• Published 28th Feb 2022
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Sunset Shimmer the teen no more - Kingcatalyst

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Coming to terms with the past

Author's Note:

Yes I know in the comment on the last chapter I said I would take a coupe days off for a break but I just can't even if i should

I had finally recovered from my break down after an entire hour,just the thought that I had done so much damage and to people I thought were just being unforgiving for no reason,when the opposite is true, I was the one being selfish and uncaring of what they went though during my reign of terror ,they had good reason to not forgive me or even become my freinds,I need to rectify this but how I am going to do that now I thought with tears still going down my face

Thats when I realised that the only way I could help was to do the job I had been given,at least I might have closure knowing I helped some of them at least the ones who were still here

As I got up and headed to my office I noticed that most of the school was quiet,which surprised me seeing as it should be lesson time I thought as I looked up at the clock on the wall expecting it to be 2 pm instead it was 4 pm which shocked me had I really spent that long in the toilets,I thought as I rounded a corridor

I saw my office but then noticed someone waiting outside,I didnt recognize her which surprised me I thought I knew everyone at Canterlot high apparently not

"Hi what are you doing outside my office"I said as I greeted her she inturn almost jumped out her skin before she relaxed

"Your office ?, wheres Luna we had a appointment set for today" She said which broke my heart,Celestia would probably tell them in the weekly assembly held on Tuesday

"I am deeply sorry for having to tell you this but Luna can't be consular and Vice-Princepal for personal reasons" I told her while trying not to bring up Anon-a-miss,I noticed her instantly have tears in her eye's,this must be one of Lunas regulars then, if she had such a deep connection to cry that Luna wasnt consuar anylonger so I hugged her knowing I would need to comfort loads of people if I want to do this job properly it had been 2 minutes since she had strated crying she was starting to calm down "whats your name?" I asked in the most soft voice I could as I slowly came out the Hug

"My name's Wallflower blush" She said with her voice cracking which just told me how upset she was with this change

"Ok its nice to meet you Wallflower,my names Sunny Skies but you can call me Sunny or Skies if it would make you feel more comfortable" I told her as I remembered this was the one Luna told me of,the same girl who I hadn't known came to this for years

"Thanks sunny,so im guessing by the fact you said it was your office you are the new consular to replace Luna" She said shly which broke me heart that she thought I was completely going to try and replace Luna

"Hey dont be sad just because im the new consular doesn't mean I replaced Luna you can still go see her anytime,I could never replace someone you have a connection with" I told her honestly as she looked up at me with a smile

"Thank you for saying that it makes me feel better that I can still talk with Luna" She said more openly

"Now how about we go in my office and get to know each other better" I asked her hoping to get to know her better she just nodded slowly as I unlocked the door I gestured for her to sit down and relax

As she sat down I got sat on my chair and looked to Wallflower "Ask me some questions and ill ask you some after you know a bit more about me how does that sound?" I said as she nodded

"Ok so how old are you,im just curious since you look young to be consular" She asked me

"I get that question a lot,the answer always the same though I may look 18 or 19 but im actually 21" I answerd her confidently

"You do look young but some people just get good genetics I guess,where are you from?" She asked

"I am from whitetail,now would it be ok if asked some questions?" I said as she nodded in response which i was glad about

"Ok so how old are you?"I asked

"I am 15 turning 16 next month" she said shly

"The Big 16 I remember when I had mine but this about you not me,how long have you been going to canterlot high for"I asked as to see if she was here all along or a transfer student taht I had missed during my regin of terror

"Ive been going here since I turned 12"She said honestly,the fact that she had been here for that long without me noticing just made me realise how alone she must of felt all these year's

"Ok now I want to make it clear that if you have any problems at all with anyone threatening you or just being mean to you I want you to come to me or Luna whichever one you see first ok" I said relishing people would most likey walk all oevr her which worried me greatly she nodded before she giggled a little bit "ok whats so funny?" I asked a bit confused why she was giggling

"You sound just like Luna during our first session" she said still giggling a tiny bit,so it seems like Luna and I have more in common when I thought which made me realise why Celesia said the students would be albe to relate to me,it made me think of what I told Celestia that could of made her think that,before I heard a phone notification

"Sorry it's my parents they say I have to get home early cause people are coming round" She said apologetically,I just nodded in response

"Its ok I can schedule another appointment this Thursday how does that sound" I asked her she nodded before she got up and left

After she left I went back to thinking about what celestia said about me and Luna both being relatable with the only thing I said that could be would be the Wellbeing of the students before I relished I had said something else during the meeting and if she was talking about that, it made me worried about Luna,the only other thing was suicidal thoughts which meant Luna had thought the same or worse had tried to commit I thought as I quickly got up and went to see if she was still here