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Warlords (story idea) · 6:56pm Oct 25th, 2018

Based off the season 8 finale

In wake of the loss of the worlds magic by Cozy Glow's scheme, an age of War has begun factions have risen each with the goal of bringing about a new age and salvation to the world.

Steel Battalion

"Magic is dead long live the age of technology"

lead by former engineers of the late storm kings army with Technolgy, guns, and iron they seek to bring an industrial revolution to the world.

Gods hand

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I woke up this morning to see my new fic added to the Anon-A-Miss group, thank you for doing that!! (I am admittedly very lazy about that stuff, so I appreciate it).
Merry Christmas :twilightsmile:

Thanks for reading Timeless!


Thanks for adding After the Battle, have a 🌮 !

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