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Cozy Glow's plan backfires in a way which she could not ever have seen happening. The Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik drawn in by the large consternation of the planets magic invades Equestria. It's champions locked away in Tartarus and magic stripped away All are powerless to stop him.

But a small glimmer of hope remains.

an Au of season 8 finale of MLP and Livng world season4 ep4 of GW2

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EQG/Yandere Sim crossover mixed with Anon-A-Miss events.

I can't feel anything. For as long as I can remember, I've never been able to feel emotions. I pretend to be normal when I'm around other people, but on the inside, I feel nothing. It's not as bad as it may sound. I know that I'm broken, but I don't care. This is normal for me. But everything changed when I met her... ...my Senpai.
For the first time, I felt something. A strong desire. A longing. A yearning. A craving. Now I finally understand what it means to be human. To be alive. I'm addicted to the way she makes me feel. I don't care about anything else. She is everything to me.

Someone is after my senpai someone under the guise of Anon-A-Miss and is trying to hurt her by turning the school against her. I won't let them lay a hand on my senpai. I don't care what I have to do. I don't care who I have to hurt. I don't care whose blood I have to spill. I won't let anyone take her from me. Nothing else matters. No one else matters.

I will protect My Senpai

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AU of the events of Silent Night by


Rescued by Sasuke and Naruto from the abandoned factory. A new beginning starts for Sunset Shimmer as she transfers to Hidden Leaf Academy. Making new friends and encountering three familiar faces as well. Sunset soon learns the HLA is twice as wild when comes to magical misadventure then anything she dealt with at CHS. from mad cultist to twisted scientists good thing Sunset's new friends are armed with kickass powers.

Rated T-16 for Violence, Language, and crude humor

Proofreading by MorpheustheDream

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