• Published 28th Feb 2022
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Sunset Shimmer the teen no more - Kingcatalyst

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Rainbow Dash's Pov

After I had given Sunny a smile I knew I had to talk some sense into Aj and Rares seeing as they are gonna just hand Sunny the keys to finding out about magic I thought as I opened the door and took 7 steps outside I got pushed to the ground hard,I already knew who had done it just by strength alone

"Why did you side with Fluttershy and Pinkie we all know the only reason they didn't want us to beat the sirens up is because they are too cowardly to do it!" Applejack screamed at me as the other s gasped with Fluttershy already having tears going down her face

"Aj what the actual hell has gotten into you,this is not the Aj I know thats for sure!" I shouted back at her

"What are you talking about I am just like I always am" she said confidently

"No your not,the Aj I know doesn't look for a fight,the Aj I know doesnt shove one of her friends to the ground for no reason and you never pick on Pinkie and Fluttershy's hate for violence!" I shouted angrily at her while Rarity coughed to get our attention

"While I do agree with Dash the only thing I want to know is why she voted aginst fighting the sirens" Rarity calmly explained while I just stared at her

"Rarity,Aj are you are telling me that you think that beating up the sirens who are much thiner and frail then at the battle of the bands and at a homeless shelter of all places is going to be a good look on us?" I calmly said while while Rarity's eyes widened,before Aj just took off her hat at stared at the floor for a couple seconds

"Well that was definitely a good reason" Rarity said with a flat voice before Aj took a heavy breath in

"Ok I am sorry Rainbow you are right we shouldn't of done any of the stuff we did but we were just so angry when we saw them" Applejack said with a somber expression on her face

"Its ok at least we didnt mention anything about Magic" I said dejectivily while the other’s eyebrows rised up before I realised they didn't know what I mean *you cant be this blind right* I thought

"What would be wrong with showing magic to the Sirens they have no power as such they have no way to absorb it?" Pinkie said confused at why I had said it

"Did you all forget that Sunny was in their or did you all forget in the span of 10 minutes" I said before they all looked at me like I grown a second head before Fluttershy realised what I meant

"Sunny doesn't know about the magic and we almost showed her it right in front of her" Flutters said shocked at how she almost revealed magic to her

"That was another reason if Sunny is moving here then she doesn't know about any magic heck Principal Celestia even refereed to the fall formal as a Gas explosion to cover up Sunset turning into a demon" I said before noticing all my friends looking at me with anger and surprise "What?"

"You just said Sunset in a positive tone like you were happy for her which you shouldn't be she's a traitor" Applejack said spite clear in her voice while clenching her fist

"Well maybe its because she may not even be a traitor you thick skulled idoit!" I shouted at the top of my lungs at Aj

"Look Rainbow I know you and Sunset were best freinds but no one else would do this and have the skill to pull it off" Rarity somely I just questioned why we were friends at this point

"Rarity that has to be one of the most stupidest things you have ever said in your entire life" I said clearly and firmly while Rarity gasped along with the others just staring in shock "first off we have no proof it was her aside from a profile pic and her past transgressions,which why do paint her as someone who would do this, there's still one thing I need and that is Hard evidence she is Anon-a-miss, other wise shes only a suspect to me in the same boat as every other person" I finished out of breath at the end while the others just stared at me

"Dashie even I want to believe it isnt Sunset but this is something she would do and last time we didnt think it was her we all stopped being freinds" Flutter said calmly while I started thinking about it being Sunset due to the other’s before Flutters said something else "you're probably just overthinking it again like you have done in the past" that was it 'overthinking' it had been used many times to describe me,seeing as they thought I was trying to understand things I couldn’t,they were more then wrong I understood perfectly

"Look Fluttershy I dont want to be mean,but im going to be blunt do you take me for a dumbass" I stated plainly while Fluttershy looked at me shocked at what I had said,the other just stared

"Dashie what do you me-" she started before I cut her off

"You know what I mean I have seen the way people look at me when I try and come up with a new idea or another explanation,so tell me honestly do you think I am a dumbass" I asked her sternly while her face became one of rage

"Fine Rainbow I do think your a Dumbass you go on about things you dont know most of the time,you ramble on about rubbish that has nothing to do with you or us,no wonder Blizt-" She didnt get a chance to finish that sentence as I punched her in the jaw before Applejack grabbed me

Fluttershy got up and looked at me with anger and shock "You do not mention blitz at all,you can talk bad about me,shout at me but you do not bring him into this you understand" I sceramed at her with tears in my eyes as Applejack let me go and Fluttershy relished she took it to too far I have had enough of them "We are no longer freinds you three,the only one of you I consider a freind is Pinkie at this stage Ive had enough of you three,make all the dumb decisions you want but you're gonna do it without me" I said as I satrted running away back to my house with tears in my eyes

Author's Note:

Heres a chapter from rainbows perspective