and inner to do something like this,one of the CMC based on what I saw yesterday,arent Anon-a-miss and if one of them are not neither would the others,at least Its not likey but cant rule out the other two,flash is a almost completely unlikey to be him seeing as he was actually ok with me breaking up with him due to him wanting it as well,wallflower is not either she may of hated me but she wouldn't be albe to do most of this plus she can't lie that well,Trixie definitely isn't she's too emotionally unstable at the moment

So thats 9 students who cant be Anon-a-miss,its a start and thats only of my current knowledge at least that eliminates some of them at least,ok now time to do the suspect list and I can already think of 3 people who could do this if they really wanted to'

'Applejack,Rarity and Fluttershy,while the chance of them not being Anon is high I can't rule out completely,Snips and Snails with help could do this but they are too dumb to do it alone she they could have someone working with them, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are unlikely to do this since they started becoming nicer but they still could be then theres one person which could be Anon but what would terrify me,seeing as my theory was dissproven back home with Emerald Never existing here,meaning there could be a chance that I could be behind this even if there's no magic naturally here doesn't mean it isnt a possibility after all I may of been bad But she could be worse'

Author's Note:

Surprise chapter and we are finally getting to even more Au divergents along with hutting Anon-a-miss starting to be targeted

Have fun with deciphering all of this Pete and Threse